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Monday, March 25, 2013

Singapore Trip in a Nutshell

Just came back a few days ago from a short getaway to Singapore. Went there to meet some peeps for work purposes, and also to catch up with some friends as the husby was there for work too :)

The husby went there 2 days earlier than me, so it was my first time ever flying on my own! Every time I flew, it would be with the husby, my family and friends, and I would just blindly follow and not take too much notes on where to check in, where to go thereafter, etc etc. Shows just how pampared I've been, eh? So yeah, it was a new experience for me after a whole 23 years :P

Makeup-less in the cab. Oh, speaking of cabs! I got myself a pretty new cab driver who didn't really know how to go to the airport from my place. So for the first time ever, I was leading a cab driver to the airport. It's like a blind leading the blind! So all these years of fetching Boon from airport came in handy :') Hahaha quite random but he was new, so it's understandable.

Had my breakkie at Delifrance, KLIA. Haven't had Delifrance for the longest time! Anyway, reason why I'm telling you this is because...

Hahahahaha I can't believe my Autocorrect sometimes. I think it really has a sense of humour.

Fluffy cloud that I wished to sleep on. Like how Katy Perry lied down on the clouds semi-naked in California Gurls. Hahahaha

I got meself three seats, baybeh! Hahaha maybe God knows it's my first time flying alone and I'm shy, so he put no one beside me. Nice :)

Took Jetstar for the first time. Almost similar to Air Asia, but I must say it's definitely more comfortable. More leg space, seats are more comfy, cleaner, and cheaper too! :)

But one thing is that their aircond was really super duper hard to maneuver! I was feeling super cold so I tried to adjust it and push it to the opposite direction. While struggling to push it, suddenly something white fell from the aircond. 

And it was none other than my nicely manicured fingernail. *CRIES*

Upon reaching Changi airport, I immediately tried my luck to search for wifi. Typical tourist thing, ain't it? Hahah and man, was I surprised that Changi airport offered free wifi. FAST FREE WIFI, that is. I was so impressed, I immediately fell in love with Changi :P

Even their restroom is also so nice la, my goodness. 
Really buay tahan...everything so neat and clean! 

So I took the MRT from Changi to Orchard, then a cab to Shangri-la. It was quite a long journey cos yours truly quite sesat. Hahaha but all the walk and journey was worth it cos I arrived at our super nice crib for 3 days!

Spacious bathroom with sufficient lighting, which is the most important thing cos it was soooo easy to just do my makeup in there!

It was such a nice shelter from the heat outside. Immediately curled up in bed and played Hanging with Friends til the husby returned :P

Unlike Bangkok, Singaporean food is really not much different from Malaysian. Almost everything can be found in Malaysia, so we tried to look for special stuff that we haven't seen in Msia before.

Came across this noodle + eggs + pork dish. It's at a food stall in Ion Orchard which is really not too bad leh! :)

Visited Clark Quay for the first time too. Yeap, I'm really this suaku. Been to SG so so so many times but never really went sight-seeing before. 

Anyways, I really loved Clark Quay! It's pretty huge, super windy, and so many spots for people to just sit and hang. Literally hanging with friends hahaha :P

I could really just sit there all night, bring my own alchy and just chill by the river. Why don't we have such hang out spots besides erm, KLCC? *sigh*

Lotsa bars and hang out spots. 

We settled for one with a good live band. It was really worth as the band was superb, really.

The typical individual shots :P

Jiaying! Whom we have been missing dearly since she went to SG to work. 
So glad she's coming back soon! :)

My lime margaritas. 
Not too bad but maybe I shoulda taken strawberry instead. A little too sour for my liking.

Us at the chilly, windy Clark Quay.

I'll go back there again the next time, with my own Cider ;)

Just some random night shots of our hotel entrance. I really loved the lights that's why.

One of my must-haves in SG is MOS Burger

My rice burger which...sorta didn't taste as great as the first few times I had it which was yearsssss ago. And the service at MOS Burger Bugis Junction was just bad bad bad.

