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Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy AnNEOversary!

Did you know that it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since the start of my adidas NEO journey?

A year ago, I received a Direct Message on Twitter from Jac, asking if I was interested to be a part of this campaign. We met up shortly after, I agreed to join the rest of the 9 bloggers, and that's where it all started :) *not what some claimed to be that they helped me gain this title ahermmm*

I still remember telling Leonard that I felt super intimidated by the rest of the bloggers as some of them were so much more seasoned that me, needless to say, with a bigger fan base and readership too! Never ever would I have thought that I could actually be in the Top 3, what more else to win!

All throughout the 2 months of activities, videoing, picture-taking and blogging about adidas NEO, I came to love this brand, the apparels, the Streething team I worked closely with, and also all the bloggers who were on board.

I would say that it was really an uphill climb! Throughout the 2 months, all my mind could think of was to brainstorm for fresh, creative, fun and crazy ideas for NEO. So I woke up one fine morning, and randomly decided to do this!

55, 961 views to date! My single most viewed video. Hahahah!

And because I was crazy enough to attempt this for NEO, I actually got my YouTube crush, Ryan Higa to promote my video on his FB & Google+ *cries*

He commented on my YouTube video *cries*

Best part is, he replied my tweet and FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! This is a money-can't-buy happiness!!! :")))

Ryan, if you're reading this, know that you made a not-so-young-anymore girl super happy even after one year. That was my only starstruck experience! *cries* :')

And after a long climb, I finally and unbelievably won the competition!
Since then, I had been the first and official adidas NEO ambassador! :)

Can you believe that everything happened a year ago?? WOW.

So after winning the competition, I've been working closely with adidas in many areas. Yours truly has since being seeded with NEO apparels which explains why I always wear adidas NEO :P I'm also the official adidas blogger for events, advertising, digital media, etc.

Besides that, am really honored and privileged to be chosen by adidas NEO global to be one of the NEO Contributors worldwide! 

One day, I received my welcome gift from adidas NEO global, all the way from Germany! :)

I love how so much detail was being put into just the box!

Without even seeing what was inside, I was already in love with the whole box! Opened the box and checked out what was inside, mannnnn stuff that I don't see in Malaysia! Fresh!


Received loads of fun and colorful stuff for me to play and experiment with! Afterall, adidas NEO IS a young and fun brand! :)

What's inside the box:

1) NEO Green Laptop Holder
2) A case of Magnetic Color Cubes
3) A set of Crayon Pencils
4) A set of Mustache Finger Stickers (OMGGGG CUTE!!!)
5) Two Green Moleskine Notebooks (I LOVE MOLESKINE!)
6) A Mini USB Digital Camera
7) Of course, a creative welcome note from NEO! :)

I can't wait to get started with these fun stuff given to me! Will be posting up fun and interesting contents with these cute stuff, so stay tuned! ;)

In the meantime, here's what I've done so far. 
Presenting my day-to-night NEO look!

Casual chic by day,
rocker chic by night ;)

A year into the NEO journey, and all I can say is...UNBELIEVABLE.

I never dared to imagine that I would one day be working directly with the adidas Brand Manager, and collaborating with adidas Global!

This is absolutely way beyond what I could ask or imagine. So thank you all who supported me by voting, cheering and standing by me all the way throughout my competition journey. Without you, I wouldn't have made it.

And of course, thank YOU. You who make all things possible, and more.

Will be comin up with some really fun & colorful contents in the upcoming posts. 
So, stay tuned ;)

love, careen


  1. You are truly amazing n I love yr video!

    1. Hi babe! Thanks so much! Your blog is soooo cute!! :)

  2. You are amazing! Congrats for being the Malaysia's Adidas Neo first ambassador! :)


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