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Monday, December 17, 2012

Bite-sized Updates

Before I start writing anything else, I'm gonna give out a BIGGGG *PHEWWWWW*

It's been so long since I had a night in at home to just sit in front of my lappie, choose and edit my photos and blog about whatever I like! Been so busy that almost each time I had the time to blog, it would be about another advertorial...which is something I feel extremely sorry about to all my readers :(

Although I do always try to make my advertorials as real, honest and interesting as possible, but that's besides the point. Sooooo here's one that is purely about me and my updates! :)

Oh btw, the picture above was taken with my iPhone 4S front camera, and this one below was taken with the husby new iPhone 5 front camera. Major difference? :)

Aztec Tube Dress from :)
Check out with the code:
PhatCareen and get 20% off all Phat Culture items! ;)

Was supposed to also get my iPhone 5 by now already, but due to some contract issues, I can only change mine in perhaps 2 month's time. Can't wait to have a better front camera to selca with ;)

Anyway, for the past 2 months, I've been busy with this!

We practiced twice to 3 times per week starting with running the script with Pastor & Esther who were the director and producers of the drama production. If you didn't already know, my church, City Harvest Church KL regularly puts up drama productions. And they never fail to be epic! Thanks to my pastor & his wife who puts in so much thought into making a drama production relevant to the people :)

Ghosting was a drama production about how everyone has a story to tell, their dark secrets to hide. How every family has its struggles, and every relationship its obstacles. Life is indeed a drama, a love story, and everything else in between.

This time around, I played the role Amanda who is a successful property agent, and in the midst of filing for divorce with her husband who cheated with a girl 10 years younger. Things stemmed from the fact that Amanda couldn't conceive, and also that her struggling artist husband couldn't bring money home.

It's all very real...most marriages fail because of money & infidelity. It was definitely a challenge for me this time around as I had to go from comical + sampat, to mean and emotional, to angry and resentful, then to warm and loving. Plus, I had to act, sing and dance altogether! And I'm not the best singer in the world so that was really stressful for me *sweats*.

The whole drama production was an emotional roller coaster ride for me, and at the end of the 3-day production, I was just completely exhausted and drained out, and all I wanted to do was just to SLEEP & EAT!

Having said that, after committing my time, energy and focus on memorizing scripts, perfecting my dance and singing, and boiling my emotions for my character, I'm at the end of the day a very happy, honored child of God who just wants to give her best and her ALL to serve Him.

Call me religious, holy or church-y, but I absolutely have no qualms shouting about the fact that I love Jesus, He's my savior, my all, and all I want to do is to honor Him :) It's such an honor and privilege to use my gifts and talents that He has blessed me with to serve Him back. I just love, love, love to serve.

I always end up not taking enough pictures for every production that I've been involved in, and this time around, it's the same -.- Here are some of the photos I remembered to take hehe.

This is David Oh, whom I have acted alongside for countless CHCKL productions. We always acted as father & daughter, but this time around, he was my marriage counselor :P

Meet Coleen Yap & Alexis Wan Chean, who acted as my mother and sister. Their vocals are unbelievably strong and powerful! Superb singers!

And of course, the performance that stole all of ours hearts. Meet The Celebes Boys! Officially my favorite boy band! :) 

If you want to know why we're all so in love with The Celebes, you have to get the Ghosting DVD from Readz Bookstore. If you missed the production, you can catch everything in the DVD :)

Me & my husby (& my sister, Albert Koh).

I know you guys must be jelak from all the mushy things I "express" about my husby, but this is my blog and I'm feeling sentimental all so please excuse me :D

I just wanna give a shout out to my one and only husby who never failed to be there for me throughout this busy and challenging season. For staying with me until late at night in church for rehearsals, for watching the rehearsals again and again and again until you can memorize everything and fall asleep during production :P

And thanks for driving me to church early for standby like, 3 hours before service times for all 3 days. You're an absolutely amazing guy, and I'm just so super blessed to have a husby like uuu *blush*

Meet Michelle, my dear friend (and my sister, Lex Low). 

The heroes behind Ghosting, Esther & Pastor Kevin Loo.
I must say that they are two of the most dedicated people I've met, and I absolutely respect and *heart* them both.

From the very start, both Pastor & Esther sat with all the main casts to go through our lines time after time, just to make sure we get the right message about the script, and feel the right emotions they intended for the production. 

At each practice, they fine tune and edit our scripts until they're perfect. Every single intonation, words, pronunciation were taken into careful considerations, and it is truly because of their dedication and attention to details that made Ghosting such a heart-wrenching, real and relevant drama production.

Besides the love for acting and performing, one of the main reasons why I always love to be involved in church productions is because I get to work closely with Pastor & Esther, and learn about all the values that they carry. It's really through all these that I learn to become more excellent, willing and just better as a person.

The entire cast & crew of Ghosting (excluding the media crew). It's one of the smallest cast & crew team in the history of CHCKL productions, but it's one of the most impactful and excellent productions ever...especially the dancers this time around. Amazinggggg.

Curtain call & part of the crowd at Ghosting :)

At the end of the production, the crowd would get to vote for who they think Michael should choose. Should he go back to his wife, Amanda, or leave Amanda to be with Jess, his pregnant girlfriend? It's a tough choice indeed.

Guess who else were there for the entire 3 days of production? ;)

My dear family was so supportive, and came for all 3 services including the little ones! :)

It's the first time I'm involved in a production and not return home at the wee hours. Dad & mum used to be the ones waiting by the door for me to return at 3-4am, but this time around they could sleep soundly heheh :)

Manjakins & their korkor.

Went home after lunch, slept like a log, and pampered myself with some best cheesecakes in the world!

RM10/piece cheesecake from Artisan, TTDI. It's absolutely worth the price cos it's too good. Could gobble the whole thing in 10 secs if I didn't control myself! 

Oh, and today, we finally have time to take a good look at our fridge and see what we could experiment with this time around! Can't believe we managed to cook a decent, edible meal afterall :')

Scrambled eggs with onions, cabbage with mini prawns (what do you call it?), and soy sauce chicken. We spent close to 45 mins cooking, but finished everything within 10 mins. Ok lah shows that our cooking quite nice ;)

So while I'm typing away, husby just finished assembling our bedside tables (after sitting in the boxes for a week). We finally have bedside tables!!! Great to have an engineer in da houz :P

Ok there you have it. A boring post about me, my feeling and my food. 

Looking forward to the days ahead which includes a lot of time at home, a lot of blog posts to write, and a lot of fwens to catch up with! :)

love, careen


  1. Super well done for the production, I'm sure you were fabulous! You deserved a nice break then! Hehe. Mini prawns would be called shrimps. :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! Hahaha really?? Those that are called "xia mi" in mandarin? :)

  2. i didn't know we have a new sister! hi, albert tan!

  3. wow, the picture quality does make a differences! anyway, love the top! <3

    1. Yeah it does make a difference! :) and thanks babe :)

  4. u did so well at Ghosting! proud of you babe!

    1. Thanks Lihui! And you did great as a video crew too! So proud of're meant to do this :)


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