But this potato thingy (forgot what it's called) was really good! Better than the burger in my opinion. Try the curry flavour too! It's different but just as good :)

And of course, one thing that I will not miss out on having every time I'm at SG.

KOI Bubble Tea!!!

KOI is just different from Chatime and Gong Cha. I don't know how to tell the difference but I personally prefer KOI. The pearls are much nicer and tea is just, nice la. 

Spent about 4 hours walking along Somerset and Orchard alone. I think the 1kg that I lost after SG was attributed to that. Hahaha thank God for my reliable Fitflops! I didn't even feel tired at all! :)

Along Orchard Road. The urbanite in me truly loved every bit of the city. The hustle and bustle, the orderliness, the clean streets, the fabulous malls, the efficient public transportation. I love cities. 

One of the things I do while waiting for the husby to return from work to the hotel. Hahaha!

Then it was swim time! Loved the huge pool at Shangri-la!

Wore my new bikini from Bangkok for the first time. 
Best bikini buy EVER! Loved the galaxy prints and frills.

I don't really swim well so it was more of a dipping time for me. Hahahaha!

Wore a really comfortable dress by :)
You can get it at!

Met up with Vern Li, the husby's coussie (who is also now my coussie hehe) for dins. We told her to choose any place which is not available in Msis, and she chose this!

Apparently PS. Cafe was really famous in SG. And we could see why as we had to wait for an hour without reservations! Next time, do make your reservations as you wouldn't wanna be tempted by the smell of the food while sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Loved the ID at PS Cafe.

My love and I.

Vern Li the pretty coussie!
Thanks for the treat, babe! We owe you at good one at KL ;)

Our dishes for the night. Portion was so huge that we had to share. My favorite of all was the dessert- Sticky Date or something. SUPERB!

Then we went for the famous 1-Altitude located at One Raffles Place.

The world's highest al fresco bar at 63rd floor
2 floors higher than the one we visited at Vertigo, BKK :)

It was a very clubbing atmosphere with a DJ spinning at the decks. Very different atmosphere compared to Vertigo which was more settled, relaxing with Jazz music at the background. This was just loud music all the way!

It was also way more spacious compared to Vertigo. BUT, it was covered with glass up until my head level so couldn't really feel the wind and stuff. Not as chilly as Vertigo. A bit potong stim I must say.

See what I mean? The barricades are so freaking high :(

For safety purposes, I know. But it would be wayyyy nicer if it's a little bit lower than that. At least for short people like us, we can pop out our heads to feel the wind :P

The biggest bummer of the night was that we ACTUALLY forgot our camera. Unbelievable!

So for the rest of the night, we had to rely on our iPhones.

This shot was actually quite remarkable. Boon held both Jiaying's phone which had its flashlight on, and Boon's iPhone 5 in ONE hand, and got this shot! Amazing! :P

Marina Bay Sands just behind us! What a great view :)

It was about SGD30 for entrance fee + a complimentary drink. I chose Lychee Martini which was really niceeeee *hearts* Thanks Jiaying for the treat! :')

The following shots were all taken with iPhone 5. 
Quite a comfort that the photos turned out to be quite good. 

Coincidentally, there was some lights/LED parade at Marina Bay Sands!

The following day, we checked out and snapped back to reality.

Husby and I.
He's the best ever :)

After 3 days of staying there, the blur me realized only on the last day that they change the elevator carpets every single day to match the day of the week! Impressive!

Initially I thought they had 7 elevators and named each one of them according to days of the week. Sial...

So while waiting for the cab, my husby layan-ed me and did some #ootd shots for me. Hahahaha he's the best la :P

OOTD: top from BKK, bottom from H&M, bag from BKK, fitflops from Fitflops :P

Don't you think this chair is awesome? I love Changi...

Check-in counters in baby pink! How lovely! :P

So yeah that sums up my recent Singapore getaway in a rather huge nutshell. Hahaha!

BRB ;)

love, careen


  1. hahaha the yummy potato thingy called Croquette :P

    "This shot was actually quite remarkable." < i laughed..hahhaha!!

    It was nice catching up with you guys! see u guys real soon! <3

    1. Hahaha I think we can see each other real soon! ;)


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