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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WeChat Glitz & Glam Launch Party

Was invited to be the brand ambassador as well as a blogger for the launch of WeChat presented by Apac Venture at Velvet, Zouk KL.

With so many smartphone apps in the market, I really lose touch with the latest trends as I'm usually the outdated one. Not one of the cool gang who's in touch with all the 'in' things :P

But many of my friends who have started using WeChat told me that it was some real deal! It boasts of having all the features that we all love. We'll get into that more soon ;)

Guess who was the first person I bumped into when I arrived!
Vincent Cheng, my upcoming wedding photographer! Go check out his awesome work of art!

Bumped into the pretty, indon-chinese Diana Panda! Yes, that's her real name ;)

I love this pic! :)

Working alongside Felixia Yeap, Yumi Wong & Diana Panda.

The famous Leng Yein was the host of the night. She's hilarious! :) 

Assistant General Manager of Tencent International Business Group, Mr. Norman Tam.

Chief Channel Sales and Operations of Avast!, Mr. Arthur Baumann.

Guess who was performing there? :)

Mark Poh & Pooiyan's very own dance crew! Awesome performance :)

There were more than 200 bloggers, celebrities, members of the media and business partners who attended the launch. Managed to catch up with so many familiar faces! :)

With Joshua Ong. We go wayyyy back in the days of youth camps. Hehe

Caught up with the sweethearts Hanie & Nasri too! :) 

With Brigette, Belle and Diana. 

Bloggers group photo :) 

With Leng Yein, Diana & Sam.

Fun with speech bubbles!

Now, wanna know why everyone is so crazy about WeChat, and the reason why it's ranked The Most Downloaded Social Networking app?

Why I personally love WeChat is because it is a combination of so many things! It's a chat app, where it automatically transfers your Facebook contacts into your WeChat app the moment you sync them.

I don't have to add my friends one by one. WeChat does it for me. How awesome! :)

I'm a real emoticons person. I hardly send a text with a smiley or two, cos I feel that a text could seem real cold without the proper use of punctuation, symbols and smileys! ;)

They have got some pre-made emoticons! Super cute!

And we can add in new emoticons anytime we want!

This next function is really cool. You know how we get bored and restless with our phones sometimes? Yes, even with a smartphone! This function called, 'Drift Bottle' enables you to randomly send you text or voice messages into the wide open sea.

Once your message is sent out, people who are looking for random friends to chat with will pick up your message. And if they like you, they'll reply you and there you'd have a new WeChatter! Modern day pen pal ;)

Text message.

Voice message.

When I randomly pick up messages in the sea, I can choose to Reply or Throw Back the message into the sea and let someone pick it up :)

The next function is called 'Shake'. This function enables you to find people who are also shaking their phones at the same time as you! Instead of "asking" for their number, you can just start shaking and you might just get to know someone new ;)

 Besides that, there's also this amazing function called the 'Moments' function where it is just like Facebook, where you can update your cover photos, profile photos and upload photos just like Instagram.

There are so many other stuff to explore! 

Guess what is the best thing of all, this amazing app is actually FREE! More and more people are now on WeChat, so come join the fun! ;)

In conjunction with WeChat's launch, Avast!, the world's No. 1 security program released its new version 7 anti-virus! Check out more about Avast! at :)

Find out more about WeChat at, and *like* their Facebook page at :)

Start downloading and let's WeChat! ;)

love, careen


  1. thats alot of bloggers...

    who is leng yeng looks old... u are much prettier than her

    1. Leng Yein is a famous local socialite :) and thanks! :)

  2. nice pics galz! so sad tho yumi wong plastic surgery face OVERLOAD, now even frm this pix soso diffrent, her chin grow become more and more pointy each month.. inject too many fillers in there. plz stay natural beauty careen!

  3. yes, she did implantation in 2009 and deleted all her old pics before surgery so that no one trace the differences. Anyway, today she is getting popular and also more and more people know her stand up and reveal her ugly side (not only appearance but personality).

  4. wow i google yumi wong and saw she was born in 1989. 2009 she did her implant and that means when she was only 20 years old??? she abit look like angelababy now. but why is she kind of 'popular'? plastic surgery but never admit? anyway, i cant seems to find her old photos...


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