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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11 Days

It's the 14th of November, 11 days after the 3rd of November, 2012.

This means, I'm legally, officially married to my best friend, one and only.

Here I am, sitting here typing away at our new dining table, while the husby watches his favorite HIMYM at our living room, just perhaps 10 feet away from me (size 5 feet, that is). Laundries are being hung in the living room (endless laundries from the week-long honeymoon!), while clothes and things that we moved in from our respective previous homes still sitting in our luggage.

11 days into married life. It's been amazing.

Amazing because now, we get to see each other so much more, everyday. The first person I see when I wake in the morning, the last person I kiss goodnight before snoozing like a pig that I'm expert at being. Amazing because I've a great husband who always wants the best for me, who always wants me to feel loved and pampered. Until now, I haven't had the opportunity to make my own breakfast yet! He's just so quick & sharp! He's amazing.

Of course, marriage is not glamorous or luxurious. The wedding might have been, but definitely not married life, and we were well aware of it. The laundries, dirty dishes (more dirty dishes when I actually start cooking. Before that happens, I'd need to first LEARN how to cook), the never-ending dusts of a newly renovated home, etc etc etc.

But to my surprise, it's actually pretty fun to do all of these, especially together. And it's much easier to do these house chores now than ever. Probably because we know we're doing this not just for ourselves, the house, but for each other and our 2-member family.

Lots of adjustments, especially on calling my new parents dad & mum. Hahah! All is well, and I'm just so happy and excited for what's ahead :) Loads to update I don't even know where to start!

Here's a little sneak of our wedding!

Photos stolen from my wedding guest, Lihui's blog! ;)

But for now, it's time to retire to bed. The husby has fallen asleep on the couch with HIMYM still playing.

So, goodnights, my faithful readers.

love, Mrs. Ng


  1. congratz careen! :D May God blessings pour upon you and your family abundantly!!!

  2. Congratulations, awwww so happy for you! :')

  3. So happy for you Careen! I know I don't know you personally but just to let you know that as a reader/fan I really wish you and Boon Hock all the best in married life and all the happiness in the world! =)


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