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Friday, February 1, 2013

sloggi- Declare Your Love!

It's Feb 1, 2013, a month of love and celebrations! 
It will surely be an unforgettable month for many of us! :)

To all ma ladies, my blog post today would be about something that would be of interest to you.

Whereas for the guys, just a little heads up that there will be photos full of girls, bras, girls in bras, and basically bra-talk in this post. So if you're interested to learn more about women's intimate wear, you may stay on and learn a thing or two about it ;)

Just about a week ago, I went to "update" my collection of undergarments. Whenever people asks me what brand of undergarments I usually wear, I'll struggle to give a specific answer because I'm the type who always likes to try out new brands on each of my bra-shopping trips.

But, I can give a good review on what different brands have to offer to the ladies. 

Some brands offer fancy and sexy designs but lack support and comfort for all-day wear, while some offer simple, basic designs but maximum support and comfort.

For me, my stand on fashion and clothes has always been,

'Comfort over Style'

In my humble opinion, I see no point of wearing a 6-inch killer heels which look extremely sexy, but gives me pain the moment I take my first step (That's why I can hardly settle with a nice pair of heels all the time). And no point wearing super tight skinny jeans which traces every bit of your cellulite, which also gives you a tough time wearing AND removing them. 

I'd rather wear my usual loose tees + denim shorts + flipflops and I'll be super happy ;)

And when it comes to intimate wear, I admit to being tempted to get fancy, sexy designs as you know, they say that sexiness exudes from what you wear on the inside. Trueeee....but it defeats the purpose when bras fail to deliver what they primarily should be- comfort and support. But the truth is, whenever I choose what to wear everyday, I'll usually leave the sexy ones to the last option and opt for the more body-loving, comfortable ones.

Nothing's more important to me than comfort and support when it comes to intimate wear because I've experienced wearing misfit ones, and found myself feeling self-conscious if my strap is gonna pop off the buckle, if my front buckle (yeah...fancy bras hahaha) would pop open when I move, etc..

So these days, I would rather spend my money on comfortable and long-lasting quality intimate wears that could last me all-day for a long period of time. And if you're also one who prefers comfortable intimate wears than anything else, I would highly recommend sloggi

sloggi is one which has the balance of both COMFORT + STYLE. With good quality, sloggi also offers some really cute designs and colours in stores!

This was me lingerie shopping at sloggi, Parkson, 1 Utama.

Many of us are so caught up with the thought of the upcoming Chinese New Year, til forget that Valentine's Day is also around the corner!

Especially for the upcoming Valentine's celebration, 
sloggi has newly launched a romantic range called 'My Hearty'.

I've always loved how sloggi bras are body-loving and nice-fitting. They're the ones that you could wear out all day and wouldn't feel bothered by anything! So happy that the ones in the 'My Hearty' collection has such sweet colors too! 

Here are some photos from the 'My Hearty' collection!

First off in the 'My Hearty' collection is sloggi's Delicate series.

This super light, soft and comfortable collection comes in sexy colours of red and black. It is fully laced with cute rhinestone accessories for a hint of flirtatiousness and subtle elegance in this season of love. 

Oh, it's inner push-up cookie is really special and uniquely shaped to give an extra, effortless push-up effect. You have to go and check it out. It's like no other! I have one of this set and I must say that I'm really pleased with it :)

The next collection in the 'My Hearty' range is none other than the Invisible Sense Bra Series!

This range is awesome for providing a 'second-skin' effect which is made possible by a much thinner and ultra light fabric. Special wrap-knitting structure of sensitive fabric provides comfort, breathability, moisture management and prevents snagging. The side panels are also wider to provide a better fit, coverage and support.

The Invisible Sense Bra is gentle on the skin and also Planet Earth!

The fabric company that synthesizes the eco-care fabric used will donate a percentage of earnings for rainforest protection with each meter of sensitive fabric sold.

I also got myself one of this Invisible Sense Bra Series, and it is super comfortable I kid you not! I strongly believe that every girl should own a reliable t-shirt bra that would fit your body nicely without causing any bumps from the sides or even leave marks under your boobs after you remove your bra.

This collection is specially manufactured to decrease bra marks under your boobs. And also, one of the best things about this collection is that its panties are specially designed to prevent the possibility of having know, getting your underwear stuck in your bootie. The design is so brilliant, you have to go check it out!

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, sloggi is running a 'Declare Your Love to sloggi' contest specially for all of us ladies! :)

It's really simple to participate. Here's how:

Step #1: Snap a photo to Declare Your Love to sloggi

- Give it a caption of not more than 15 words
- Keep your photo entries fun, creative and romantic!

Step #2: Remember to tag @sloggimalaysia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram + Hastag #ilovesloggi

- Share your photo on the above social media platforms with the tags and hastags, and send your entries to to with the subject, 'Declare Your Love to sloggi Contest'

- Include your full name, IC number, mailing address and contact number. 

Step #3: *like* sloggi Malaysia's Facebook page and await the final results of the contest on Valentine's Day! :)

Find out more about the contest details HERE! Contest submission ends on 13th Feb 2013, so be sure to participate quick! :)

Winners of the contest will walk away with the wonderful My Hearty range of products! So don't miss this opportunity to win them home! :)

I've also submitted my entry in hopes to win myself some sloggi- My Hearty products, and here is my photo! *shy*


This is my expression of love to sloggi this Valentine's Day! 

The reason I used post-it notes is because I personally am a huge fan of post-its, and I would normally use them sparingly as each piece of post-it is precious to me. 

Plus, post-its make great wall arts! Created this in less than 10 mins! This shows that you don't need to take up a lot of time to join this contest. Think out of the box, and you may be the lucky winner this Valentine's Day! ;)

For more information on sloggi and the Declare Your Love to sloggi contest, head on over to:

sloggi Malaysia's Facebook page:
sloggi Malaysia's Twitter account:
sloggi Malaysia's Instagram account:

Remember to participate quick, and check out the wonderful My Hearty collection ;)

love, careen


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