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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

9th Valentine's; 9 Reasons

Feb 14. Valentine's Day. 
There's always this debate on whether Valentine's Day is worth celebrating. Every. Single. Year.

It's a day where you see on your timeline tweets and Facebook statuses that are filled with Vday wishes and outward expressions of love to their partners, and also a day where some express their indifference to the occasion.

Some believe that Valentine's Day is too mainstream, that it's commercialised so that people could take advantage of this day to make money out of hopeless romantics and fools in love.

Some also say everyday is supposed to be as lovey-dovey and romantic as Valentine's Day, thus, there's no need to celebrate on Feb 14; while some believe that Valentine's Day is just another silly excuse to show and shower love, another day to appreciate, another day to express, another day to celebrate love.

I, the hopeless romantic, belong to the latter group who believes that Valentine's Day is really just another silly excuse to show and feel (extra) loved, another excuse to make memories, another excuse to spend the whole day with each other (if you can), another excuse to just, fall in love again :)

I'm glad that my partner isn't some hipster wannabe who feels that Valentine's Day is too mainstream, or a kill-joy who refuses to celebrate this occasion with me. In fact, over the years, he's always taken the effort to make Valentine's Day an extra special day for me.

It's our 9th year celebrating Valentine's Day together as a couple, but our 1st year celebrating as a married couple. So it was a totally different experience. 

The moment I woke up on Valentine's Day, I saw him lying next to me, staring at me with a silly smile, and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. He knew that I always want to doll up my best for him, especially on occasions like these, so he gave me all the time that I needed to get myself ready for our date while he caught up with his HIMYM and Big Bang Theory.

I took a long time to get ready that day, and because of that and the fact that I woke up extra late (he let me sleep in cos that's like the best gift ever), we had our breakfast + lunch at 4pm :/ But, he didn't complain. Not only that, he even gave me time to camho and to take #ootd shots for me :')

Fresh makeup and hairdo, so must camho.

It's Valentine's Day, so must camho.

The husby got me 2 gifts for Valentine's this year! 

He brought me shopping the day before, and identified the pair of heels and the bag that I wanted. When we headed for lunch that same day, he told me to get a seat first while he goes to pee. He went to pee for about 15 mins and that's the longest record ever (he usually takes less than a min I'm not kidding), but I thought he poo-ed too so I didn't really suspect anything.

After a good 15 mins, he ran back all panting and sweaty, and handed me two bags of these lovelies :') After all these years, he is still this sweet guy who never fails to make me melt with his little gestures.

Dress from Chiq Fliq, btw ;)

Ok back to the #ootd shots. If you're a girl or a bf/husband who helps your gf/wife to take #ootd shots, you would know that 2 #ootd shots did not mean only 2 shoot attempts. It meant at least 30-40 attempts, and only the best of the best are uploaded online :P

By the time I got these 2 shots that I felt satisfied with, it was already 3.30pm and these 2 dungus still hadn't eaten anything yet. He was freaking hungry but was still patiently taking #ootd shots of me :')

He planned to bring me for The Red Beanbag at Publika cos he knows I love big breakfasts (though we really weren't sure if they serve breakfast all-day), but when we went there, they had closed their kitchen to prep for dinner. So we decided to settle with Ben's

We had their Oreo milkshake which was heavenly.

I love Oreos and I sorta expected it to have bigger pieces of Oreos in it, but it was so super fine that there was nothing to munch! It was really good, nonetheless. A must-try.

We were both hungry like mad so we ordered with no self-control!

I had this Lamb Shank Pie with Chicken Pesto thingy as a side. It was not too bad. I'm a huge eater, yet it was still too big a portion for me! This can only mean that it is really HUGE.

Boon is a burger person. So it was beef cheeseburger for him! 
It was not too bad :)

Burger looks small, but the patties were HUGE!

There were other interesting milkshake options on the menu. The husby knew that I'd been eyeing on the Nutella milkshake, so he ordered for us to take-away. It was good! But felt a little too thick and sweet after a few sips. Oreo's still way better ;)

Feeling stuffed, we decided to take a walk at a not-so-typical Valentine's Day venue- Ikea. We ended up buying some pillows and household items for the crib. Hahaha boring leh?

Before we got married, we used to take strolls in Ikea only to come home empty handed (or sometimes with things like Ikea's curry puffs) because well, our respective houses were already fully-furnished. Plus, it was our parents' place so we can't just come home with extra furniture just like that! 

