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Monday, January 7, 2013

AmAssurance: Are you covered?

It was 5 years ago when I first heard of a ridiculously large sum that Jennifer Lopez had invested just to insure her...rear end. That's right, her bootie! 

Apparently, she got her most prominent asset insured for a whooping $27 million in 2007. Just when I thought she was crazy, I searched up the net and found a whole long list of over-the-top celebrity insurances, going as far back as the 1920's!

Here are some of the celebrity insurance that might get us all go, "WOAH". 
Let's start with the ones with the least amount insured.

1. Lin Chi-ling

Taiwan's No. 1 model, who is also dubbed, 'Asia's Most Beautiful Legs' fell off from a horse 7 years ago, and suffered fractures and injuries on various parts of her body, including her precious assets (no, not the legs this time)...her breasts.

Since then, Chi-ling realized the importance of protecting her assets, and invested NT $40 million to insure her breasts! That's about $1.4 million in USD. That's quite a huge sum of money, but look who's more generous?

2. America Ferrera

This name might not sound too familiar to everybody, but what about, Ugly Betty? ;)

That's right! Lloyd's of London, a prominent British Insurance Market insured America Ferrera/Ugly Betty's winning smile for $10 million as part of a charity partnership between Ferrera, Aquafresh White Trays, and Smiles for Success.

3. David Beckham

Well....EVERYBODY knows Beckham, and everybody loves him (Ok I know I'm assuming, but he's seriously my crush since I was 10. He's my ex, btw). And guess which body part Becks had insured?

Could it be his smexy face? Or his smexy body?

The answer is...BOTH! 

Beckham realized just what a hearthrob and superstar he is, and decided to throw in a small part of his wealth to insure his WHOLE SMEXY BECKHAM SELF for $151 million!

Is that crazy? I think it is. But I sure think it's worth the investment ;)

4. Mariah Carey

And if you think nobody can go further than that? You have obviously forgotten the diva's existence! 
Make way for Mariah Carey, people!

Apparently, Mariah Carey has super sexy legs as well! 
We're probably to distracted by her other more prominent assets!

In 2006, the diva signed on as the face (and um, legs) of Gillette's "Legs of a Goddess" campaign, and insured her money-making assets for a WHOPPING $1 billion. BILLION

These, are a pair of legs worth $1 billion. Insane!

This led me to think, what if I had all the money in the world to spend on whatever I want, what would I invest into?

Being the practical and realistic me, I'd first off, buy meself a life insurance. I mean afterall, our health and life are of far more importance than our...legs? 

I've heard of some insurance products in the market, and one of them sounded really interesting to me. It's called AmCash Guarantee 21 Plus, which is a 21-year endowment plan that pays a benefit upon death, or if you suffer from total and permanent disability, or upon being diagnosed with one of the 36 critical illnesses. It also guarantees that from the 3rd policy year onward, a survival benefit will be paid every 3 years until the 18th policy year.

I know of some around me who are pretty skeptical about insurances and have probably been in a misunderstanding with their insurance agents before. Because truly, when it comes to investing a huge sum of money, it is a serious affair and ought to be dealt with properly and wisely. But many of these misunderstandings or "cheating" happen because of false hopes and expectations given by insurance agents who aren't too truthful and ethical. This has really caused the word "insurance" to be a huge taboo word for many...especially those who have had bad experiences before.

But really, I think insurance for health and life are worth investing in....especially for sole breadwinners of the family. It is more like a thinking ahead kinda thing...for the people around you especially. In fact, you don't even have to be loaded to buy yourself an insurance policy! There are so many packages out there for different income groups, and anyone can find one that suits them best.

Hmmm but IF (I said, IF) I were really loaded and could pick a body part to insure (or if someone would like to sponsor me just like Mariah Carey *fat hopes*), I'd pick my best asset which are my pair of eyes. *shy*

Well, I don't have the longest pair of legs or biggest pair of boobs in the world, so give me a break and allow me to admire my eyes can or not!

Some people have asked me if I had done plastic surgery to my eyes before. Well, all I can say is, I'm superbly afraid of surgeries and needles poking through my skin and the pain and the blood and the possibility of it all turning badddd at the end of the day, so yeah I would never do it. If I had the guts to do it, I'd probably go do my nose and boobs first instead of my eyes. So yeah answer is, no.

Some of my blog readers have also asked if I photoshop all my pics that I put on my Facebook, Instagram, and blog. All I can say is, my photoshop skills suck like crap and I don't have all the time in the world to photoshop my eyes in all my photos one by one. In fact, how do I even photoshop my eyes on my iPhone? So yeah, answer is no again :)

It's au naturel so that is why I wanna insure my eyes. If it's fake, there's no need to insure right? :)

How bout you? 
If you had all the money in the world, and could pick a body part to insure, 
which part would you?

Reply in the comments and let's get talking! ;)

love, careen


  1. Hmm, nose? make it slightly sharp higher abit :P

  2. Hahahaa... Careen babe, I would believe that you've never photoshop yourself for two reason, one is because I see u for almost everyday for the past three years, and second is I remember we almost cry because we dunno how to operate the photoshop.. HAhahhaha... Lotsa love, Miki <3

  3. Well, going through surgeries is really not worth it in the long run since surgeries have a "life span". It will also most likely to leave scars behind.

    If you're looking for ways to enhance your entire figure, look for a great body shaper, not the conventional baju ketat. You're eyes are just fine.

    PS: You're all good already. Don't do any funny changes k! =)


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