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Monday, October 8, 2012

Casio TR150: Group Selca!

As I mentioned in my previous post about selca (self-capture), one of the things that we all hate the most about self-captured group photos, is that the one who holds the camera would usually look bigger, fatter and uglier than the rest. 

But with my new Casio TR150 that I've been carrying with me everywhere I go, group shots have become easy, effortless, and pretty for everybody! ;)

No point just talking about it, so let's allow the pictures to speak for themselves!

Taken at the adiPure 360 Launch
Bloggers group shot with Bryan Gee (left), brand manager of adidas Malaysia :)

And this is the Emerge 2012 Cluster Leaders' birthday celebration with Pastor at his crib!
Decided we should cherish the moment by camhoring while halfway preparing steamboat :D

Group shots don't have to make the shooter look ugly anymore! I can even capture the photo by standing right in the middle! :)

Unless, of course, if you choose to look ugly ;)

The wide angle lens is awesome as it manages to fit everyone into the frame effortlessly!

Our "hardcore cha" session at Brussels :)

Aside from the Wide Angle lens that makes group shots possible and nicer, there's the Motion Shutter feature a.k.a. the timer feature that really makes group selca fun! We just simply tapped the LCD screen with our finger, and the timer activates :)

Me & my babes at E11 cell group! ;) 
The TR150 was placed at the staircase when we took this pic. Makeup Mode: Level 6 :P

They were all so super in love & fascinated with the TR150. Truly every girls best friend :)

Timer group shot at my Pastor's crib.
I only placed it at the couch and there we have a perfect group shot! :)

Still many amazing features to be explored with the Casio TR150. Will be posting more soon! 

In the meantime, you can check out the promos and details of the Casio TR150 as well as other awesome Casio cameras at the Casio Exilim Malaysia Facebook Page :)


love, careen


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