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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Liquipel Review: Watersafe your Phone


Yours truly is extremely excited to share that her phone is right now WATERSAFE! Wanna know what I mean? Read on! :)

Liquipel contacted me and asked if I would like to get my phone Liquipeled. Initially, being the tech noobie that most of you who have been following me would have known by now, I had no idea what Liquipel was! So I searched up the net, and I found out just how impressive it is.

Liquipel is a revolutionary technology which has won a Silver award at the Edison Award 2012 (honoring innovation and innovators). Liquipel is a process that involves applying a layer of nano-coating to electronic devices, protecting them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. 

The Liquipel coating service isn't limited to only smartphones, but to any other devices that can fit into the patented Liquipel machine, such as tablets, compact cameras, laptops and so on!

Invisible to the human eye (it is 1000x thinner than the human hair!), this nano-sized armour doesn't affect the look, feel & performance of your electronic device.

Upon knowing all these information about Liquipel, I immediately said YES to them, and here I was at the Liquipel service centre just few days ago to get my precious phone watersafe! :)

Went to the Liquipel service centre at Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park. And guess who were there to Liquipel their precious phones too? :) 

Jane Lau aka Chuckei & Nana!

As well as sweetheart, Bell! :)

So first things first, when we arrived, we got our phones checked and see if they're suitable and qualified to be Liquipelled.

The Liquipel personnel inspected our phones to see if they're functioning, as well as to check if the water mark indicator has changed its color (which means it has previously been exposed to water before). Cos if your phone has previously been dropped into water or any other liquid, you can't Liquipel your phone as it has already been damaged.

Thank God mine was all good to go!

All our phones ready to be Liquipelled!

After we said buhbye to our phones to be sent to the Liquipel machines, we had a little introduction by Joshua as to what Liquipel is all about and what it does.

So basically, THIS is what happens to our phones! They're being placed into a Liquipel machine, and a special vapour is being pumped into the chamber to cover every part of our electronic device. It takes about 1 hour plus to get it fully Liquipelled :)

We were also shown some demonstrations too!

These are ordinary facial tissue papers that have been treated by Liquipel (placed into the Liquipel machine). And this is what happens to it after it is being treated by Liquipel!

Look! Liquids will not be absorbed by the tissue anymore simply because it has been treated by Liquipel, and is now watersafe! :)

The bits of blue liquid looks absolutely adorable! (off topic)

To see it for ourselves that it wasn't some form of magic liquid that wouldn't be absorbed, we were given a piece of facial tissue paper treated by Liquipel, and another piece which was just ordinary facial tissue paper. We placed both of them into the water, and look at the result! :)) 

The Liquipelled tissue paper just wouldn't absorb water at all, and was floating atop the water! It really works!

Joshua even gave us his phone for a live demo. A real iPhone 4S swimming in the water, yo! 

The phone was still perfectly fine and usable after being in the water for minutes! Can't say the same if the phone wasn't treated by Liquipel!

However, this is just for demonstration purposes. It is strongly NOT recommended that you expose your phones to liquids just for fun, as each time you do so, it becomes less and less effective. Most importantly, DO NOT purposely submerge your liquipelled phones underwater!

You can view this video to see how it really does work even being underwater! 
But again, please don't do this for fun okay! 

So while waiting for our phones to be fully Liquipelled, we went out for a yummilicious and super filling lunch at Empire, all thanks to Liquipel! So touched that they didn't only care for our phones, but our tummies as well :P Thanks Liquipel! *loved*

L-R: Me, Jacklyn & Patricia from Liquipel, Nana, Bell, & Jane!
Had a great time talking, talking, talking the whole time! :)

When we got back to Liquipel service centre, we were pleased to find our phones now fully protected by Liquipel. They tested the liquids on our phones, and they're now liquid resistant! :)

All of us went home happy people who have now phones which are watersafe! This is great especially for a careless and clumsy big-headed prawn like me -.-

Oh, and I went home and did my little experiment with the Liquipel treated tissues.

Here we have a tray with filled with water, a piece of Liquipel-treated tissue, and a piece of ordinary tissue.

They both actually look and feel the same. Can't tell the differences at all!

Now look at the effect when both were inserted into the tray of water!

The Liquipelled tissue just floated around and refused to absorb water :P

Not even after I pressed and forced it in! 

Still happily floating around :P

When I took it out, it was still completely DRY. The same happens to our Liquipelled electronic devices! They're watersafe and liquids wouldn't get absorbed by the devices and none of the parts would get damaged :)

LQP Asia Sdn. Bhd. is the first and only company in Malaysia to offer this technology. To give your electronic devices the Liquipel treatment, simply bring them to the Liquipel service centre at Hicom Glemarie Industrial Park or to any of its partner outlets at Low Yat Plaza, Kepong Jusco, Oscar Wangsa Maju and Oscar Rawang.

Here's the address of the Liquipel Service Centre at Hicom:

LQP Asia Sdn Bhd
1, Jalan Perunding U1/17,
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
40510 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

I think this is a worthwhile investment as you only need to Liquipel your phone ONCE, and you're protected and worry-free :) Plus, it doesn't even cost a bomb!

Price starts from RM189 for smartphones, and RM239 for tablets. You can also Liquipel your cameras and laptops!

BUT, there's a special discount for all my dear readers! You are entitled to a RM39 discount if you mention my name or my blog. It'll make your Liquipel treatment only RM150 ONLY instead of RM189! :) That's a really great deal so make sure you get your phones Liquipelled ASAP! :)

For more info on Liquipel, call 03-55679928,
or visit its official website at

Also, *like* Liquipel's Facebook page for more updates and details on the product :)

Hurry and get your phones treated by Liquipel before it's too late! ;)

love, careen

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  1. hmmmm... a singaporean guy randomly approached us while we were in genting a few months ago to tell us about this. can't remember if it was liquipel or another brand... but we thought he was a weirdo :P


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