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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Chronicles of 2012

One of the reasons why I started blogging almost a decade ago was to record down all the meaningful things that happen in my life, my feelings and thoughts when they happened, and share them with my friends, family, and subsequently, more and more blog readers that have come to follow my postings :)

But as the years went by, life got busier and making time to blog about all these stuff have become tougher! Though I don't get to blog about every single highlight in my life due to busyness, I always find it important to at least have a blog post to summarize the year.

Started doing so only in 2010, which I can proudly say that I made time and took a few days to write The Chronicles of 2010 blog post. Reading back everything makes me realize just how fruitful and blessed my life had been! And as for The Chronicles of 2011......well, let's just say that I backslided cos 2011 was one heck of a year and impossible (okay, not impossible...just very super duper tedious) to recall and record every single happenings. I regret not making the effort to blog about 2011 :(

Anyways, told myself that it can't happen anymore, so here comes my summary post of 2012, or what is known in this blog as The Chronicles of 2012 ;) 

2012 was one heck of a year as well. Busy busy busy year. A year of finished chapters and new beginnings. So with the help of Facebook timeline, here are the highlights of 2012 :)

Janurary 2012

A hairible mistake

So the year started with me camhoring. 
Hahaha just kidding. 

One of the first pictures that I had in Jan 2012. Colored my hair deep brown, close to black which was a terrible mistake! I decided I had enough of always retouching my roots (I have very low tolerance with ugly black roots), so I went ahead with the dark colors against my hair stylists' advice. I was happy for a while until I wanted to color a brighter color and it just wouldn't show anymore.

Lesson learned: Always listen to your hairstylist.

Ok I know this was not a highlight, but I just wanted to advice everybody, you know...

The Painting

Oh, I also bought a painting set after being inspired by Boon's sister, Vern May's paintings. 
I was determined to finish it......but....well....

....I will finish it this year! :D 
Before that, I need to find out where it went. Hahahahah!

Ok this was also not a highlight but I just thought it's really funny la how my husband knows me so well. He predicted that I wouldn't finish the painting which got me so angry and upset that he had no faith in me at all. Which turned out to be true. Le sigh.

Charity was 一年级

My baby sister, Charity turned 7. Which meant that she was 一年级! First time in her primary one uniform. Felt so proud of her :) She was shy and quiet, but now she's a social butterfly, babeh!

Chinese New Year 2012

It sure was a different CNY. It was different because for the first time EVER, I went to visit my fellow Malacca friends (who live in KL hehe)! I usually just hibernated at my gramma's place watching Astro and snacking away. But this time we made a point to meet! :)

I was also different because it was the last CNY spent with my family. The last CNY that I would countdown together to watch fireworks, watch my gramma walk in and out of the house with her incense for prayers, and collect anypows from my parents on the first day of CNY. I'll still visit my family but just not on the eve and the first day no more.

In fact, it was the last year for me to collect anypows!!! *gasp*

Here's a little artwork I did by piecing all the different nice parts from various old CNY cards together. Leaving my legacy behind in Malacca hahahahaha yea right.

My 3 little sisters who painted their nails on the eve of CNY. 
I will really miss them during CNY this year...

Pre-marital Counselling by Pastor Kevin Loo

Here's my then fiance reading notes from the Making Marriage Work book to me. He was specifically reading aloud the part where it says, 'Wives, submit to your husbands'. That's his fav part of the whole book :P

Many people asked why we needed to attend pre-marital counselling sessions. I'd say it was the best decision ever. Just so grateful that our pastor volunteered to walk through the foundations of marriage with all the to-be-married couple of CHCKL in 2012, and give his advice and share his experiences. I enjoyed every single session so much!

Some of my "classmates" :P
We've all "graduated"! :))

My "Short" Hair

Decided to make a change and cut my hair short.
This was considered a huge step of faith for me as I'd always loved my long, long waist-length hair.

But it wasn't enough. Boon says it still looked the same. Everyone agreed with Boon.
So it was a Make A Change: Fail.

February 2012

Leaders Retreat 2012

Attended my first Leaders Retreat ever since I joined CHCKL 6 years ago. 

