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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#careforfitness: adizero F50 Runner 3 Review

Chinese New Year is now officially over! And that means no more excuses for snacking and slacking, and it's high time I get serious about my fitness.

Been so complacent ever since the wedding was over. Switched to rebel mode right after the big day and started to indulge in every single thing that my mind clearly knew I wasn't supposed to. Rotiboy la (my favvvvv), fast food la, cheesy stuff la, milk tea la, chicken wing la, eating supper like a baus la...etc etc. Sadly, most of the time the tummy overpowers the mind *guilty*

I knew all along that ever since the wedding, I had been slowly but surely putting on some weight.  The thing about me is that I don't gain weight easily and when I do, I don't gain a lot too. BUT, my body becomes meaty EASILY! *cries*

Places like my arms (easiest spot to become fat and hardest to tackle), my tummy (not much of a concern cos can suck in hahahahaha. at least I CAN do something about it right), and my face (this one, unless I cover my face with my hair and maybe wear a mask, I really can't do much about it).

My destiny-defining moment came when one fine day, I struggled for a good 30mins to find something from my wardrobe that could make me look less meaty. And I couldn't. My skinny jeans didn't look skinny on me, and in the end, I had to wear some loose top tucked into a flair skirt with some leggings to look decent. That's when reality slapped me in the face and I decided that I HAVE to do something about my fitness.

Okay, I know some of you must be itching to give me a tight slap for saying that I'm fat. I know for a fact that I don't belong in the fat category, neither do I belong in the slim category too. What an identity crisis! I then created a category for myself called, the 'flabby' category. And yes, I belong there. I'm the president. I'm flabby T.T

If you didn't know, I actually have a pretty high expectation and standard which I set for myself. It's just inborn and I've been a mild perfectionist towards myself since I was little. And to compare the me now with the me 3-4 years ago when I was still actively teaching and dancing hip hop, it's just damn saddening.

I used to have no issues doing full splits, crazy stretches, crunches, abs exercises, etc, and I used to be lean. Now, my flexibility and stamina is at an all time low, and I miss my body and flexibility back then.

Anyway, enough of pity partying. Reason why I shared my pathetic life story with you (woah) is because I want to be accountable to my readers. I've started to work out in the past 2 weeks starting with just once a week first (it's so hard to find time sobsss), and I will push myself more in the coming sessions.

So I've decided that each time I work out, I'll update about it on my Instagram/Twitter/FB. And if you don't see any updates of my work out, I give you the liberty to scream at my face and do a Jillian Michael's (The Biggest Loser hawt lady coach remember?) on me. I've even created a hastag of #careforfitness for myself and my followers to keep track with my progress so that I cannot slack off. Determined righttttt :P

Ok now, some pictures/evidences of me working out :P

This was pre-work out. Still looking all clean and neat.

Wore my all-time favorite gym shoes- the adiPure 360.
It's super light and flexible made specifically for the gym. 

You can read more about adiPure 360 at my post HERE.

Sports attire: adidas Stella McCartney

This was taken after my 1.7km run on the threadmill and some other work out. Not so clean and neat anymore. All sweaty and hair cannot make it so only captured the body ahhahhaahah!

My work-out buddy! Good and motivating to have a work-out buddy. Unless of course if your work-out buddy disturbs you and tries to make you laugh all the time *hmph*

Nah, see my hair really cannot make it. 


And just 2 days ago, I finally took out my adizero F50 Runner 3 for a run after it's been given to me for more than a month :/ 

The adizero F50 Runner 3 features the lightest advanced technologies such as the SPRINTFRAME platform. It replaces the conventional (more heavyweight) shoes construction while maintaining important performance characteristics such as comfort and stability, and allowing for optimum forefoot propulsion. 

Fully integrated in the SPRINTFRAME platform is the TORSION SYSTEM which allows independent movement of the fore- and rearfoot.

Inspired by the dynamic 3-Stripes execution and seamless upper design of the F50 football boot which is worn on the field by adidas football ambassadors such as Lionel Messi, the F50 Runner 3 also features FORMOTION technology which adjusts to every runner's individual style and assists the runner's take-off with every stride.

The shoe also offers full forefoot adiPRENE+ which propels the forefoot for an improved toe-off. 

Some of the fastest athletes in the world such as Yohan Blake (100m World Champion), David Rudisha (Olympic 800m gold medalist and world record holder) and Patrick Makau (marathon world record holder) trust the adizero range in their competitions! 

The adizero F50 Runner 3 is retailing at the price of RM420 for both men and women, and are available in Suria KLCC, Pavillion, The Gardens, Empire Subang and Paradigm Mall. If you're an avid runner, you might wanna try them out one of these days! :)

For more info, go to ;)

It was my first time running with this pair, and it was also the first time EVER that I managed to run 3km continuously, non-stop! It was really easy to run with this pair as it's really lightweight.

Managed to burn 236 cal. Not knowing how much that actually meant, I googled it up and found that 236 cal is equivalent to ONLY 5 pieces of Gyoza (chinese dumplings).

I thought I burnt off a whole plate of maggi goreng or something T.T

So yeah...those are my 2 work-out sessions thus far. Only 2, and I can already feel the difference in my body. I now feel that my muscles are tighter, I'm less flabby, and I feel more energetic as a whole. To motivate myself further, I'm following some fitness Instagram accounts to trigger my desire to be fit hahahahha :P

Ok that's all for today.

love, careen

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