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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Life I want

Too often we listen to an inspiring message, be extremely moved and touched, get our lives and minds transformed for just a moment, and then we forget and go back to where we started. Be it an inspiring quote we read and share on Facebook, an inspiring book we read, or an inspiring speech.

Being born into a Christian family, and being rooted in a church like City Harvest Church KL, where we get to listen to so many amazing messages week after week, I confess that we're sometimes too spoiled. And I admit that I'm one of the many who have the tendency of being inspired for just the moment, and then nothing happens. No real transformation, just emotions. 

But today, as I sat in the church auditorium, I wasn't particularly "super inspired" like how we feel when we listen to a mind-blowing sermon. Rather, I was just really hearing. And my heart ached as it went along. 

Pastor Bill Wilson preached about how One Man Can Make a Difference. The title sounded like a typical inspiring message, and I've heard so much about this man, so I kinda expected and looked forward to see and know for myself just why this man is as great as people rave of him.

He was a great speaker. Charismatic, engaging and relevant. I loved his preaching. But more than that, his words did not fall to the ground. I had a constant reflection upon my own life as he spoke.

I always reflect upon my life. Over the years of being in CHCKL, I've learnt how to be grateful, and thanking God for all the good things and great people He has put into my life. No doubt, I have a real blessed life. I may not live luxuriously, but I always have enough. I have a great God, great church, great fiancĂ©, great family, great future in-laws, great education, great jobs, great friends, great future ahead. Everything in my life has just been smooth, and God's been faithful. Life's just beautiful, and I've always taken joy and pride that I'm just...blessed.

As Pastor Bill Wilson spoke about having battles in life, I started to think of the battles I've had. To me, perhaps the greatest battle I've had to deal with thus far is having my dearest belongings forcefully taken from me all at once. That's painful and traumatizing to say the least, but...that's it. As compared to what Pastor Bill has been through all his life, having been unwanted and dumped by his mother, been shot in the face, chest, broken bones all over his body, and hearing about what the other side of the world is going through: children living the The City of the Skulls in the Philippines, amongst the dead, corpse and skulls, suddenly all my "battles" seemed so, so small.

From then, I started to feel that while it's amazing being blessed and favoured, I wanted to do more with my life. If one person like Pastor Bill can change the lives of thousands of children, I can too. We can too.

To me, one of the saddest things about life, is when you die having lived ONLY for yourself. 

Your complains are only about how unfulfilled your life is, how your food sucked, how bored, tired and discouraged you are, etc. These days, people wear their hearts on their Tweets, and from there, we can really see just what springs out of their lives, and sadly, we really do live in a self-centred world.

See, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to preach a self-righteous message about how people around me are selfish and that they need to change. If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know that this is a "vanity blog" as they say. It's mostly pretty pictures, few words. And I hardly blog lengthy posts like this with zero photos, because I know that people are just not interested with long, wordy posts. 

But when I do, these posts are the ones that mean the most to me, words that come from my heart. Posts that are sincere and genuine. Posts that I would read back and reflect again. Posts that I would stay up until 2am in the morning to just blog my heart out.

Pastor Bill went out of his way, all the way out, just to save ONE life, ONE African baby from dying. Imagine how impacted the boy would feel when he grows up one day, knowing that a stranger FOUGHT for him to live, fought for his life. The chances of this boy turning into a delinquent might possibly be close to zero. Because he was rescued, his life became so much more precious. He would be compelled to pass this forward, and cycle continues.

This is Christ-like, just like Him for went out of His way to give us life. And I want to be like that, to go out of my way for someone. 

"When the battle is on, we know what's in you"

"You never really know what's inside a tube of toothpaste until it is squeezed."

"Don't quit, don't give up. Because you have an important place in the battle"

"I'm only one person, but one person can make a difference"

"God uses ordinary people, to do extraordinary things"

"I can't do everything, but I can do something.
I can't be everywhere, but I can be somewhere.
I can't reach everybody, but I can reach somebody."

- Pastor Bill Wilson

At the end of my life, I don't wish to lie on my death bed and thank God for a smooth and easy life. Rather, I want to be able to thank God for using me to create life for other people.

This is the life worth living, and the life I want.

There is still so much more to be done. Imagine just what you can do if you are open and willing to be used. Just take time, and imagine.


  1. Thanks for your blog...=) it helps me to think more about my life..

  2. thanks for sharing,it's mean something to me while i've been struggling for my life,may the Lord continue to bless you and use you for greater things.

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