200+ leaders camped at Chefoo, Cameron. It was really fun. So good to see everyone let their hair down and just chill at the chilly hills, lepak til 4am in the cold at the basketball court. See all the guys rub toothpaste on each other running around the compound (just like high school camps). Hahahah I love my church :)

March 2012

Khabar Cinta

The first webisode that I acted in! This was a challenge for me as the filming duration was in December 2011, which coincided with Chromeheart drama production's rehearsals which were every night back then.

We filmed for 8 days if I'm not mistaken...8 full days from morning til evening at Nilai. After the filming, I had to rush back to church for dance rehearsals. It was really tiring, but worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the people I met! 

So after a few months, Khabar Cinta webisodes were released in March 2011! :)

Us on the Vochelle chocolate box packaging! 
First time seeing myself on a chocolate box...forgive me for being "suaku" :P

The cast of Khabar Cinta.

Please ignore this photo. My fats were at their peak then.

I played a really nice, shy and sweet girl. Which was also a challenge cos I'm not so nice and sweet in real life hahahaha. Give me the b*tch role and I'll rock it.

You can watch all the episodes of Khabar Cinta including the bloopers, BTS and more at Khabar Cinta's Youtube Channel :)

Some snapshots from the webisodes.

My fats were really taking over my body then. Look at my faceeeee. Of all times le sigh.

April 2012

Chromeheart: Revelation

It's always an honor to be a part of CHCKL's drama productions. Every production makes me a more hardworking and disciplined person, actor, dancer. Working with people who are excellent and passionate inspires you to strive to be the same. I have my pastor, Esther and the drama team to thank for molding me into who I am today :)

Boon was around during Chromeheart: Revelation! He's missed many of the drama productions that I'd been involved in over these 6 years. But so glad he could make it! :)

The shows received rave reviews from the media too!

Presenter for Hyundai Elantra Launch

I really enjoyed working with Hyudai. They make sure that all presenters and ambassadors are dressed in the same custom-made uniforms, same heels, same makeup and hairdo! Most brands that I've worked for would just ask us to do everything ourselves.

Worked with some of the best emcees around :)
Sofea, Stephinie Tan and Evie Wong. Jeremy Teo from Red FM too but I don't have the pics with me anymore after I lost my phone :(

Samsara Spa Print Advertisement

Some blur camho photo I took using my 4S front cam. Hahahah!

Did a print ad shoot for Samsara Spa at Swiss Garden, Damai Laut. 3 days 2 nights, 1 and a half days of shoot. Thank God my sis, Gladys accompanied me for the trip. She was a great company :) 

Thank God I didn't have to sleep alone...especially after hearing stories from my 2 photographers =/

BTS photos taken by my sis. She's pro at taking behind-the-scenes I tell you!

Never soaked in the water for thatttt long before. Hahahah! 
And never knew that "looking relaxed" could be so tough. 

The print ads came out after a few months! 
Thanks to all my friends and followers who snapped these pics and sent to me! :)

Collaborating with JinnyboyTV- Only in Malaysia

Until now, I still feel so thrilled to have been a part of JinnyboyTV's videos. 
To know how they found me to act in their video, read my post here :)

They asked me to be just be myself. So I let my inner sampatness roam free.

It was fun :D

The Only in Malaysia video became the Most Viewed Video on YouTube after like, 1 day. 

May 2012

JinnyboyTV- Class Clown

Collaborated with JinnyboyTV for the second time in the short- The Class Clown.

Going back to high school, wearing baju kurung and sitting at the low wooden desks sure brought back some memories. There's just this smell of high school that is the same in every school, don't you think? :)

Glad that at 22, I still passed as a 15 year old! :P

Astro Tutor's PMR Gerak Gempur

Hahahaha I know this is a scary-looking pic...hahaha filtered it to resemble some 1950's school girl. Another gig that required me to act like 15-year-old. I take it as a compliment la yeah :P

Hypertune Magazine: May Issue

Featured on Hypertune Magazine's May Issue. Can't believe how skinny I was back then.

Most probably my last car magazine photoshoot.
Time to move on!

Founded and launched: Chiq Fliq

I know I never actually mentioned about Chiq Fliq on this blog before. That is because I wanna properly introduce it after I got my website all up and stuff. But well, might as well say it here! :) 

In May 2012, yours truly finally took a step to do what she had always wished to, 
and set up her very own blogshop/online boutique called Chiq Fliq :) 

This was Chiq Fliq's Facebook page after a few hours of launching.

