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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Buffet with Casio TR150

It's been a long time since I last brought my Casio TR150 out to play!

As usual, the Makeup Mode of TR150 does wonders.

These selcas were taken with Casio TR150: Makeup Mode Level 6

It magically smoothen and whitens my skin, and gives a matte yet dreamy look to the photo!

I also snapped some photos from my balcony and experimented with the HDR Art Mode! Look at the contrast of the photos with and without HDR Art! The last photo taken with HDR Art: Level 3 literally looks like a painting! :)

So the husby and I went on a dinner date yesterday. Knowing that nothing pleases me more than FOOD, my beloved cell group got my a meal for my birthday last year at Daidomon Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant! :) 

We finally made time to go and indulge a little. My last buffet was super duper long ago as last year was the wedding year, so buffet was a big no-no. Since it's been so long since my last indulgence, I made sure that this time, I had brunch instead of lunch and prepared my tummy to eat all I could *nyehehe* :)))))

We were early so we went to walk a little around Great Eastern Mall in KL. It was my first time there. In fact, I never knew that mall existed til yesterday :') 

Went into Toys R Us and I saw thissssssss!

Seeing (original) Hello Kitty merchandises makes me happy! I stood there to stare at this for a long time. The only cat that I love. Other cartoon cats and real life cats annoy me.

Passed by this particular Barbie, and I couldn't help but to find something weird about this doll.

Is it me, or is Barbie's waist getting smaller and smaller? This is getting extreme! The dolls are getting skinnier! It's either that, or Barbie's head is just getting bigger. The entire proportion of Barbie is just out. I hope no kids would aspire to have Barbie's weirdly proportioned body.

After quite a long wait and passing time, we finally got to EAT.

The entrance to the restaurant is pretty small, but the entire restaurant is HUGE! Never thought that they had such a huge space inside!

This is the waiting area, with gigantic menus on the wall.

Quite a decent choice of beverages

Sushi corner

All the cooked and fried stuff that would fill your stomach before you know it.

I still don't understand why anyone would go to a buffet and have sausages, fried noodles, fried rice, etc.. Eat that at home!

Me posing with the fried food that I did not even try.

I was there for serious business okay! Give me all the exotic animals! 
Woah now I sound carnivorous. 

Ready-made sushi which I also did not try.

Why take ready-made sushi when you can order fresh ones right right right?

They had interesting soup!

I'm a soup lover so I tried everything. The beef soup was okay but it was a little too spicy for me. The miso soup was normal (but you can add as many tofu and seaweeds you want!). The best was the Veg and Tamago (egg) soup! Very nice :)

Husby who did all the BBQ-ing ahahahhaah

I'm a lamb lover, but sadly, their lamb was so-so to me. But their assorted marinated beef was awesome! I think beef is their speciality :)

Ostrich meat! YUMZ. 
But beef still beat the rest.

First time BBQ-ing mushrooms and salmon. Hahahah kelam-kabut sial.

The yummy Veg and Egg Soup!

We experimented with the Casio TR150 Panorama mode. 

It's pretty cool! But not easy to move steadily. If your hands are shaky you might end up distorting the photo like mine. Check out the poor waiter's head kena potong :')

And also Boon's face looking distorted (below). I'm bad at this.

 The service at Daidomon was good too! Their staff could speak very good English, and they loved to ask us to try their ice-creams. Hahahah :')

But after trying, we know why exactly. 
Their peanut ice-cream is very special and nice. Must try! :)

It was a really filling and satisfying meal. Thanks E11 cell group for the wonderful birthday gift! Love you all..appreciate the thoughtfulness :)

Til then!

love, careen

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