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Friday, January 18, 2013

Les Misérables: Cosette vs. Eponine Result

Girls being girls, we love to question guys who they think is prettier. I don't know about you, but for me, I enjoy knowing what guys find pretty about a girl...which is usually quite different from a girl's perspective. Some girls are like goddess to us girls, but to guys, they're not attractive at all.

For me, the features of a girl's face matter a lot. Girls who have sharp and beautiful features would appear to be prettier to me, while for most guys, they don't see features! They don't KNOW features! They see the entire package. And most of the time, they don't even know why they think the girl's pretty. They just feel that they are, and that's it!

So, after watching Les Miserables, I asked Boon who he felt was pretty- Cosette or Eponine. Without a doubt, he chose Eponine! I initially suspected if it was because Eponine flashed her cleavage throughout the movie, but apparently Boon didn't notice that (hmmm).

Then I asked Patrick the Elephant, he also said Eponine. I was quite surprised cos obviously Cosette is the prettier one! Didn't you all get electrified by her eyes, that first moment when she appeared as the grown-up Cosette?? 

I was so impressed by her pale beauty and beautiful features. Whereas Eponine appeared to be really just a girl-next-door to me. Nothing really special about her look except that she has SUPER SMALL WAIST! How is that even humanly possible!

I thought that this was a gender thing, you know....that girls prefer Cosette, the pure and innocent pretty face, while guys prefer Eponine, the tan, selfless soul with a hot bod. So this led me to do a mini survey with my friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram to test if my observation is legit.

So, after compiling all the answers, here's the winner!


To be honest, I was quite surprised as I never thought that Eponine was that pretty. I have always been a fan of Amanda Seyfried, so yeah maybe you can call me a little biased. But I have always been fond with Cosette-like type of beauty. 

Out of the many responses on both Facebook and Instagram, I only managed to collect 65 proper answers.

They rest of the comments included their analysis of the character's features, some tried to conclude the matter for me, while some of the votes were pure voting for Javert, Jean Valjean, Fanta and Careen Tan. All of which were really not what my survey was asking for -.-

The initial votes that I got sorta proved my observation right! Majority of the guys would insist on Eponine, and girls would root for Cosette. It was not until a few moments later (especially on my Instagram) where things started to take a turn. More and more girls started to vote for Eponine, and vice versa! 

Some of the reasons given for choosing Eponine include:

- She's a great singer, and they loved the song, 'On My Own'
- She's tan
- She has a small waist
- She's just prettier than Cosette who had alien eyes and hands (hahahah my friend rawks for having such observation!)

While some of the reasons for choosing Cosette were:

- She has piercing, electrifying big eyes
- She has a pure and demure look
- She is a pale beauty. Not everyone can carry a pale beauty look

I guess, generally, most people prefer a more down-to-earth and relatable look. So yeah, these are the results that I've gotten last night. 

Okay now that we're done with this survey, the next question is...

Fantine vs. Madame Thenardier

Who's prettier?


love, careen


  1. u're asking something a feel a bit obvious about the latter ques? hahaha.... nonetheless, fantine is my answer. :P

  2. while reading... in my heard, i was thinking: "to me, Fantine is the prettiest of all, why ask me choose among Cossete and Eponine?" and I burst out laughters when i see your "next question"...

  3. I always thought everyone will think Cosette prettier, until I saw this post. then I ask my bf, and he saying Eponine is prettier! cuz Cosette is like ghost for him @__@ wow I never think that guys will feel Cosette is not pretty.

  4. I always thought everyone will think Cosette prettier, until I saw this post. then I ask my bf, and he saying Eponine is prettier! cuz Cosette is like ghost for him @__@ wow I never think that guys will feel Cosette is not pretty.

  5. I'm a guy. I've seen the film and was instantly attracted to Eponine. The comment about Cosette looking like a ghost is perfect. She looks ill. I'd even go so far as to call her ugly next to Eponine. What a bitch I am!

    You've also got to consider the context of the character of the film - this also affects how desirable they are, not just looks. Cosette appears stuck-up and heavily influenced by her father which is so unattractive in the 21st century. I imagine her favourite pastime is drinking water while listening to the piano. Eponine probably like a beer and enjoys exploring life without any family 'baggage'. Cleavage and waistsize are irrelevant to me. I look for someone who I will have fun with. Independence and wanting to feel alive. Eponine FTW!


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