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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Casio TR150: Self-Portrait Camera

Ever heard of a self-portrait camera? ;)

Ladies (and also gentlemen who secretly or even publicly love to camho), I'm so so pleased to announce that, yes, there is such a thing as that! This camera is not just a self-portrait camera, but it's a damn awesome one, I kid you not!

Before I introduce the features of this brilliant camho camera, let me show you just how awesome it looks.

Don't they look gorgeous? :))

Casio, which is well-known for many things such as watches and calculators, have come up with many camera range including the brilliant Casio Exilim ZR20 (check out my blog post about it HERE and HERE), and recently launched the new Casio Exilim EX-TR150 digital compact camera, specially catering to camho lovers like me! :))

Here are some of the features of the TR150:

12.1 Megapixels
Back-illuminated CMOS sensor
Wide Angle 21mm Single-Focus Lens
3.0 inch Super Clear LCD Screen
Countdown Timer
High Speed Anti-Shake
Full HD Movie
Make-Up Mode
Decorative Function

I want to thank Casio from the bottom of my heart for yet another powerful & awesome Casio camera! This new Casio TR150 is not yet in the Malaysian market, yet it's already been in my hands for months (Yes, I've  been having fun exploring this new baby! Just no time to update as yet. But, here it is!).

Seriously, I always say this, but let me say this right here on my blog:

Japanese are BRILLIANT!

They never fail to be innovative, creative and meet the needs of various people, including camhos like me! I'm just so impressed that they actually make camho such a breeze right now cos the whole camera is just here to make camhoring easier, more fun and convenient! 

I mean, who else in the world cares about camhoring needs?? 
JAPANESE ROCK MY SOCKS! Arigato Gozaimasu! :))

Say hello to my new love :)

I'm so glad I got a white one for myself! The Casio TR150 is literally the size of my iPhone 4S, and weighs almost the same too! 

Whenever I whip out my new love to take photos, people around me would curiously ask me what new phone this is. They usually stare at me in disbelief with I tell them this is actually a camera, a camho camera. Canggih maximum! Did I tell you that I love the Japanese?

It comes with a stylus for the LCD screen, and has a camera frame which can rotate 360 degrees around the lens, and a monitor that rotates 270 degrees

With such flexibility, I can literally take photos from all angles! :)

One of the major features that the Casio TR150 boasts of is the Makeup Mode. This feature magically smoothens the skin, gives a glow and radiance, and removes fine lines and blemishes completely!

The Makeup Mode option ranges from Level 0 (which is normal mode) to 12.
Here are some (okay not some, quite many :P) photos from Level 0-12 range.

Makeup Mode: Level 0

This is without the Makeup Mode yet. 
You can spot little fine lines under my eyes. 

Okay enough. 
Now on to Makeup Mode in Level 6!

Makeup Mode: Level 6

Tadda! Can you see that my skin (including my arms) have been magically smoothened? ;) And this is only Level 6, my dear friends!

Could you spot the difference?
Now, on to the highest level of 12!

Makeup Mode: Level 12

Now I literally look air-brushed and photoshopped kao kao. 
But I wasn't! It's just the awesome Makeup Mode in Level 12 :))

My skin never looked so smooth and fair in my life.
*cries happy tears* :')

Now I finally caught a glimpse of how I'd look like if I had fair, porcelain skin.
*dreamy mode* 

This is a graceful 'headache' pose.


This camera is simply awesome. If you love to camho (just like me hehe), this is the camera for you, my dears. There are so many more features that I've yet to explore with! Will be updating more on this soon! :)

In the meantime, visit and *like* Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page and Twitter to get updated on the latest Casio cameras and goodies to be won! :) 

You can also Facebook message them on their FB page to find out more about when and where you can get your hands on this brilliant machine! It's selling for only RM1899 :)

P/S: Did you realize that I had both my hands to myself during these camho sessions? Find out how I did it in the next post! ;)

love, careen


  1. wow interesting! i'm also impressed haha!

  2. Wow this is a great camera for me.. Can take from any angle..

  3. tr150 or zr20 is better? which one do you prefer? pleease reply thx

  4. Awesome camera... I remember seeing you use it at Brussels and wondering to myself if it was a phone.... How much is it roughly??

    1. Hey babe! Yes, that's the one! :) It's retailing at RM1899! You can get it at most Fotokem outlets :)

  5. is it possible for you to help me get one??? i really want it! but i couldnt find a place that sell it!

    1. Hey there! You may Facebook message Casio Exilim Malaysia to ask them where you can get the camera at your nearest location :) I heard that Fotokem sells them :)

  6. Is there a way you can help me get this camera and mail it to the united states? :P its for my wife's christmas present, but they dont sell it in the states :(

  7. Besides fotokem, any other places selling? I called fotokem but white color not available

  8. WOW! You got a really good price! Where did you get it? The price right now is still the same?

    1. I just bought one today in baby pink @ Sunway Pyramid. The price has increased though, it's retailing at RM2,099 now.


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