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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things I learned from emceeing

These days, one of the questions I get the most from people besides, "Why are you married so young??" is, "So what are you doing currently, actually?", with a frown most of the time. Hmm I don't know why that question always comes with a frown. Hahaha perhaps they really can't figure out what I'm doing these days.

I don't blame them actually. Cos I've never properly, officially announced on my blog or other social media platforms on my current "occupation" since I finished my studies, internship and then the wedding. I don't see the point anyway cos don't you think it'll be ridiculous to just announce it out of no where?

"Hey guys, just in case you're wondering. My current occupation is freelance emceeing, blogging, and also running my online boutique. Thanks!"

It's just....I just never saw the need to tell the world. But ahhh well, I guess I do need to somehow talk about it cos I sorta can't take the frowns anymore. The way some people question is as if after I'm married I've been bumming at home all day shaking leg and playing Candy Crush every day. It's not that I can't...I can if I want to. But I don't.

So yea there you have it. I've let it out at my example above hahahha.

So basically, you can say that I'm freelancing and juggling a few different stuff at once. Emceeing, blogging and running my online boutique are all 3 on a part-time basis. BUT, whenever all 3 decided to come together at the same time, it becomes fuller than a full time job!

It's currently my 4th month freelancing and working from home, and it's going on pretty well! I'm enjoying the flexibility of time, and freedom to wake/sleep anytime, and wear anything to work :P

 Of course, I can only do this with the support of my beloved husbygator. With such a hardworking  and successful husby, it gives me the peace of mind to go ahead and pursue what I love doing...which are all that I'm doing right now! I'm really at a very happy state in my "career" and life, and I'm really thankful to God for that :)


So, let's talk about emceeing in this post. 
I've been emceeing casually, on and off since years ago at events organized by my church, and stuff like that. Never really taken it seriously until probably, last year or so? 

Hosting has always been a dream job for me. Having worked at so many events as usherettes and such in the past while I was still studying, I always admired the hosts. While most people would easily ignore them, I would always have my eyes and ears open to observe how they talk, what they say, and how they handle awkward situations or technical errors. 

I realized that the person who makes the event smooth, entertaining, interesting, go according to schedule (very important), and salvage awkward/embarrassing situations is the host! Some of my favourite emcees whom I have seen hosting so far are Serena C and Julie Woon. First of all, these 2 ladies are hot. Secondly, they are funny and not afraid to make themselves look silly just to entertain the crowd. They just have this attraction in their voice and the way they carry themselves while hosting that makes the crowd pay close attention to them. And I feel that's super important!

In a way, I'm thankful to have had attended and worked at so many events in the past, as they really do help me learn how to emcee better. The best way to learn is by seeing, and then doing! ;)

Here are just some events that I've done this year. There are more but I really don't want to spam this post with all my emcee photos, so here are just some of them! :)

Johnnie Walker Gold Cup Championship Grand Finals 2013

Days when I was much slimmer. Le sigh...
Outfit courtesy of! :)

Anyway, this has got to be one of the events that I did the most homework for! I had absolutely no idea about darting, so I actually went to iDarts a week before the event, sat down and observed all the games while Leonard explains to me how the games go. 

Hosting a live darting competition was a first for me, and it sure wasn't easy at all! But it was a great experience for me. Learned so much about darting in just one night! ;)

My husbygator who came to support me right after he touched down :)

Leonard Chua the bud!

With all the pretty and skillful Darts Instructors (aka DIs). They prolly can dart better than some of you guys out there! They're impressive! Go check them out at iDarts ;)

From this event, I learned the power of preparation, and the need to double/tripple confirm details before making official announcements! Live games cannot be messed with!

Re-Gen Oil Launch

Re-Gen Oil helps to prevent stretchmarks, scars, wrinkles, and basically just about any skin problems. And for this event, I had to interview celebrity mothers! And I knew almost nothing about motherhood, pregnancy, and erm, stretchmarks :')

My buddy, Qer Xin accompanied me to the event. 
Thanks QQ for all the wonderful pics! :)

The thing about launches/press conferences is that the people who attend are mostly the media, the staff and business partners of the company who do not exactly belong to the noisy, responsive crowd category :P

After the launch, I learned 50% more than what I used to about pregnancy and the right method to massage the tummy. Hahahahah :P

I learned that in order to totally prevent stretchmarks from pregnancy, I gotta start applying the oil on my tummy even before I plan to become preggers. Hahahah just plans to get preggers anytime soon ;)

Planning to try it on my scars soon!

Dell Solutions Tour 2013

This is the first fully corporate event that I hosted thus far which I had to sorta suit up. Interesting, as I've always loved to see how people in the corporate sector organize events and stuff. Hahah it's me and my love to observe things again.

It was quite an interesting experience for me as I didn't understand so many technical terms that they used in the sessions! I have a new found respect for the people in the IT industry because they're just brilliant and have a brain that can think sooooo deeply! :')

So happy I was working together with Evie Wong the datin too! She was emceeing at another session just next door, so we had plenty of time to chat during our breaks :P

Blazer from Chiq Fliq ;)

Resorts World Sentosa, Matta Fair March 2013

I personally really enjoyed emceeing this event as it was fully interactive! My job was to introduce Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore, and conduct a Q&A session for the crowd. Winners walk away with Universal Studios Singapore tickets and merchandise! How nice :)


As expected, when you give out expensive stuff such as passes to Universal Studios, some people can become a little too aggressive. Hosted 3 sessions in 2 days, and I seriously saw some of them who would come every single day in hopes to win the tickets and freebies. That's when I learned how to handle kiasu and aggressive crowd. Phewwww no easy task but it was real fun :)

Yours truly will be making a trip to Universal Studios Singapore soon! 
Can't wait to blog all about it after my trip :))

All in all, for me personally, I feel the thing that helps me host well is firstly of course, the experiences that I had before. Each hosting gig becomes less nerve-wrecking than before as every single gig is a learning platform where mistakes can be identified and mitigated.

But aside from that, another thing that helps me feel confident in not just hosting, but performing on stage such as acting and dancing, is preparedness

Preparation is my KEY to feeling calm and confident for almost anything. Give me enough time to prepare for my gigs and I'll be a happy host :)) But then again, if only that happens for every event...hehe.

I'm growing to love emceeing more and more. It's definitely not an easy task as every event is different and has different challenges. But it's really this same reason that makes me love emceeing. It keeps me sharp and on my toes. And I love that :)

Wookies. Now you know what my current occupation is, and that I love emceeing. 
Now, it's time to zzz.


love, careen


  1. You look very relaxed in all your photos. Maybe one day we'll cross path in our jobs. Are you interested at all in weddings btw?

    1. Yes babe! I do weddings too :) Yes babe...would love to hear you perform one day! :)


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