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Friday, November 23, 2012

Camera Review: Casio Exilim JE-10

Remember my previous post about emcee-ing for the Casio Exilim Press Conference?

Well, Casio was really kind to sponsor me with the super gorgeous Casio Exilim JE-10!

The Casio Exilim JE-10 series.
Available in Pink, Black & White.

Walked home with the Black & White JE-10 :)))
What's most special about this camera is definitely the outlook of it. It comes with a detachable camera case with strap, and each color has a different theme to it!

The Black JE-10 possesses a cool, classy and sophisticated look. Suitable for a night out partying, or a dinner date. It can basically go with any outfit, and adds a certain class to your overall look ;)

Comes with a leather case & adjustable strap too!

Another major plus point for the JE-10 is that it is really small in size. To demonstrate, I got Boon to do a little illustration with me.

You see, yours truly has really small hands, and my hand can basically fit nicely into Boon's palm. Hahaha that's how small my hands/palms are.

And if the JE-10 can fit right onto my palm, it really just shows that the JE-10 is thatttttt small!

Look! This is really perfect for us girls who have a thousand and one things in our baobao/bags. With the strap attached, it becomes easier to search for the camera in our bags too!

While this is the JE-10 in white. It comes with a brown leather casing, and I've gotta say that this is my favorite amongs the three!

It has a golden ring around the lens, and gives an overall natural, vintage look. Suitable for those who have a simple/vintage style.

It's small even with the case on!

These are some of the pictures I captured over the past few weeks with the JE-10.

With the Premium Auto mode which is able to detect which suitable setting to be used to capture the photo.

This was taken in the car at The Curve parking lot. It was dark, but the Premium Auto mode automatically switches the setting to night scene, and managed to capture this picture with sufficient brightness :)

This was taken with the Premium Auto mode as well.
Missing these happy faces :')

It also has a couple of Best Shot features such as the Toy Camera mode, Light Tone, Pop, etc.

Auto Mode

Toy Camera Mode

Pop mode

 My favorite mode of all has to be the Toy Camera mode. Gives a lomo-ish feeling to the pics!

Swim time with korkor!




Love the dark sides around the photo :)

5x Optical Zoom.
Could see the little rocks at the pool from my balcony :)

Light Tone mode. 
Gives the photo a little dreamy feeling.

This is also one of my favs! The Pop mode :)
The colors immediately pops out distinctively!

Of course, what is a girly camera without the famous Casio Exilim feature- The Makeup Mode!
You can see the difference from the left photo (without Makeup Mode) to the right (Makeup Mode).

The Makeup Mode brightens, smoothens the skin and causes blemishes and fine lines to disappear from the photo! It's magical, I tell you! :)) 

This photo was also captured using the Self-portrait timer which is able to detect when you're ready for a picture. It'll only capture the photo when you're in frame. No more out of frame selca (self-capture) shots!

Now, you don't even have the press the shutter anymore! Just pose, and smile! :)

The JE-10 is also a really pretty fashion accessory!
This was me walking on the streets of Ubud, Bali.

With the camera hanging around my neck, I can easily capture moments quickly without having to scramble through my bag to look for my camera. Loving the camera loads :)

You would think that the camera would cost a bomb, but to my surprise, it is retailing for only RM649! It is design, quality and convenience all in one, and I personally think it is a great steal!

To know more about Casio Exilim JE-10, and where you can purchase it, you may Facebook message Casio Exilim at their Facebook Page HERE :)

Have a great weekend, all!
Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

love, careen

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  1. JE10 is damn awesome! I purchased it during IT Fair in singapore for SGD 250 and they gave me free casio Z28 (if i'm not mistaken the type) and free giftsssss ^^

    you should review that the camera could be charge using the power bank too. :) so whenever the battery died, just charged it like charge ur phone!

    Thanks for reviewing, you made me feel the camera is worth of buying :)


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