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Friday, January 4, 2013

Careen's 2013 New Year's Resolutions

Been MIA from pre-Christmas until now! Sorry for the absence, guys. 
Been really busy and caught up with all the year end celebrations. It was Ghosting production, then Christmas, then New Year's Eve! 

Now that we're married, celebrations come in double doses! From this year onwards, we have 3 families to take care of and spend time with. Firstly is our 2-member family heheh, and families on my side and Boon's. Gotta make sure that we spend almost equal time with each side, as well as balance our time to spend with friends. And that takes away 99% of our time so don't ask me why we're not having babies. Hahaha just kidding ;)

Well, it's already the 4th day of 2013, and I haven't even got to say this:


Wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting me in my blogging journey. Friends, fans, readers, family members who always rebuke me for not updating enough heheh, I wanna thank you for it is you who keep me going. I love blogging more and more because I know there are people out there who awaiting my next update all the time :') Thanks everyone.

For that, I pledge my allegiance to this blog, and I pwomise to make time to blog more! I think I've made some improvements so far :P 

Am in the midst of compiling all the photos and recall the highlights of 2012. 
It will be a longggg blog post so stay tuned for it ;)


In the meantime, since this is the first blog post of 2013, I shall share a little bit on my New Year's Resolutions. I won't share everything that I've purposed in my heart...just some that are less personal and work-related :)

Careen's 2013 New Year's Resolutions:

#1: Finish reading the Bible. For real.

This NYR had been on my NYR list for more than a decade. But it has never been completed :( I'm such a weird person with slight OCD, that I HAVE to always start reading the Bible from Genesis onwards. Cos I want to see how the events flow chronologically to the birth of Christ and after. 

But each time I'm halfway, I slack for a while until I forgot where I stopped. And that is when I start all over from Genesis AGAIN. On a more positive note, I think I finished the book of Genesis more than 10 times though :D hahahaha ok not helping.

#2: Learn to cook & bake

Okay, for this one, I'm kinda proud to say that I have started to try my hands at cooking ever since we got married and moved into the new crib. There's always more motivation to cook at a newly renovated kitchen :P

In the past, each time I "learned" to cook from my mum, I'd end up eating and then get distracted by all that was happening outside the kitchen. I just was never interested. Cooking was too just too much work and oil splashing around. 

And surprisingly, all the minimal observations that I had all these years from my mum's cooking did help me in my cooking! All the advice and basics that she thought just suddenly appeared in my head the moment I needed them. Of course, there had been numerous phone calls back home to ask for recipe and :D

BUT, Justin Bieber is right. Never say never hahahha!
I never thought it would say this but, I think I fell in love with cooking. *GASP*

All the heat and oil-splashing don't appear to be such a big issue anymore as I found the joy of cooking my own meals, my own style. It's just liberating to be able to decide what to eat, how much of everything, how salty it tastes (I loveeee savoury foods), etc. And the satisfaction of it all turning out to be alright, decent and edible is just....very nice.

Ooh I tried cooking Sauteed Mushrooms yesterday. It was quite a success I was soooo happy. 
It wasn't that difficult afterall! 

2 months into married life, and we've cooked about 8 meals together I think. Not bad la :)
Next up, get an oven and start to learn how to bake!

#3: Get back those abs

Everytime I look back at my photos when I was still actively dancing and teaching freestyle/hip hop, I cry on the inside. Gotta get back into motion again! Be it dancing, training, running. Whatever it takes!

I KNOW! :) One way to motivate myself to work it is to plan more island trips where I can flaunt my bikini-worthy abs. Yes, I think that's a brilliant idea. What do you think, husby? :P

#4: Try different hairstyles

It's been 8 years since I last had a short hairstyle. My "short hair" had always been until my chest level and that's the max for me. Always thought that it's easier to get jobs when I have long hair...which is still true, except that I sorta semi-retired from working in events already so, screw it! 

Finally took up the courage and made a decision to cut my hair short, short like collarbone length short.

Before cutting my hair. 
My hair suddenly very guai and decided to look beautiful, smooth and flowy. Le sigh.

But I still cut anyways. And here is my new look for the year! :)

Been wanting to experiment with this hairstyle since yearsssss ago. I'm so glad I took the risk! It was worth it...I'm loving my new, fresh look :)

Will be trying out more different colors and hairstyles this year and quit being the boring, chicken Jane that I'd always been.

#5: Finish more than 6 books this year

Ahah I know what you're thinking. 6 books a year is not a challenge at all but it is for me! 

Did you know how many books I finished last year? None.
Totally didn't have much me-time. No time to finish any books at all :(

So this year, I'll try to...and I shall start small :P

So yeah these are some of my NYRs this year! 
I'll be reviewing them every quarterly to see if I'm on track ;)

Happy 2013, again!
Let's start & end strong ;)

love, careen


  1. Did you curl your hair at the bottom of ur hair to achieve such nice look? :)


    1. Hi Kat! No I didn't...only blow inwards a little with the hairdryer :)


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