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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bangkok: Our Accommodation- Shama Sukhumvit Serviced Apartments


Visited the land of cheap-cheap from Mar 7-11. We thought that 5D4N would have been more than enough but boy, were we so so wrong! There's so much to see, visit, eat, and shop in Bangkok, and 5D4N was really not enough, especially for a first-timer like me. It's okay, this gives me more reasons to visit Bangkok again and again and again and again :D

There are so many stuff to share about my Bangkok trip, especially on WHAT TO EAT. The food there are so good and affordable there's no reason not to be hungry in Bangkok, really. Will be separating the trip into a few different blog posts. We shall start with our accommodation in BKK first :)

This was not in BKK, of course. Hahaha our flight was at 7am, so while waiting in LCCT, the only decent place to have a good breakkie was Old Town.

Boon (and his food) & 
Pat the Elephant (he's the manager of My Elephant Thai Restaurant, btw)

Qer Xin and I.
Please excuse my no make-up face. It was too early! 
The only thing I wanted was to continue sleeping!

Our view from the plane before taking off. 
Sunny day to start our journey with!

Fell asleep the moment I boarded the plane. Only had an hour's sleep the night before due to my cousie, Felicia's birthday surprise. So all of us were really zombified to the max. hehe

BUT, we were all woken up halfway by a random announcement by the air stewardess. She announced that there's a special occasion today in Air Asia, and that they're celebrating love or something something la. Was half-awake so the only time my mind could register anything was when a guy started to speak in Mandarin over the mic. 

It was a flight proposal! The guy expressed his love and reasons why he couldn't live without his gf, and proceeded to pop the question- to which the girl said yes, and everyone in the plane clapped including us who were half-asleep.

It was quite romantic la...but awkward at the same time cos everyone in the plane couldn't see what was happening (unless you stand up shamelessly like the angmoh auntie in blonde and black hair who blocked everybody). After the whole proposal, the only thing we could do was clap cos we couldn't walk around or do anything else besides errr, clapping. There was nothing much for the couple to celebrate with too except taking pictures after she said yes. After that, everyone went back to sleep. So....hmm quite awkward la hahaha.

Anyway, after about 2-3 hours, we arrived at Bangkok!

Their airport wasn't as nice as ours. Apparently there's a newer one so maybe that's nicer. But trust me, throughout the whole trip, I really feel that there are many things which are much better in Bangkok compared to KL. I'll explain just why soon.

Fellowship of the bags.
We came back with wayyyy more than this. Hahahahaha!

We arranged for a van pick-up service by our serviced apartment. BUT, we couldn't find the driver any where in the airport at all. After a while, we decided to just get a cab back to our serviced apartment.

To our surprise, it is actually NOT expensive at all if you take a cab that goes by meter. The 6 of us took 2 cabs, and it costs wayyyyy less than the van pick-up service provided by the serviced apartment. I forgot how much the taxi cost, but it's just way cheaper la. Just remember that before you board any cab, make sure make sure double confirm that they use the meter. Else they'll rip us poor tourists off.

And look! It's so cute how all the taxi drivers line up for their turn :))

Their taxis are all nice cars, btw. Comfy and clean...unlike....nvm.

Hehehe did my makeup in the plane cos my half awake/half asleep face CMI (cannot make it).

Their Touch&Go/Smart Tag is called Easy Pass!

It's a little expensive, but the great thing about the toll house is that you can be sure that when you go through the toll, you will avoid the crazy Bangkok traffic. Unlike in KL, highway/toll all same same. Still jam like crazy.

Bangkok is really strong in their advertising. Billboards and adverts everywhere! And I really enjoy their ads as they're more creative, random and daring. Malaysia has too many rules that restrict the creativity of our advertising industry. No wonder so many Malaysians from the advertising industry move to Bangkok!

One thing we noticed is that the Thais have utmost respect for their king. His photos are all over Bangkok! On billboards, buildings, in shop lots, malls, airports. Everywhere! Which is amazing :) I don't even know how our sultan looks like now cos we keep changing.

Some nice building along the highway.

After about 45 mins or so, we arrived at Shama Sukhumvit Serviced Apartment! :)

The very friendly guard :) Their service is top notch.

Though we've seen how the place looks like from pictures on their website (which looked really clean and nice), we still kept our fingers crossed knowing that pictures could be deceiving.

But when we arrived there, the more we explored the place, the more promising it seemed! 
Very decent for the price we paid :)

This is the driveway.

The entrance.

The reception.

The lobby/lounge which was equipped with fast free wifi.

The lobby was nicely air-conditioned and smelt like lemongrass which was awesome, especially if you return after a long day :))

Upon arrival, we were asked to sit and rest while the staff handled our bags. Shortly after, we were served with a nice cuppa lemongrass (my favvv), some flowers and cold hand towel which smelt like lemongrass. *hearts*

The official website didn't state that there would be free wifi in our unit, but there was so it was an added bonus for us!

