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Friday, December 21, 2012

Capital FM 88.9's First Anniversary Party: A Girly Affair

Yours truly was one of the few MHB bloggers invited to attend Capital FM 88.9's First Anniversary Party last Sat, 15th December 2012. 

Was absolutely excited as I always listen to Capital FM while driving, and I frequently tune in to My City with Patricia K, Jam Break with Liang & Deborah, as well as Groovedown with Priscilla Seelan. These are the few of my favorite segments at Capital FM! :)

Anyway, these are a few of my selca photos taken while the husby drove me to the all-ladies party :D

No men allowed (except a few like Liang and the staff of Capital FM, the musicians from the band, and the hot guys who served us ooooo read on!), so the husby waited for me at the lobby of G Tower, reading his book and sipping tea like a Datuk while I was having a ball at Bridge Bar, getting my well-deserved girly treatments all thanks to Capital FM :D

Okay enough.

Before the event, I heard that it was gonna be a party for the ladies, filled with pampering sessions, music and good food! True enough, the entire party was organized to make us the female species happieeeee :D

Capital FM, the first and only woman's radio station in Malaysia turned ONE on 15th December 2012! I still remembered the first time I heard about this station which I thought wasn't too long ago, and now it's already 1 year old! :)

In the past year, Capital FM had quickly become a favorite amongst Klang Valley listeners, and I'm one of them! 

When asked what makes listeners tune in to 88.9 FM, it's summed up that "Capital FM is a modern day woman's information hub with relevant topics and great music."

So when we ladies arrived at Bridge Bar, G Tower, we were all given unique "guestbooks" to sign on ;)

Group photo with a bunch of hunky models/ushers.
Capital FM sure knows how to make ladies feel happy, ey? :P

We drew lots to see which pampering session we were entitled to. Some of the ladies got to go for a nice mini hair makeover by Miko Hair Studio and Academy, while some got to do a makeup session by the experts from Laura Mercier!

Yours truly got to do a manicure overlooking the twin towers, baybeh!

While the ladies get their pampering sessions at either 3 stations, 
there were lots of happening activities going on at the party!

Juwita Suwito & Liang serenaded the crowd with their powerful voices!

Capital FM's A-lister announcers- Joanne Kam, Xandria Ooi, Liang, Priscialla & April Kwan were all present to celebrate with their listeners. 

And that's Capital FM's General Manager, Ms. Lynette Ow in the middle giving a thank you speech to all the faithful listeners who made it possible for Capital FM 88.9 :)

Miss World Malaysia 2012, Lee Yvonne was also present to give out lucky draw prices to all the guests!

The grand prize of the lucky draw session was a luxury getaway for 2 to Phuket, with a 4-day 3-night stay at Aleenta Resort with addtional RM2K cash for flights. SHOOOOO NAIS!

It's been years since I last met and caught up with this hottie! 
Used to work and sampat together, and I'm just so glad to see where she is right now :)

Also met with many familiar faces at the party! Say hi to the gorgeous MHB bloggers :)

Thanks to Sarah May Low for these amazing group selca photos above! :)


Was wearing the Aztec Tube Dress by Phat Culture Online Store
Absolutely love the prints, colors, and how it fits me like a glove! :)

Also met up with the pretty Choo Mei Sze at the party! 
Look at those deep dimples! *love*

The sunlight was perfect. I just had to.

With the pretty Jane Schwan

With YourEsty

Pretty pink roses were placed all around. Purdy!

Also met up with Sabrina Quigley Chin at the party! So good to catch up after years.
Oh, she's the one who manages all the hunky models at He & She Management :)

Sweetie Linora Low!

I especially loved the part where Joanne Kam does a stand-up comedy. She's so brutally frank and open, and it was just a hilarious session with all her hamsap 18SX jokes! Totally cracked the crowd up!

The unique Birthday Cake, cream & purple cupcake tower.

Xandria Ooi (Announcer), Lynette Ow (General Manager of Capital FM), & Joanne Kam (Announcer).

The menu of the party, with my cute little Capital FM birthday cupcake :)

Yvonne & I.

With Linora & Yvonne at the photowall.

We were all given a stalk of daisy, and a fabulous goodie bag filled with stuff from Zalora, Khiel's, Laura Mercier, MAC, and many more! 

All in all, the party was really well-organized by the ladies, for the ladies. It was filled with well thought out programmes and activities to make us girls happy, and I came out of the party a real happy guest! :)

Lastly, I just wanna wish Capital FM a HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!
Stay awesome, and keep playing tunes & discussing topics that we ladies love and need to know of :)

Tune in to Capital FM at 88.9 for Klang Valley.
For other states, you may download the Capital FM app from Google Play Store or the App Store :)

Stay updated with the latest info & promos from Capital FM at:

love, careen

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