This is Chiq Fliq now after 8 months :)

It's been a pretty side business of mine, and I'm guilty for not updating the page as much as I should have! Been so busy that especially during my wedding prep, I didn't even update a single thing!

But now I'm full-time running Chiq Fliq, and actively updating it :) Website is on the way but in the meantime, feel free to drop by the page and have a lookie! :)

Chiq Fliq FB Page:
Chiq Fliq Twitter:
Chiq Fliq Instagram: @chiqfliq

Raub Mission Trip: Visit to the Orang Asli Village

It's not my first time to a mission trip, nor to the orang asli villages. This would probably be my 4th time but different state. I always love going for mission trips because it is a time when you forget about yourself, your phone, your social media accounts, and just focus on meeting the needs of others.

In the 3 days that we were there...we lived simple. Stayed in their bamboo houses without fan, showered with no heater, straight from the streams. Lived amongst the natives, their dogs and chicken and ducks.

We particularly enjoy the trip uphill at the back of a 4WD. Lost count of all the bruises and cuts we got from the bumpy rides and leaves slashing across our faces and hands. 

We also prepared meals together with them! They love and welcome guests, and whenever they have visitors, they would throw a feast! And FYI, their cooking and food are really nice! :)

So what we do is that we bring up food supplies, have little fellowship meetings with them just like any other cell group meetings that we have :) Just a time of sharing and praying with them.

This is me wanting to take a picture with the goat but scared at the same time. 
So I hid behind my manly man :P

It was also at this trip that I preached in Bahasa for the very first time! For those of you who know me well, my Bahasa is memang koyakz and I can't construct proper sentences. But praise God I had my dad who's super good in BM to translate my entire sermon for me :') Puji Tuhan!

June 2012

Kissed Degree Life GOODBYE!

15th June 2012: Due date of our final assignment.

After we handed up our last assignment of our degree life, and possibly EVER (I really don't miss doing assignments), we quickly gathered and group hugged and jumped and scream because WE HAVE GRADUATED BAYBEH! :)))

The 3 years in Taylor's had been good I would say. Aside from the super expensive course fees, inconsiderate timetables and lack of parking lots, I would say that the past 3 years had been very comfortable for us students. 

We had the luxury of popping by Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Chatime, Zhia's Kitchen, etc just walking distance away from our classrooms at the Commercial Building. Clean toilets, conducive library, sufficient number of computers, Macs, and printers, majority (there will always be sucky lecturers anywhere) of the lecturers who were dedicated. I won't ask for more :)

Plus, in these 3 years, I met some of the most wonderful people that you could call classmates :) They were the ones who would help me put with notes and stuff whenever I miss classes for work. Having to work part-time and study at the same time, I would sometimes have to miss classes, leave early, and that gave me very little time to spend with my classmates. But I'm thankful to have journeyed my degree life with them :)

Internship at Streething

Spent 8 weeks with Streething for my internship. Learned and seen a lot as my boss, Samuel Siew made sure that I get to follow him around for meetings and discussions with clients, and got me involved as much as possible :) Loved the family-ness at Streething.

Emerge KL 2012

While having my internship, I was also given the privilege and responsibility to lead the M.I.N.T cluster in Emerge KL 2012. 

Watch to know what Emerge is all about :)

The first few weeks of Emerge were spent building up the cluster identity, committee, cluster spirit, branding, merchandising, and I would say, that season was truly the most stretched I'd ever been. It wasn't easy juggling both the internship and Emerge. Both required me to commit 100%! 

Our M.I.N.T cheer ;)

I'm glad I had my wonderful committee and cluster members who would fight together with me til the very end. MINT rawks :)

July 2012

Emcee for iDarts Quad Launch

Interviewing bloggers- Chammaine and Bell.

Hosted the guest interviews of iDarts Quad Launch at Sunway Giza. Met so many familiar faces there! Was glad to have worked with ma bros- Leonard Chua from iDarts and Gordon Ling from Reanimated Studios on this event.