This was our home for the 5 days in Bangkok.

Spacious living area equipped with an L-couch, TV, dining table.

Fully equipped kitchen

While the girls were busy checking out bedrooms and bathrooms (high importance!), the guys were busy logging onto the wifi. hahah

Boon the husby, my wedding photog, and Pat the Elephant.

The view from our unit.

Nothing beach view/mountains and greeneries. But just downstairs was a very happening  street full of bars, pubs, and ladyboys activities. Hahahaha interesting...also, 7eleven and some mart was just behind the apartment too! Convenient :)

We were really impressed with the kitchen actually. More equipped than my house for goodness sake! There's a fully functional Electrolux washing machine, microwave, oven, toaster, kettle, cooking stove, refrigerator.

Dustbin. hahaha

Various types of glasses, plates, bowls, etc.

Various types of utensils

If you happen to have the itch to bake :P
There's even a 'household appliance guide' for dummies. #win

Various types of woks and pots. #win

Ample supply of chilled drinking water.
I loveeee their Chang glass water bottles! :)

Thirsty tenants. Heheh

Now on to the rooms!

This is the master bedroom. 
Spacious enough to put all our bags and shopping bags :P

Bathroom in the master bedroom. 
Pretty huge. Very clean.

TV in the master bedroom which we didn't even switch on.

The side room

Public bathroom. 
This is the tub which we used to soak our tired, swollen, achy feet into almost every night :P

It's therapeutic T.T

Now, on to the hotel buffet breakfast! For the price we paid, we really didn't expect a huge breakfast. But turns out it was not too bad. Not lavish, but good enough for us to get started in the day.

Eggs station and Juices station

Choices of fried eggs, omelettes, and scrambled eggs.

Fresh juices! Orange (or rather, tangerine) was the best! They sell tangerine juices everywhere on the streets. Make sure you try when you're there. It's got some miraculous body-chilling power on a hot day.

Chicken wings were nice!

Loved the pancakes and croissants. 

Very small breakfast area. But very cosy and clean. 
That's most important!

Their soups were very very nice. I personally loved them!

Our breakkies.

Husby and I :)

This was our infinity pool on the 18th floor!

Nice eh? BUT, sigh we didn't have time to enjoy the pool. at all. :(

The pool closes at 10pm BKK time, and we usually start our day at 10am and return only after 10.30pm (sometimes way later). So, no chance of enjoying the pool. It must have been real nice though :(

I guess by now you must be wondering how much the accommodation cost! Well, it was about RM140 per night per person.

Reason why we opted for serviced apartments instead of hotels was because we wanted a place that we could all hang out together which hotel rooms couldn't provide. Serviced apartments are the best for a big group. We had plenty of space all to ourselves, and could hang out to watch TV, drink, play games, etc together in the living area. 

But do take note of this:

We thought that all 6 of us could bunk into a 2-bedroom apartment cos well, it's really spacious and we could really make do with that. But when we checked in, the management didn't allow us to stay in a 2-bedroom (caters for 4 ppl only), and asked us to pay extra for the 2 beds. 

Apparently it was stated clearly on the website but we weren't aware, so we did some friendly negotiations and the management was kind enough to let us this time around. They even provided us 2 complimentary extra beds! :) But they stated clearly that they would only let us this time around. Can't expect the same in the next trips :P

Overall, the management was just really kind, staff were warm and polite, facilities new and clean, room service was awesome!

Speaking of room service, one of the days we forgot to lock our safe (which had valuables in it). The cleaning staff reported to the management, and they wrote us a letter saying that we didn't lock our safe, and that they have immediately changed the passcode after finding out. Turns out, we didn't lose any of our stuff at all! They're just amazing :)

All in all, I would highly recommend Shama Sukhumvit to those who are planning to visit Bangkok in the near future. Aside from the good service, facilities and reasonable price, it is also strategically located at quite a central location. It's walking distance to Phloen Chit and Nana BTS station, which is also nearby Siam (where all the major malls are located), Asoke (Terminal 21 mall), and also Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market :)

You can check out their official website at,
or read reviews on Tripadvisor! :)

Will be blogging about where we went, what we ate, 
and how we got to those places in my next posts. BRB ;)

love, careen


  1. Glad u enjoyed your trip! Bangkok is a must annual trip for me! Bangkok is not just better than KL in certain ways, but some areas are even more modern than Singapore!

    1. Yeah I must agree! I really find BKK somewhat similar to Spore in terms of its public transportation system and their neighbourhood malls. They have malls at every station just like Spore which is awesome! :)

  2. Looking fwd to ur next post~ it has been 10 years since I went BKK haha amazing how much has changed

    1. Wow! Then you gotta make a trip there again cos they have lotsa new developments and attractions! :)

  3. Nice blog, planning to visit with my friends at the end of my semester/degree education arnd August........u just provided more reasons for me to visit the place. Awesome!!

  4. ngam lol...u same flight with friend ...the couple doing the flight porposal is my friend lol ;-)


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