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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emerge Launch Pad 2012

Hello yellow fellows!

For those of you who had been following me on Twitter and Facebook would know that I'm currently actively involved in a youth event called, Emerge KL.

Emerge KL is organized by City Harvest Chuch KL with the purpose of uniting the youth from different schools, colleges and universities to showcase their God-given strength, talents, gifts and abilities.

Everyone is divided into 4 clusters:

MINT- Metropolitan, INTI, Nilai, Taylor's, SMK Subang Utama, Subang Jaya, Lick Hung, etc.
SMU- Sunway, Monash, The One Academy, Segi College, Victoria University, Sri Sedaya, etc.
LU- IMU, KTAR, UTAR, USCI, UKM, UPM, UM, UniTAR, UTM, Assunta Nursing School, etc
VU- Various Universities not listed above.

Here's what our past Emerge in Sunway Convention Centre looked like.

Emerge theme this year:

And the list of competitions were released then too! Competitions for various categories.

Sports, Creative Arts, Design & Media, Recreational Games, Educational & Christian Growth. You name it!

Documented my Emerge MINT journey with the Casio ZR20 Toy Camera mode :) My favorite mode of need for editing at all!

Building our minions from yoga mats, newspapers, toilet rolls, and tudung saji (the huge plastic that covers food on tables)!

My fun & dramatic team :)

Meet my little minion mascot, Flora See!

The MINT Cluster bazaar last weekend. Neon yellow is the new black this season!

We sold all things Neon. I LOVE NEON!

DIY service on the spot! ;)
Bring your oversized/old tees which you want to have a new change for this weekend, and we'll give them a new look!

Our yellow props, banners and mascot! :)

My dedicated team who ran the booth throughout the weekend. I'm a proud cluster leader :)

Every cluster sold food, drinks and merchandises to raise funds for our own clusters! It was a real bazaar going on!

Peeps from the MINT & VU cluster supporting the SMU booth. 1Emerge, yo! ;)

The purple Various Universities Cluster!

The green Local U Cluster.

VU's Garage Sale

Local U's mascot- The Hulk! :)

Neon pink is the official Emerge Neon color. This airplane signifies the launch of Emerge Neon.

SMU's mascot- Blue Moon Princess

Manicures by the mamas!

My amazing cluster committee members!

Our amazing props and cards done by my awesome props team :)

DIY Tees!

E11 babes!

VU's mascot- Futuristic Warrior

Check out our MINT mascots- Big & small minions! :)

Wanna know more about what Emerge is all about? Check out the video below! :)

Photos captured by my faithful Casio ZR20. Finished this blog post in 15 mins because there was simply no need for any editing at all. Awesomeness! I loveeeee the Toy Camera mode :)

More updates comin'  up!

P/S: Glad to be back to my own little space here again :) Drop by to say hi in the comments section to help me know people still actually do read! Hahah :)

love, careen


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