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Monday, February 4, 2013

adidas Neo Runway with Selena Gomez

This post is to do a little bit of explanation on why yours truly isn't going to be in New York City for the adidas Neo Runway with Selena Gomez.

For those of you who didn't know, both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had been appointed to be the new ambassadors and style icons for the adidas Neo Label. And Selena will be showcasing some of Neo's collections during the New York Fashion Week on the 6th of Feb, 2013. 

A few bloggers had been selected to attend the event and to meet Selena Gomez in person, and one of my dear blogger friends will be representing adidas Malaysia for the event. I don't want to mention names because that is not the point of my post today, but if you have to find out, just Google it. 

Many people expected me to also be there for the event as I'm the official adidas Neo ambassador representing Malaysia, but unfortunately, I'm not. So here's the point of my post today, to explain once and for all and to clear the air off any misunderstandings and misconceptions about the entire matter, to also stop all the speculations and to prevent anyone from coming to their own conclusions and spreading rumours.

So yours truly had a long chat with the brand about this, and from our conversation, here are the factors as to why I'm not attending the event.

First off, one of the reasons is that the coordinators of the event at the global level requested for someone young, and single. Probably just like Selena herself. Well, I'm young (and 2 years younger than the blogger who is representing Malaysia). However, you and I (and everybody else) know that I just got married 3 months ago to the love of my life, and therefore, am no longer single. I have no qualms revealing about my relationship status, as one of the principles that I hold on to as an individual/blogger is to be as honest and real as I can to the people around me/my blog readers as well. 

Besides, even before the adidas Neo blogger competition ended in 2011, the management was well-aware that I would be married by the end of last year, and they're totally chill about it and even happy on my behalf. Yet, despite being very clear about this, they still crowned me the winner, and even offered me help for my wedding and assured me that nothing is going to affect the ambassadorship.

adidas Malaysia has been a true sweetheart, and has been really supportive. But I guess there are just different criteria for different events and coordinators, which is out of our control.

Secondly, I was told that the coordinators preferred the fashion sense of the blogger who's representing Malaysia. That is, also, something that I cannot do anything about. Everyone has a different sense of style, and my fashion style and identity is something that I cannot change overnight, and would not anyway. I too, love the fashion sense of my fellow blogger friend. She's a famous fashion blogger, and well-known for her edgy dressing styles. However, as much as I love her style, it doesn't necessarily mean that I would wear them. Everyone is just different.

And last but not the least, I was also told that the global coordinators preferred a representative from Malaysia who is of a specific ethnicity. That is, definitely, something that no one can change or do anything about. 

So yes, there you have it. Some honesty and transparency on my part.

I could have come up with a lame reason saying that I'm not able to attend the event due to the last minute notice which clashes with my schedules, but I chose not to because I don't see the point of concealing the real reasons. I have no problem with everyone knowing the truth behind this matter. And now that it is out there, to all who have been wondering, asking and talking about it, you may now focus on other matters such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's reunion. Yes, apparently they're now back together ;)

Also, very important. Please don't get me wrong or take this the wrong way. I'm not writing this to bring anybody down or create a stir in any way. Just felt that it is good for both myself and the brand to clear the air about this instead of letting speculations turn into rumours. 

And FYI, the blogger who is representing Malaysia to NYC for this event is one of my very own dear blogger friends whom I've known for quite a while. She's a real sweetheart, and I'm excited on her behalf as I can imagine the excitement of going to NYC (one of my dream destinations) and attending New York Fashion Week + meeting Selena Gomez and prolly other celebs in the house. It is a dream come true for many, and I'm just genuinely happy on her behalf. 

Again, the point of my post is not about WHO, but WHY. It could very well be another blogger who is being sent, and the very same post that you're reading will also be up.

 If you asked me whether I feel a little disappointed about how it all turned out, I wouldn't act all big-hearted and tell you no. However, I have come to accept the fact that there are just criteria and requirements from different people for different things, and I'm cool with it. To those who are wondering, yours truly is still on an ambassadorship with adidas Malaysia, and will be working with them for many upcoming projects. It's been a real cool journey with the brand, and am looking forward to more collabs to come :)


On a separate note, notice the change in my blog?

Besides the new header photo that I've uploaded in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, notice my new blog URL!

I have FINALLY picked up my lazy a*s and bought meself a new domain after the longest time. Now I don't have to worry if anyone is going to buy that domain anymore cos it's now mineeeeee :D

To all who have been pestering me to get my own domain name, you must be very proud of me after so long :P

I'm still using the Blogger platform as of now cos I'm needing a little guidance from GushAd to move to Wordpress. Thanks GushAd for offering a helping hand and a little compassion to this tech-noob who knows nuts about HTML, CSS, and all the complicated terms. With their help, you would be seeing a new blog design very soon! :)

It's only been activated yesterday, and I've been unashamedly and excitedly typing my new blog link whenever I'm free, and see my blog pop up. Hahahaha a very wuliao and suaku blogger you have here.

 Okay, that's all from me! 

love, careen


  1. Haha.. so cute u being all excited bout your new domain.. XD
    i dont get why would adidas neo want a single blogger.. LOL..


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