It was also my very first time interviewing someone in Cantonese! 
My goodness it was scary! :P

Emerge Launch Pad

July was also when Emerge 2012 kick-started!
Pics from the Emerge Launch Pad :)

My co-cluster leader, Jeremiah Vun with our mascots! :)

My family with the MINT cluster mascots!
Made the 2 minions from scratch with out bare hands within 1 solid week, day to night. 
Feel so so proud of the team :)

Throughout the 2 months of Emerge KL, 4 clusters competed in over 60 competitions for the title of Emerge Overall Champion.

We also held out MINT Unite event where I beat my sista, Gladys Tan (read her blog!) FLAT in our arm-wrestling battle :P

Nah, actually it was a tough fight. My muscles were crying :')

We designed and DIY-ed our own cluster tees!

One of the competition videos that we produced :P

I love my MINT family :)
Read more about Emerge in my post HERE.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Took a risk and did my own makeup for my pre-wedding shoot. I'm glad it turned out the way I wanted it to be! Waking up at 6am to do my own makeup was worth it afterall :')

My dedicated wedding photographer- Vincent Cheng.
Visit his site at You can read his post about our shoot HERE!

Will be blogging about it in more detail on the wedding blog. In the meantime, watch our pre-wedding slideshow to see our pre-wed shoot photos :)

The photos turned out exactly how we wished. The feel, the look, the moments.
So happy :)

August 2012

My First Run- The Neon Run

For someone who hardly has time to exercise, 7km is a pretty big deal! Thought I couldn't make it but phew! I did it in less than an hour. Hahahaha ok la hor... :P

My running leaders! 
Us with Pastor Kevin and Esther, and their son, Eitan at the back :P

The MINT cluster who ran together-gether!

At the end of Emerge KL 2012, the MINT POS (Parade of Schools) cheerleading team came in FIRST for 4 years consecutively! Defending champs once again yo ;)

And the MINT cluster came in as the overall first runner-up! Woots! 

September 2012

Fiancé's Birthday

September is a special month because my baby was born on the first day of the month!
He turned...well, closer and closer to the 30's :P But he still behaves like 18 zomgggg.

That's why I love him though :)

Hiruscar Brand Ambassador

It was the first time I represented an acne-prevention skin care as a blogger for a press conference! 

Tried it and gave a testimony of the product, and I can safely say that it really does work! Dries up acnes and pimples, and prevent them from leaving permanent scars. Try it!

adidas NEO Ambassadorship

Started to work very closely with my favourite brand- adidas!

Did a few shoots for adidas NEO Global initiatives

Got to bring home all the yummy NEO products and do some OOTD shoots for global!

Attended and covered various adidas events too! This was taken at the adiPure 360 Launch at Pavilion.

Participated in my second run of the year- adidas King of the Road 2012!

Took about 1 hour and a half to finish 10km.
I give myself a pat on the shoulder :')

Gonna run more this year!

The Emcee Duo

Not the first time that we hosted together, but the first time for a wedding reception! Thanks Felicia and James for giving us the opportunity to work together :) It was both a fun and funny experience hahaha.

October 2012

Pre-wedding Video Shoot

Some behind-the-scenes photos from our pre-wed video shoot by our dear friend, Adele Ng :)

Our wonderful cast who volunteered to be our "friends" in the video :)

One head shorter! *gasp*

This is a complicated relationship. Gordon Ling wasn't acting. 
He found it hard to accept that (one of his many many many) gay friends will be leaving him :P

The shoot went really smoothly as our dear friend, Gordon from Reanimated Studios knows how to make us at ease with each other, and capture the moments from there. He's just really nice to work with :)

This was the teaser that he specially made for us. We really didn't expect this! He filmed this while we were fooling around and he made it into a teaser. Hahahaha we were absolutely nonsensical.

This is the final product. *shy*

Engagement Ceremony

Chinese being Chinese  there are just some traditions that will follow no matter how modern we have become. Well, as long as it makes our folks happie :)

Read more about our Engagement Ceremony in my post HERE.

My Hen Night

My jimuis asked me what I wanted to do for my hen party. I told them that I'm good with anything except the typical, princessy dolly tea time kinda hen party where everyone just looked pretty and sipped tea. I wanted something fun, exciting, and just go crazayy.

