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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reasons to *heart* Love, Bonito

Confession: I've always loved online shopping

I won't forget the joy of making my first ever successful shopping transaction online to buy something as small as a belt! When it arrived at my doorstep looking exactly as what I saw on the site, it gave me some confidence to continue shopping online knowing that it's not a con job kinda thing! :P

Till now, I still love shopping online and stalking online fashion stores whenever I'm free. There's just something therapeutic about window shopping online and seeing nice clothes. Even if I don't buy them, I'd still feel happy. Something most guys wouldn't understand...hahahah.

There are some online fashion stores that I often stalk, and Love, Bonito is definitely one them. If you hear their story on how far they have come, you would be as impressed as I am.

Love, Bonito is one of Singapore's biggest online fashion retail, and trust me, just pick any female walking on the streets of Singapore and probably all of them would tell you that they know Love, Bonito!

All of my friends from Singapore, and even those from Malaysia who are currently working there tell me that Love, Bonito is their favourite shopping site. Even some of my friends from JB are regular customers of Love, Bonito too! :)

You can also search Love, Bonito on Instagram- @lovebonito, and search their hastag #lovebonito to see the quick, constant updates of pictures posted by Love, Bonito fans! It's crazy, really!

Love, Bonito was started by 3 beautiful and passionate fashion lovers and bloggers- Vel, Rach and Viola Tan. I think they have great taste in fashion because all of Love, Bonito's clothes are exclusively designed and manufactured by themselves, and I personally love the clothes at Love, Bonito.

Ever since I heard about Love, Bonito from my friends who had been raving about it to me, I decided to check it out and thereafter, I was hooked! Visitng Love, Bonito's website has always been one of the must-visit sites whenever I think about online shopping. *shy*

And when I found out from Gush Ad that Love, Bonito will be working together with yours truly by seeding me clothes from their collection, I was overjoyed! I felt so starstruck! :O *even more shy now*

You can totally ask Boon how my reaction was when I first took out the clothes from my Love, Bonito bag. I was literally like, "OMGGGGG", and "Awwwww"-ing at everything! 

Let me tell you just why I love the clothes from Love, Bonito.

Reasons to love #1: 
Love, Bonito clothes are exclusively designed and manufactured

I know not every girl is like me, but most of the girls that I've met would share this same sentiment with me. I really dislike it whenever I bump into someone with the similar clothes, bags, shoes as me. Especially strangers!

I'm okay if that happens between me and my close friends, but I'm the type of person who prefers to have my own set of clothes and feel special about them. That explains why I hardly buy clothes from the likes of Cotton On, Forever 21, H&M simply because I know it wouldn't be too difficult bumping into someone at the mall wearing the exact same outfit as me. 

So when I found out that Love, Bonito's designs are of their own, that was a real plus point for me. I can now walk on the streets confidently knowing that the chances of someone wearing the exact same outfit as me is very low, as Love, Bonito also limits the number of clothes per design ;) 

Reasons to love #2:
They have SIZES!

It is VERY rare to find online boutiques that cater to Sizes XS to L for one single design! 

I've heard many comments from my peers who are plus-sized that they can't enjoy online shopping like we do, simply because there isn't many online boutiques which caters for the plus-sized. Most sites would only offer free sizes, but not for Love, Bonito

I'm considered pretty petite in size, so I know how it feels to worry about not being able to fit nicely in the clothes that I buy online. Most of them are a little too long and a little too loose. But for clothes from Love, Bonito, I wear fit nicely in the S size. Which means their XS sizes are meant for ladies with more petite frames than me! Hoorah to all petite and plus-sized females! :)

Reasons to love #3:
Their clothes look exactly like the photos

I know you have been waiting to see the pics, so here's where I show you the lovely clothes I got from Love, Bonito!

One of the most frustrating things about shopping online is when your purchases don't look like what the pictures showed online. It could be a different shade of colour, a different colour altogether (woah that's bad), different material as stated, different details, etc..

But for Love, Bonito, I'm really happy to say that the clothes I got looked exactly like the photos on their website! Take a look :)

Cordelia Dress in Purple

They also showed a close-up on the details.