We had always discussed about how to deco our house in the future, and I had always looked forward to the day that we could just walk out of Ikea with furniture and items for a home we call our own. And now, we can. And I love that idea :)

By the time we were done with Ikea, it was 8.30pm. Still feeling stuffed, we decided to go somewhere for desserts and coffee (chocolate for me). Thought of Bangsar/Mont Kiara, but decided not to compete for parking with other love birds in town, so we went to another not-so-typical Valentine's Day spot- Artisan at TTDI.

For the first time ever, ladies and gents, Artisan had space! In fact, it was empty!

We were so excited cos usually we would need to sit outside or take away cos that place is crazy tiny (and popular too). 

It was a great decision cos we were like the only customers. 
It was peaceful and quiet. And we loved it.

Thumbs up for their Cheesecake
RM10 per piece, but absolutely worth every cent.

Shortly after we took this shot, both our phones died. So the only thing we could do was to behave like a real couple and talk. Face to face. Looking into each other's eyes. It was nice :)

We went home, and the date continues. 
All I can say is, it was a really memorable Valentine's day :)

So since this is a Valentine's post, I shall take this opportunity to do a little PDA.

This is the 9th year of celebrating Valentine's together as a couple, 
so here are 9 out of a billion things I love about Ng Boon Hock.

How you always hold the lift and door for me, 
and still open the car door for me until today.

How you so naturally grab my bag/shopping bags/anything that I carry, heavy or not outta my hands simply because you just want to help me with them to ease my burden.

How you gently wake me up every morning and ask me this same question, "Baby, can you drive me to work?", although you know I most certainly will (and that I have no choice :P).

How you always make me laugh with your silliness, and how you are just as sampat as me. Same wavelength of humour is a crucial ingredient to a happy relationship. 

How you are this self-disciplined, neat, tidy, punctual, hygienic mild OCD who would call waking up at 9am on a Saturday morning 'late'. You are unbelievable but I really like that about you.

How although you are a mild case of OCD, yet you don't (always) expect me to be like you, and still tolerate my piggy behaviours and let me sleep until 11.30am on Saturdays ;)

How you always ask me to sleep in the car when we travel long distance despite that fact that you're extremely sleepy and need a companion to keep you awake while driving. But of course 90% of the time I stay up to keep you company, but the thought of you asking me to sleep is already sweet enough.

How you are my biggest fan who always tries to be one of the first to read my blog posts, who always RTs my tweets, likes my stuff on Facebook and Instagram without a single shadow of doubt (I never once requested for him to read my blog and like my stuff, just to clarify hehe). You have been doing that so consistently since years ago when I first started out, and I just wanna appreciate you for being ever so supportive. You're the reason why I can go even further than this.

How you are so honest, sincere, upright, humorous, full of crap, sweet, sensitive, gentleman, faithful, hardworking, disciplined, accommodative, protective, manly, macho, handsome, selfless, supportive, encouraging, and just, so super nice to everybody around you, whether they're lovable or not. You're just an amazing person, and I would not be able to understand if there's even a single human being who wouldn't like you. That person must have issues.

I count myself super blessed to have you as my husband.
You're the best husbygator in the world. Love you :)

- this marks the end of the geli-ness of this post- 

love, careen


  1. such a sweet post, really :')

  2. Haha.. it's not geli at all Careen.. It is really really sweet, even sweeter than your Nutella milkshake haha.. May you two have wonderful life together! <3<3<3

  3. Aww.. so sweet. Wishing you and your hubby belated Valentine's Day!

  4. Best wishes to you and ur husband! Too sweet! After 9 years and still so sweet. It's great! Wow then next year marks a decade together! ;D One of my favourite couple.

  5. You guys really so sweet, 9 years and you guys still love each other so much. lovely ;)

  6. stay sweet and hold it up! I hope i walk far away with my boyfriend too!

  7. I love ur hairstyle! how do you blow dry it to curl inwards? Can give me some tips? :) thanks girl :)


  8. about the #8, it's really encouraging if our partner do it especially without have to ask. I know how it feels when the partner don't really read our blog/comment our stuff cuz it just feel like we are shiok sendiri :( my ex was like that. but thank God that my current bf is different :)

    anyway feel happy reading this blog post. best wishes for both of you ;)


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