So my wonderful and hamsap jimuis came up a solid plan.
Hearing how they laughed while planning for the night really scared me. 

Theme was Black N' Bling.
Thank God Phat Culture had this piece of black sequinned dress at that time!

They made me choose a set of smexy lingerie for our first night oooooooo.



The whole night was just trying to stop laughing, trying to think straight, trying to walk straight, trying to stay sane. After that night, I realized just how game all my jimuis were. Hahahaha *reeeeooowww* ;)


On 27th October 2012, we were both legally married. It felt surreal :)

The pastor who registered our marriage.

Both our families :)
Checkitout...all girls! :P

Friends who came to witness and celebrate along with us :)

Thanks for all your love, guys!

Emcee for Casio Exilim Press Conference

Hosted the Casio Exilim Press Conference just 3 days before the wedding!

Many called me crazy as most brides would be resting at home, drinking bird's nest and preparing their hearts for the big day. Well, let's just say that I'm a little bit of a workaholic ;)

I got to interview one of my fav local artistes too! Meet Liyana Fizi :)

Read more about the Press Conference HERE!

November 2012

Our Wedding

On the 3rd of November 2012,
I married my first love, my best friend, my confidant.

It was the happiest day for the both of us yet :')

Familiarizing myself with my vows.

The anticipation.

Our church wedding.

Boon said I almost broke his hand the entire day. I didn't realize that I was holding his hands so tightly! Gan jeong and happy and just so surreal that when I walked down the aisle, I just couldn't stop crying til the end of the church wedding ceremony.

How I imagined my dress to be. My little bridal dream came true.

The wedding was beautiful because everyone who mattered made it to celebrate with us. And to know that everyone was there to bless our marriage just deeply touches my heart each time.

Will be blogging a full post about the wedding alone soon! :)

In the meantime, you can watch our same day edits that our photographer and videographer edited on our wedding day itself. 

Honeymoon at Bali

It's good to have a husband who travels a lot.
Got to enjoy the Golden Lounge at KLIA and ate to our heart's content before our flight to Bali :D

Trust me, after the wedding, the only things we thought of were FOOOOOOOD! Rotiboy, bubble tea, indomee, big breakfast, nasi kandar...all the food we controlled ourselves from indulging for the last 2 weeks before the big day (we lost self-control before that you see).

The food at the lounge were good too. It was my first time there so I was pretty suaku and I went for 3 rounds :P

We stayed in both Hyatt Bali at Sanur and then moved to Komaneka at Tanggayuda at Ubud. 

Oh the haven. The services at Bali as a whole were top notch. Food was good. Facilities were good. We just truly enjoyed the whole honeymoon experience. The money we paid for the villa made us cry a little inside but it was all worth it.

Afterall, you only go for honeymoon once in your life :) Any vacation after that is not honeymoon's just not as special and magical. To me me. 

This was definitely the highlight of our honeymoon.

Husby planned way ahead for a surprise private villa dinner for me. When we came back to the villa after all the shopping and spa, the whole private poolside was transformed and romantically decorated with candles and flower petals. 

There was music playing in the background, champagne, babi guling and bebek bengil (2 of my fav Balinese cuisine) served by our private butler. It was perfect :')

I looked like crap cos we just finished a full body massage at some awesome spa at Ubud. You know how messed up we usually look after massages right....oily and all. So I didn't take many pics of myself but just kept eating and awwww-ing. 

Will be blogging about the whole honeymoon trip to Bali soon too! 
I know I have many pending posts. Aih paiseh...

My 23rd Birthday

Birthday this year was extra special cos it was my first birthday as a Mrs. *shy*

Husby surprised me by bringing me to my all-time favourite Spanish diner- El Meson! I totally love the food there.

Even the starter was nice. 

Chocolate milkshake was nice.


This has got to be my favourite of all!
Platter of Cold Cuts for 2.

Meat + Olives + Melon
Yummy combination!

Appetizer: Spinach + Poached Egg something something.
Super good.

Pork chop...wasn't too good la this one.

Boon's dish was way better! 
Seafood glutinous rice something something.

It was a nice, private celebration :)

My family came over to celebrate my birthday with me too!
Our wall mirror came in handy for group photos cos even the photographer can be in the pic ;)

My lovely cell group and subzone gave me a surprise too! Was supposed to have CG that day, but it turned out to be a poolside party where the night ended with everyone drenched and showering at my bathroom :') Hahahaha!

