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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Have you Pirq'd?


I recently came across this unique deals app called pirq. It is a new app in Malaysia from the USA which provides details about deals and discounts from outlets near you!

This is the official pirq Malaysia website.
Check it out at!

The pirq app is available for free download to all iPhone and Android users. It has a clean and user-friendly interface, easily accessible even for people like me who aren't too tech savvy :P

To me, one of the best features about pirq is that after locating your current location, pirq displays deals that are nearest to you right at the top, followed by deals from other further locations.

It also shows you how many miles you are away from your nearest deal location!

For me, my current location is at Aman Suria. So pirq displays the nearest deal to me which is just at Sunway Giza, followed by Damansara, 1 Utama, and so on...

...up until the furthest away from my current location, which is at Mont Kiara and Kepong!

Aside from discovering deals nearest to you, you can also find out deals at various other cities!

Just go to 'Cities', and choose the city of your choice! You'll be sure to find a deal that is nearest to you :)

Another great feature of pirq is that it provides all the important details you need with just a few clicks away. For example, when you click on the deals, it shows you the discount as well as the duration of discount on which specific day.

Once you click on it, it shoes you the rules/terms and conditions of the deal as well, so that we wouldn't be misled. Everything is displayed properly and clearly :)

To 'Redeem', you have to 'scan' the tag located at the restaurant or outlets themselves. Else, you can always just 'Reserve for later', which you can also 'Unreserve' if you are unable to make it, or if you changed your mind :)

You can check how much you have redeemed and how much money you have saved by redeeming these discounts at your 'My Deals' column. You can also check your redemption history too!

 I personally find this really brilliant, especially for most of us who have a hard time deciding what to eat on a daily basis! This app just makes the decision-making much easier. Just decide on the nearest deal! :)

Besides that, you can stand a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini just by heading over to pirq Malaysia's Facebook Page and play the pirq Hunter game! :)

Go to the pirq Hunter app HERE, and start hunting! :)

That's all from me!
Happy pirq-ing ;)

  love, careen

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