Saturday, November 17, 2012

Casio Exilim Press Conference

Hello weekenders!

While waiting for my official wedding photos from my photographers for me to blog about the wedding, let me update a little about what's been happening :)

Attended and hosted the Casio Exilim Press Conference on 31st October 2012, just 3 days before my wedding :P I know I was supposed to be resting at home, eating birds nests and masking my face off but, I won't deny that I can sometimes be quite a workaholic ;)

Taken from my Instagram. Find me at @careentxy! :)

Cozy setting.

I don't know who took this shot, but whoever it was, thank you for making me look extra tall & slim from this angle :D

It was different emceeing for the Casio Exilim Press Conference as opposed to others, as I actually know so much about the brand and its cameras. Been using the Casio ZR20 & Casio TR150, and while explaining about the features of the cameras, it really felt like a real life testimonial. Hahaha that's what happens when you're a user yourself :P

Not a very flattering photo of myself :P

Btw, I was told that I'd be given a sexy black Casio Ex JE-10 camera for the event. So I dressed up specially to suit the camera, and Phat Culture saved the day! Absolutely love love love the black sequinned dress + Black & Gold necklace from Phat Culture. Shop the look here: :)

The bosses from Casio, all the way from Japan! :)

Having worked in so many launches, press conferences and events all these years, I noticed that one thing which sets Malaysian speeches/presentations apart from Japanese's is that, the Japanese really put in 101% attention to details in everything that they say. They put so much thought into every word they chose to use, and I've got to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the speeches/presentations/demonstrations. They were not boring at all! Something the rest of us Asians can learn from :)

I was privileged to be given the opportunity to interview and work with some of our top local celebs. They're all so pretty!

Jane Ng, actress & former radio deejay.

Koe Yeet, pretty actress from Ah Long Pte Ltd, Homecoming, just to name a few :)

Liyana Fizi, my fav local singer-songwriter. Watched her performance live once at PJ Live, and have become her fan since. Talented!

My fellow blogger friend, Dila Ariff all the way from our adidas NEO days a year ago! :)

The Press Conference also highlighted a few special range of Casio Exilim cameras. One of them would be the super pretty Casio Exilim JE-10 range which comes in 3 difference themes and colors!

They're such pretty accessories/cameras, I bet it took you a while to realize that there are actually 3 cameras sitting among the accessories in the photo ;)

I personally love love loveeeee this model! It comes with a leather camera case with straps attached. Best part is that camera cases & straps don't have to look ugly anymore! Here's one that's so pretty, it can easily be an accessory too! :)

This is in white, with a vintage feel & look to it.

This will be drool-worthy to all pink lovers out there!
So pretty!

While this would suit all the modern, cool & sophisticated ladies out there. 
Absolutely love the prints on the leather case. Posh!

They're all so small that they can easily just fit into our little clutches/bags :)

Other Casio Exilim camera models on display. One thing's for sure, Casio really has amazing designs and colors for all their cameras. Gorgeous :)

These Casio cameras are specially designed for women, by women with all the needs/likings of us girls in mind. Makeup mode, self shot timers, you name it!

I see myself! :P
Take part in this Pink Beauty contest, and win yourselves a brand new PINK Casio Exilim camera!

Simply submit a self-capture/camho photo of yourself in pink, and stand a chance to win! It's that easy :) For more info, go to Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook page and participate! :)

I walked home a happy girl cos Casio Exilim Malaysia has decided to give me yet another Casio camera, the Casio Ex JE10! My third sponsored Casio camera so far, and I really can't ask for more. Thank you, Casio for being so super generous and amazingly awesome to me! :))

Now, the adventure of exploring with my new baby begins! Can't wait to share all the amazing pics captured with my new JE10! :)

Find out more about the gorgeous & awesome Casio cameras at the Casio Exilim Malaysia Facebook Page! They have all the details you need to know ;)

Til then! Happy weekend!

love, careen


  1. You are gorgeous. Love you always!!! <3

    1. Awww.... :) Thank you Japhne! You made my day!

  2. I love your hair, eyes and you look so damn fab. The pictures are amazing!!!

  3. Oh nooo! I've only just seen this post today T__T Too late already... Btw, my first time to your blog. You're pretty! :D