Thanks for making the effort to plan and to make it, guys. 
Love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Hahahaha check out Melody's expression! Evangeline too! :P

Truly grateful. It's at occasions like these when you're reminded that you are loved.

December 2012

Emcee for adidas Presents NEO Launch

The adidas NEO Label was officially launched in Malaysia in Dec 2012!

Had the honor to host the launch together with a long lost friend, Brandon Ho! :)

The whole event was just filled with the NEO green, lots of colors and hype!

Ghosting Drama Production

Was one of the characters in the drama production, Ghosting.
Check out our posters shot by Vincent Cheng! :)

This pic is my personal favourite :)

Acted as this aggressive real estate agent who is in the midst of a divorce with his cheating husband. This was truly one drama production that got me on an emotional roller coaster! A few different emotions in one continuous scene.

 Through this experience, I learned what dedication and determination really is. Spent a lot of time practising my singing, dancing, memorizing my long script, and practising my emotional acting. 

Spent my days and nights thinking and stressing about the production. I think this was the production that I spent most of my time on practice other than Dance, My Love few years back.

Not the most flattering pic but yeah that was how slappable and irritating my character was :P

The epic slap at the marriage counselling scene. 
Sorry Ken!!!

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was special. Not only because it's our first Christmas together as a married couple, but also because this year, we got to spend this meaningful occasion with both our families! It wasn't easy splitting ourselves, but we did it! *inserts muscle emoticon*

The family came over for Christmas Eve din din + countdown!

Theme was Red Reindeers
Everyone was so cooperative! :)

Gift exchange corner.

The next day, we received gifts from Santa daddy and Santarina mummy!

Boon got a weighing machine and Sung got healthy diet cereals.
My parents are not so good at giving subtle hints :P

Then, we headed on over to the husby's side and prepared for a Christmas cookout!

He cooked!


P/S: I think turkey is overrated. 
Tastes like chicken but chicken better. Ok la I'm a huge chicken fan. 

Ad: My top was from Chiq Fliq :P

We also managed to spend some time celebrating with the entire subzone! :) 

I love our sisters portraits. All thanks to Adele Ng!

The 3 married couples in the subzone.
Love this photo!

I love this crazy bunch! :)

G21 Gangsta Party

It was my dear sister, Gladys' 21s birthday on the 29th of Dec, 
and we decided to throw her a huge party!

"Graffiti art" done by the awesome Frieda Choong in the same afternoon! She only took a few hours to do this! Sometimes I wish I were this creative and artsy :')

Look at how game everyone was!
Check out my gangsta parents ahahhaahha!!!

My adidas NEO outfits came in handy for this! 
I was all NEO that night. The hoodie Gladys wore was also adidas NEO!

My gangsta family!
Don't mess.

Domestic attack!

We gave her a new iPhone as a gift and I just wanna say a huge thanks to all who contributed. Thanks for making my sister so happy :) *fist bump*

And the year ended with a few of us buddies gathering at my place to watch Bridesmaids, indulge in mango cheesecakes, watch fireworks outside my condo and continue watching Bridesmaids. 

We've never been keen on following the crowd to watch fireworks in malls. Always preferred private and peaceful countdown with close buds, so it was a perfect way to end the year :) No pics cos we were just too busy watching the funniest movie ever! Hahahahah Bridesmaids rulezzzz. Must watch.

So that sorta wraps up my entire year! It's been a long post, and I'm sure I would take a long time reading back this post in the future. But I know it's gonna be worth taking days to draft this post :')

All in all, 2012 was a year of closed doors and new beginnings. Finished my studies, and moved on to a new stage in life- marriage, new careers, and many new experiences and opportunities in between! All I can say is that I'm extremely grateful for all that He has given me in 2012. It was my best year yet. 

2 weeks into the new year, and it's been great.
Looking forward to a better year ahead in 2013 :)

love, careen


  1. my god.i took me quite some time to really read and see your pictures and I must say that you're so amazing to be juggling with so many things at one time! being a bride and hosting and so many other things. and you're so pretty <3 i'm so envious of you :D


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