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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

adiPure 360: Born for the Gym

adiPure 360: Born for the Gym

This new collection of trainers by adidas are simply remarkable! It is designed especially for the gym: light, extremely flexible, and fits just nice. Was one of the 10 lucky bloggers invited to the first stop of the adiPure 360 roadshow at Pavilion Concourse! 

The first time I attended an event together with the sister.
Say hi to Gladys, everyone! She blogs too! 

Check out her funny blog at ;)

The gym themed set up of the event.

Bryan Gee, Brand Manager of adidas Malaysia explaining about the special features of the all new adiPure 360.

The event was hosted by YuJin, a fitness trainer who worked the Miss Universe Malaysia contestants hard at beauty camp. Magdeline Wang can testify! ;)

A demonstration on what the adiPure 360 can do. Yoga, body combat, dancing, and even GANGNAM STYLE! ;)

The Gangnam Style fever is stil ONZ.

Look at the various colors available for the adiPure 360 trainers!
Which color would you pick? :)

Here are some of the lucky ones who got to bring home a spankin' new pair of adiPure 360 home! 

I'm sure you could easily recognize her from Miss Universe Malaysia 2011! ;)

Jessciat, the gym enthusiast!

Familiar faces of Bryan Lim, Gladys Tan (Too familiar! Haha) and Joshua Ong!

Sam Insanity, the famous 9gagger ;)

Bloggers who went home with their new pair of adiPure! :)

With the super fit Linora Low, host and Red FM Radio Announcer!

Group picta with the Brand Manager!

And of course, my lovely sister! Some say we look alike, some say not.
What say you? Do we look alike? :)

With YuJin the fitness instructor!

The set up was like a gym locker room. NAIS!

Anotha group picta ;)

So with much anticipation, I quickly unboxed my new babies the moment I got my hands on them!
I chose the color blue as I have this thing for the bluish/purplish shade.

The shoes are super light, I kid you not!

And super flexible too!

Checkizout! ;)

The adiPure 360 is made using super light and flexible materials, and features the latest in technology to support multidirectional movement. It is anatomically designed to provide comfort and support for every stretch, squat, exercise, and even run during your workout!

The design and flexibility of the adiPure 360 promotes unrestricted movement, and strengthens the muscles in the feet, toes, ankles, and lower legs, as opposed to what some trainers to do your feet- blisters! :/

The thorough explanation of all the special features of the adiPure 360.

This pair of trainers is especially designed for the gym, but it can also be worn for running, cycling, and other sports activities as well. I'm personally not an avid gym goer, but I do run pretty often, so this pair would come in handy for me! :)

You can check out the adiPure 360 for both men and women at the adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Pavilion, KLCC, Empire Subang, and The Gardens. Try them on, bend and twist them to see for yourselves, just how light, flexible and comfortable the pair truly is!

You can also find out more about the shoes at the ongoing roadshows happening all over Malaysia! The final stop of the roadshow would be happening this weekend, 26th-28th Oct at 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. Do drop by and check it out!

This pair retails at only RM350. And I can tell that it is absolutely worth the investment :)
Find out more about the adiPure 360 at

love, careen


  1. I have this in purple! Love them to bits! ♥

  2. I had so much fun with you guys, love!
    Now we can run like the wind! :D


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