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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

adidas King of the Road 2012

I had never liked running. That's like at the top of my Loathe List.

The thing I hated most when I used to do bootcamp was always long distance running. I just somehow felt like puking each time I ran, and I'd feel like dying. Even if I didn't, I would pretend to be dying. Which none of the instructors would believe :')

It's not until last month that my life took a turn. For the first time EVER, I was excited to run! Signed up for The Neon Run organized by Emerge KL, and ran a whooping (okay maybe not so massive to some of you) 7KM! *gaspppppp*

Words couldn't explain how I felt when I laid on the CHCKL carpark after crossing the finish line within 60 mins! 

It felt as if I lost 10 kg. It felt as if I'm the fittest woman in the world! It felt as if I could pull a van!
It felt......

Since then, I'd been kinda excited at the thought of running. The challenge of it can be pretty addictive I would say. The typical blur me didn't know that registrations for King of the Road had closed way back in July! So I requested for two passes just a week before the run, and everything was confirmed so quickly and smoothly for me. Thanks adidas Malaysia for being so super kind to me :')

Received my pack just the night before, and was excited to the point that I checked out every single thing in the pack and took photos of everything. Yeah yeah I know whatchu gon say...

Tried to sleep early but failed. Ended up with only 4 hours of sleep, but I was surprised at myself that I had no problem getting outta bed! What happened to Careen Tan???


The sky at 6.30am.

This is probably the only time we can lie down on the road without getting rolled over. I so wanted to do that but Boon looked at me one kind, so I felt shy to do it.

Maybe the next King of the Road.

Isn't it tempting to just do a lie-down shot here? Right here?? Don't you agree it'll be epic??

Mr. Boon says no.

So I acted gentle and shy and didn't do it.

See just how ONZ we were!
Took so many pictures! And no I didn't force Boon into this!

Everyone was warming up and readeh to go!

Paramedics and ambulances were on standby just in case people like me pengsan.

The atmosphere did help a lot! While we were waiting at the starting line, there was a sea of people excitedly chatting while the loud, pumping music was at the background. No wonder I felt so pumped up at freaking 6.30am!

Couldn't believe we actually found familiar faces amongst the sea of peeps!

Just take a look at this! We were kiasu so we stood quite front (even though we know we can't even make it to Top 100). Look at the people behind us!

While lining up, I saw around me so many professional, avid runners who were fully geared and prepared with their canggih iPods, earphone, waist bag thingy that could fit some energy drinks and energy bars (???), while yours truly only a tiny bottle of water in hand. It suddenly occurred to me that probably 10KM wasn't for me, so I invited Boon to go for breakfast with me...hehehe

But of course, being the sweetheart that he is, he told me not to be nervous and just enjoy the run. Promised that he would run beside me :) So I was all readeh and pumped up once again to RUN and win Top 3!

The whistle sounded, and everyone started to pick up the pace from walking (too many people to start off running) to running. The minute I started to find my comfortable pace (which everyone says is very important), and this happened.

Boon: "Aiyo bee, I think....I wanna pee."
Me: "Huh? Now??? We just started!"
Boon: "Ok nevermind. I can tahan."

*5 seconds later*

Boon: "Bee I think I cannot tahan...give me 1 minute ok?" *zooms off*

I was like, "whattttttt???"

When I saw the line at the washroom I was like, "Major Whattttttttt?????" Why so many people feel like peeing ONLY after the race starts??? :')

There I was...standing there.
As I saw all the people running pass me, I saw my Top 3 trophy slowly being taken away....

They say love keeps no record of wrongs, so we continued running! The first KM was not much of a problem.

After the 2nd KM, life became tougher.

As you can see, I looked pretty pissed. Pissed at what, I don't know. Just pissed.

When we headed towards the toll house, I was so excited! For the first time ever, I can do THIS!

I "Touched & Go" ;) 
hahahaha okay.

After the 3rd KM, it felt a little better due to the momentum. 

 After the 4th KM, life got tougher again. As you can see, it was a forced smile.

After the 5th KM, I almost died. My legs went jelly and my vision went blur. True story.
And best part was, I was ONLY HALFWAY :') Seeing people running at the opposite direction (those who already ran more than halfway) made it worse. 

There were paramedics on motorcycles constantly on the lookout for people who need medication, muscle spray, etc. They were so efficient that the moment you stop, even just to tie your shoe lace, they'd quickly swing by and ask if you need help.

At the point I really wanted to pretend to have a leg cramp and get them to carry me back to Sunway Pyramid. That 5km mark was super tough to go through....

But Boon cheered me on and got me to find my "targets" along the NPE columns/pillars. It sure did help. I was so into it that I totally missed the 6KM sign to take pics.

Throughout the entire run, there were videographers on motocycles recording our suffering. And photographers on the lookout for The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. When Jin Chong tagged us a photo on Facebook, we were pleasantly surprise that out of 10,000 people, the both of us were captured! :))

But, it was not so pleasant afterall when I saw how I looked when I was in deep suffering.

This, my friends, is the face of DETERMINATION.

Can't believe Boon could still manage to look at the camera and smile (??!). The happiest runner award goes to Boon, really! Hahahaha

I wish the 13KM was for me but no...hehe

At the 8th KM, there were people playing instruments and cheered us on. I'd say it did help a bit :) Loved the entire atmosphere!

"Touched and Go" again :D

After the 8th KM!
Check out the sea of people behind me!

9th KM!!!

And we FINISHED!!!

Done 10KM in 1 hour, 35 mins.
Not the best, but I really thought I'd complete it at 2pm.

The super cool medal! I really love how the organizers put so much attention into details. Everything was carried out so smoothly and excellently!

Through this, I learned a few things:

#1: Running with people who will cheer you on helps A LOT.
Probably some of you would feel that running alone is better as you are more focused, and you don't have to wait up for your friends. But in my case where we run for fun, having people running beside you, with you really makes it much easier :)

#2: Keep running! Never stop (except to take pictures).
Even when I stopped for pictures, it was tougher to regain momentum each time. But well..... :) hehe

I really do feel that lessons learnt from running can be applied to life too. It teaches one so many things. One thing for sure is that, I'll never look at my favourite highway the same way again! In a good way :)

 I'mma QUEEN OF THE ROAD, baybeh! ;)

See you at the next King of the Road!

love, careen


  1. How you managed get Adidas to register for the run since already closed? Good run, wish to see U some other event

  2. How you get Adidas to let you register since already closed? Teach me !
    Wish to see U in another running evfent soon

  3. You still look pretty even when you're whole wet. LOL. sounds wrong, okay. xD Anyway, i hate running too.

  4. U're so pretty even without make-up on, any tips to take care of your skin?

  5. That's the beauty of running. You learn & grow more each time u set the distance bar a lil bit further. Very encouraged by your post (:


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