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Monday, August 20, 2012

Internship in a Nutshell

It's been more than a month since my last update! Unbelievable...

I may not have been updating this space, but I sure have been lingering here every single day. It's been absolutely agonizing to see the same post on top for the past whole month, itching to update and blog about so so so many stuff BUT having no time to do so :(

I'd been interning for the past 8 weeks as part of the requirements of the Communication and Media Management course by UNISA in Taylor's, and I'm so super happy to tell you that I have officially finished BOTH my 3-year degree + 8 weeks internship! :DDDD

Am only left with a final internship report and I'm done with being a student. No more assignments, no more 8am classes, no more daily traffic jam to go to work, no more rush hour pains! :D 

Of course, someday I may have to endure the rush hours when I work in the corporate world, but yours truly isn't planning to step into the corporate world as yet. Guess having been freelancing for more than 4 years now, I've somehow been too accustomed to the flexible hours and the liberty of picking up what I choose to pick up, not what I have to. It's been doing me good so far, and I'm absolutely loving it. So for now, bye bye corporate!

Having said that, I did enjoy my short stint as an intern with Streething, the PR & Events agency for brands such as adidas, Sephora, Dr. Martens, and many others. I've known these guys since the adidas NEO blogger competition days, and it's been a pleasure working with such multi-talented peeps! 

Learned lots and seen lots. Have always been on the media side as a blogger, and with the brands side as the adidas NEO ambassador, so for the past 8 weeks with an agency, I got to see a whole new world altogether :)

Took the pic above on the first day of internship. You know, even after 3 years studying PR in 2 subjects, I came outta uni still blur and not knowing fully what exactly a PR personnel does. All we learned was just theories and nothing more. But after I had my hands on a few PR tasks given to me, I finally understood the amount of work they have to do (aside from being friend friend with the media)!

So one of the many responsibilities of a PR personnel is to flip through tonnes of magazines, look for advertorials that feature their brands, cut them out, scan the cut-outs into the comp, and compile them into reports. Aside from that, they also gotta measure the size of the ads (for real...with rulers!), and calculate the ad and PR value of the advertorial based on how valuable the media is. The more exposure a magazine/blog has, the more ad value, and hence, more PR value. I found this really interesting! Stuff I NEVER KNEW. 

What did I go to school for? 

This was taken in Sephora's Fall Press Day, where the media were invited to have a preview and test of the latest products from brands which are exclusively under the Sephora. It was interesting to see the how all the brands reps put in so much effort and attention in details, and making sure their services and products create a good impression towards the media.

And of course, everyone including the intern (hehe) got to have a little girly time going around snacking and testing on the products. I gotta say that working in the beauty line takes loads of self-control. I was practically coveting every single product on display! Shooooo pwetty and yummy. I lurveeee Sephora products! <3 p="p">

This was taken in the adidas Blue Friday event, an exclusive adidas sale only for the invited guests, media, adidas staff, etc. Was involved in the preparation process for the event, and man, is inventory tedious and tiring! A big-headed prawn like me only made things worse :P 

Makes me appreciate what goes on behind the scenes, and the people who make it all happen. The Streething peeps are real versatile! Heroes behind the scenes :)

This, was a rare camho photo in the span of 8 weeks. Even though I have a closet full of clothes, it was always such a headache of choosing what to put on for work every single day! I gotta wear something presentable yet comfortable, and I struggled to find something of such balance. Hahah! So, this was one of the days that I dressed and looked better. Hmmmmm.

One thing about working at Streething is that they really do make you fat! Or at least they try to :P Trixie came back from vacation and placed all the sinful items on my desk! There had been temptation every day since. But I really love how they're so communal and family-like, and they share almost everything! :)

Well, this was one random, fine day when I got out of the lift and my heart practically stopped! Stood there for a good 5 secs staring at the dogs while my mind tried to figure out if I ended up at the wrong floor!

The reason for the drama is bcos yours truly (as much as she wishes to be) isn't quite an animal lover :( I don't hate them, it's just that I'm not too fond of them mainly cos I'm afraid...animals ranging from dogs to cats, birds and fishes, chicken to ducks. Yes, I'm this lousy.

Thank goodness Jaclyn came out to rescue me! I literally hopped into the office, closed the glass door, and whipped out my phone to take this pic within the safe compound of my office. But seriously, the dogs looked so depressed and lifeless, they didn't even seem like a threat to any human species. Someone must have done something to make them so fearful :( They stayed there for a few days, and been lingering downstairs until now :(

For the first time ever, I was dressed in all Originals! I loveeee adidas Originals. There's just this swag about all their clothes and shoes. Oh, this was the adidas Breathe & Stop event, where 3 international hip hop deejays came to drop hot tunes for the dance floor. I was stationed at the registration booth the entire night, but the hip hop dancer in me really itched to get down and dirty with those beats. Made me miss dancing so much!

And this, was taken one the last day of my internship. Yeap...everything was taken from my Instagram, and that's all there is. 8 photos in 8 weeks is so unlike Careen Tan! But yeah... 

Notice that my eye bags got really visible and my face has shrunk? Well, aside from the internship in the day, I'd been busy with Emerge on practically every night. So it's been a roller coaster 8 weeks for me. Wonder where I got the strength from to be out everyday for more than 12 hours. It must have been from above.

It's been a fruitful internship for just a short span of 8 weeks. At least I can say that I'd learnt and seen new stuff, and many of them at that! I had a wonderful boss and fun colleagues, and I'm just happy about the past 8 weeks :)

As for now, I'm just glad to bid goodbye to work, fixed hours, rush hours, traffic jams, and many other Klang Valley woes. I now have a new found respect to all working ppl who suffer 1-2 hours of traffic every single day. You guys must have been numbed by it already...because that's how I felt every single day when I return from Hartamas to USJ. Traffic jams are such joy-robbers.

Took a few pics of the USJ traffic jam that I WILL NOT miss. I took them in Sepia because Sepia makes pictures look emo :")

I used my faithful Casio ZR20 in Sepia Mode, Level 1.

In Sepia Mode, Level 2.

Sepia Mode, Level 3.
Now, this photo looks REAL emo. Painted my exact feelings about the jam. And why I parked so far from the car in front me is so that if any motorcyclist decides to do funny stuff with me, I'll RAM THEM DOWN BACK AND FORTH until the jam subsides :)

Owh, I also got meself a new lappie in the middle of my internship. Not because I have too much cash to spare, but because I had to due to some certain incident that I dowanna talk about anymore.

So far so good! I honestly do not know the model of my lappie because it was my fiancĂ© who dealt with the sales guy on the specs etc etc (I thank God for him!) while I was being picky about only the color and weight of the lappie. 

All I know about this new lappie is that 1) It's Acer, 2) It's lightweight, 3) It has in-build battery, hence the super lightweight! :)  

Okay, I think it's called Acer Aspire....?
(Edited: The fiancĂ© just confirmed it's Acer Aspire S3 hehe) 

Experimented with the 'Miniature' feature on my Casio ZR20, and found it really interesting! There are so many areas for me to focus on! Look closely on the series of photos next and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

Super cool! There are so many features to be explored with, it's just that I don't have the time to. Or should I say, didn't. Cos now I'm slightly freer woohoo! :)

Okay it's been a pretty long post, which goes to show just how much I miss blogging :")
Will be back more often from now.

P/S: This is the first blog post from the new lappie!
P/S/S: I'm soooo touched so many of you are still visiting my blog everyday though I slacked so much :") I love uuu...


love, careen

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