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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Announcement: Paramore Concert Tickets Giveaway Winners

Hello weekenders!

So as promised, 2 participants from my Paramore Concert Ticket Giveaway will be walking away with a pair of tickets each for Paramore's concert happening this Sunday- tomorrow!

The requirements are to RT one of my tweets about Paramore's concert tickets giveaway, as well as to share Paramore's photo on my Facebook page with the most 

It sure wasn't easy picking 2 out of so many good entries! But the two of the most creative ones stood out from the rest, and I've got to say that with the thoughts put into it, they do deserve the tickets!

Without further ado, let's unveil the 2 winners of the Paramore concert tickets giveaway contest!



1. Jolene Lew
2. Jordan Teo

I personally feel that they're entries are really creative and enthusiastic. Plus, it takes a real Paramore fan to construct a sentence using their song lyrics! ;)

So congrats Jolene Lew and Jordan Teo! You both have earned yourselves a pair of tickets to Paramore Live concert TOMORROW! :)

Now, all you gotta do is to share this blog post on your Twitter and Facebook timeline, to announce that you're the proud winner of these concert tickets! Also, do remember to Facebook message me your contact numbers. We'll be in touch from there on how you can retrieve your concert tickets and such ;)

To the rest of the participants, I wanna THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your effort and participation! It really wasn't easy for me to pick just 2 winners! There will be more giveaways from this blog so stay tuned, aight? :)

If you haven't gotten your tickets to Paramore's concert happening on Feb 17, 2013 which is tomorrow, head on over to THIS LINK to grab your concert tickets quick!!! You can also visit Livescape Asia's Facebook Page to know more about the concert's details.

That's all from me guys!
Have loads of crazy fun at the concert guys! ;)

love, careen

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