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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Darting Experience @ iDarts Quad

Hello Tuesday!

With just the blink of an eye, we have already entered into the 4th week of the year! It still feels like yesterday that a few of us were hanging out at my place, snacking on mango cheesecake while watching Bridesmaids for the 2013 countdown! 

Although life's not as hectic as it was for me now as it was for the past few years, still, I somehow manage to fill my days up with so many stuff. One thing about being jane of all trades is that life throws different opportunities at you sometimes all at the same time!

It's only the 4th week of the year, yet things are already looking really good. 
Excited for what's ahead! :)

Another selca captured in Makeup Mode: Level 6 with my Casio TR150 camho camera.
To know more about what Makeup Mode is all about, read my post HERE

If you're tired of all your grainy selca pics with your smartphone front cameras, the Casio TR150 could really be a breath of fresh air for all camho queens like me. Now, we can all camho in HD! Hahahaha ;)

The Casio TR150 doesn't only function as a camho camera, but it has other features that are really useful as well! 

Take for example, the Multi SR Zoom function.

Even when I zoomed to the maximum, the photo still turned out to be clear and defined! :)

Another great feature is the High Speed Night Scene function. It comes in real handy when I want to capture photos in dark places. 

Like yesterday, I went to watch the iDarts Tournament at iDarts Quad, Sunway Giza. The place was dim and using my smartphone to capture photos was a bad idea. Thankfully I brought my Casio TR150 along with me (I practically bring it with me everywhere I go actually), and managed to capture our first try on iDarts clearly!

My pro husby darter. I knew he always played darts when he was offshore sometime ago, and said he enjoyed it. But yesterday was the first time I watched him play, and mannnn, he's so good and accurate! So lammmmm ;)

See how dim the lighting was at the location? Yet my Casio TR150 could capture everything clearly. Even my stressed face :')

That was my first time EVER playing darts. Leonard got a pro darter to teach me the basics of darting, such as my stance, posture, aiming with the thumb, how I position the dart in my hand, etc..

Didn't know there were so many do's for darting! It was also nice to see how so many girls could easily beat the guys at it. Gives me hope :')

I had a culture shock too! All the Darts Instructors (D.I.) were so pretty and smokin hot. The best part is that all of them could dart really well! Definitely a plus point for guys to hang out there more often I think ;)

And I really loved the friendly atmosphere at iDarts. Even if you have no clue on how to play darts at all (just like me), don't worry because there will be Darts Instructors (pretty ones at that) ready to teach you from scratch and guide you all the way. 

We had a fun night. I had a fun night :P

The pic taken with my iPhone. The photo turned out to be so dark that I had to use an app to brighten it to the maximum, which turned out to be super grainy. Ah wells...

Now that I finally got my hands at the game and improved a littleeeeee bit compared to my first few throws, I would really consider doing this as a past time more often from now :)

Hope that your first few weeks of 2013 have been great so far.
Remember to try something new this year! :)

love, careen

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