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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Internship: Week 3

The late nights, short breaths, fast heart beats, headaches. It all seemed like just yesterday that I was still feeling absolutely pekchek, trying to complete the last few assignments of my 3-year degree.

The impending holidays and total freedom from assignments (for the rest of my life!) excited me so much that I found it super difficult to focus on my assignments. It was such a struggle! And it felt like just yesterday.

The day we handed up our FINAL assignment. We went berserk! Went around campus to camho, something we never gotten the time to do for the entire 3 years. All of us looked half dead and zombified, but we couldn't care less because, well, we're halfway GRADUATED!!! :))

Taylor's University has got many, many nice places to camho ;)

I suggested we do a typical "University Campus Life" photoshoot, just like what we always see in the University/College Print Ads and western movies where people chill and bersantai kat rumput (Chill on the grass, you know what I'm sayin?).

It was blazing, scorching HOT! We couldn't even open up our eyes, and we could literally feel our faces swelling up. But we still couldn't care less cos well, we're halfway GRADUATED!!! :D

With eyes closed, the only thing left we can do is to move our mouth. Hence, the smexy pout ;)

And we HAD to take a photo with the famous Taylor's LAKEside lake. Hahaha!

Our last day in campus was 15th June 2012.
And now it's almost one whole month!

It hit me real hard this morning. Taken from my Twitter:

So this is what I've been up to. Interning in one of the PR & Events agencies in the Klang Valley. It's been a real fruitful 2 weeks with the company. Learned lots that I don't get to learn from Uni, and got to see how 'real' PR and events work as opposed to what we're told in classes.

Randomly found this on my desk this afternoon, and decided to test out on some of the features that I haven't got time to explore with!

This is the Blurred Background function captured by my new Casio ZR20

(Top to bottom: Level 1-2-3 Blur Effect)

And this is taken in the 'Pop' mode! Look at how the colors pop! :)

(Top to bottom: Level 1-2-3 Pop Effect)

Absolutely lurve all the features that my Casio ZR20 offers! 
Will be exploring more in the coming days :)

So people say that once you leave school, you'll miss being a student because working life sucks.

I know I can't say much just 3 weeks into my internship, which is not really considered as full-time work yet. But apart from my lovely friends in Uni, I really do not miss being a student.

I absolutely DO NOT miss the assignments and exams. 
I do not miss the rounds I have to make in search for a decent parking lot. 
I do not miss the long walks under the sun just to get to class for 30mins. 
I do not miss 8am classes. 
I do not miss the slow and inefficient elevator.
I do not miss the traffic jam back home from 4-6pm classes.
I do not miss the overly freezing lecture rooms.

And I'm enjoying the freedom of not being a student, because ultimately, if you do what you love, it doesn't become a job or a drag. If working life sucks, maybe you should reflect if you're really doing what you love? :)

Ok that's about all the grandmother stories from me.

One thing working life does change:

You retire to bed way earlier. 
And all you want at the end of the day is just to chill at home. and just SLEEP :)

So, goodnight, human beans :)

love, careen


  1. totally agree!! I never miss my sleepless night back than at college :D

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