Here's me with my new Cordelia Dress! :)

Excuse the slight difference in colour cos I applied filter for this picture on Instagram :D
In real life, it really looked exactly like the photos on their website.

Prior to delivering the clothes to me, Love, Bonito asked for my body measurements to know which size to give me, and to ensure that I would fit into my clothes properly. I really appreciate their excellence and attention to little details like these, because in the end, my dress fits me like a glove :))

COVET Syria Skirt in Cobalt

COVET is their premium line that offers better fabrics and classier designs, yet still affordable!

Just take a look at the details! 
If you're a lace lover like me, you would definitely fall for this piece.

Look at how the colour Cobalt outstands the skirt!
Love the colour, love the laces, love the quality, love the fit.

Frankford Dress in Navy Blue

I absolutely love the material of this peplum dress and how it fits me so well! It really showed off my curves in all the right places. 

Love how it hugs my body, yet hides all the unnecessary flabs and bumps.
Oh this picture has filter applied from Instagram too, but colour also looks like the pics on the Love, Bonito website! See how it fits! I really love this piece :)

Megan Maxi

As a petite, I usually can't find suitable maxi dresses that I can fit into nicely. But for the Megan Maxi, I can! It fits me just nice and it's not too long for me too :)

My pics were applied with Instagram filters, so the colors look a little different. But the colour of the dress is Fuschia, just like the pictures shown on Love Bonito's website :)

It makes me feel like a Grecian goddess with this piece *shy*

And last but not the least, my favourite one out of the all the gorgeous pieces given to me.

Caitlin Cheongsam Dress

The moment I saw the preview of this dress on Love, Bonito's Facebook Page, I immediately fell in love with it. This piece will be launched real soon, so be the first to catch it by getting updating via Love, Bonito's Facebook Page!

Click on the photo above to go to Love, Bonito's Facebook Page!

I've always loved dresses with lantern bottoms, and the best part is that it is gorgeously matched with a Qipao bodice! Purrrrfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year! :)

Here are some photos of me in it. 
Filters have been applied, but the real colour looks exactly like the ones on the website :)

I love how it sorta elongates my legs with the high-waisted waistline of the dress. 
Gives the illusion that I'm taller. *peace sign*

It's a traditional meets modern dress, and I adore it.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Love, Bonito for seeding me with these fabulous pieces which are coincidentally all my favourite styles and colours. I no longer need to shop for CNY! ;)

Also, a great news to all the ladies! Until end of February, Love, Bonito is giving FREE DELIVERY to all South East Asia countries! This is a really great deal so be sure to act quick and place your orders ASAP! :)

Remember to insert this check-out code for Free Delivery

If you haven't already checked out Love, Bonito's website, or *liked* their Facebook page, you can do so to keep yourselves updated with their latest arrivals, promotions and contests, and many more! 

Visit Love, Bonito's website:
Love, Bonito's Facebook Page:

Love, Bonito's clothes are always sold out within hours, so if you've fixed your eyes on certain pieces in their online store, be sure to act quickly! ;)

Hope you'll enjoy browsing through Love, Bonito's website as much as I do ;)
Happy shopping, ladies!

love, careen


  1. Nice!

    Actually, their clothes are often sold out within seconds after the launch! There are a few times, i waited at least 15 minutes in their site till the launched hour (already know what i want from the preview on FB haha), refresh the page and click the dresses i want and it's already ALL SOLD OUT! boohoo!

    1. Yeah that's what I heard too! It's really insaneeeee!!! But so good that you're right in Spore and can just buy whenever you want :))

  2. Hi Babe, what size u took for Frankford Dress?

    1. Hi Jennifer! I wear Size S for all my Love, Bonito outfits :)

    2. can I know what UK size top and bottom are you?? Im thinking of getting the cheongsam dress but dont know what size to take..

  3. Hi Babe, what size u took for Frankford Dress?

  4. Hi Babe, what size u took for Frankford Dress?

  5. Hie Babe, all look v nice on you. May I found our what size u took for Frankford dress?

  6. All the clothes you wear are so nice!! Sucha pretty!

    1. Thanks babe! It is all thanks to :)

  7. Hi can i check what is your usual PTP? is the material stretchable for the cheongsam? Thanks.

    I am about 16", not sure whether i can fit into Size S.


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