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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life in the Fat Lane

For the past 3 years of Degree life + freelance jobs, I'd never actually gotten the privilege of "wasting time" that most youths had. Whenever I had the time, it was always to sleep or hang out with friends and family who are dear to me.

BUT, now that I'm done being a student (hehehe can't emphasize that enough), I can now cut myself some slack and officially relive my "youth-hood". At the age of 22 (still 22), it's my first time after so long, playing the famous Tetris Battle that most people around been had been hooked since ages ago. I'm still honing my skills playing with strangers cos I don't wanna embarrass myself playing with fwens :")

Aside from that, I have been on a sleeping marathon. Every moment feels like the right moment to sleep, and of course, that is much thanks to the wonderful rainy weather these days :))

And aside from those, I've been eating like mad :)) Pre-wedding shoot is over, and pre-wedding video shoot is not in the next 3 weeks, so I decided to give myself the allowance to pig out slightly :) Ok a bit more than slightly :)

One of the best places to snack out- Jonker Street!

The photos were all taken with the Casio ZR20, High Speed Night Scene mode :)

Meet the 3 joys in my life.
Watching them is like a movie in real life. Okay I don't know if that made any sense, but my point is that they're just really interesting to watch. Everything they do and say is just so innocent and funny :)

People actually sit and yumcha just to listen to the old folks singing. I really like that culture and communal :)

Writing with her elbow :)

Epic "mua-chi"

The sisters :)

Mini portuguese egg tarts!

A scene from a horror movie. 

Hehehe check out Charity's teethless smile :DD 

"Hi Sung...."

The High Speed Night Scene feature is really pretty epic. 
This was taken with the Normal mode.

While this was taken with the High Speed Night Scene mode.
Look at the massive difference! It lights up the entire picture, and now you can really capture photos in the dark without the glaring flash! :)

Random: The only Korean sentence I used to know from all the Korean dramas was,

"Oppa Ngueh?" 
(which meant "Why, brother?")

Now I know another sentence!
"Oppa Gangnam Style".

Ok bye.

love, careen


  1. Hahaha the ending so random. U got that gangnam style sis! XD

  2. Hey there , your dad is an educator right ?! I remember seeing your younger sisters at ur home when I was in My high school time :) Ur dad, he is an awesome man , great educator :)


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