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Friday, June 1, 2012

Camhoring Made Easy

Don't say I didn't warn you.
*peace* :)

Ever since I got my new Casio Exilim ZR20, I've got my motivation to take photos and *ahem* camho reignited *shy*

And this has got to be one of the easiest post ever, as I didn't need to edit the photos at all (except certain pictures which I needed to crop a bit which showed too much of my bedroom which made me feel like my privacy is being invaded hehe).

Let me show you just why I didn't have to edit the pictures in terms of the colors and sharpness. One of the best things about this camera is that it has a host of 'Best Shot' features such as Toy Camera, Lomo, Sepia, Soft Focus, and many others aside from the Portrait feature that produce really nice photos!


Sorry my camho angles usually make my head look way bigger than my body.
Which is not the case in real life hehe

Soft Focus

The Soft Focus mode is awesome, especially for girls who like to look fair, angelic and pure ;)

And I just wanna rub this in, I'm so happy with my lashes that day :D
They're real okay they're authentic they're mine!

Most people would REALLY pull my lashes to prove that I'm not lying but unfortunately you can't do so reading this, so you just gotta believe wholeheartedly that they are real ;)

Ok let's move on.

This comes straight outta the camera with no editing at all.
Cool or what!

Toy Camera

Toy Camera has got to be one of my FAVORITE features of all!
It gives a lomo-ish effect while shining the light on the necessary parts of your face, such as the forehead, nose and cheeks, highlighting your best features!

It also comes in different color themes.

The shots above were taken using the Blue feature, 
while these below are shot with the Green one.

If you love to look mysterious, emo and vampire-ish in photos, this will be your favorite feature.

This is when I stood closer to the light.
If you love to look like a scared kitten in photos, you'll love this too. Hahaha!

And these below were shot using the Red mode of Toy Camera :)

For those who love looking all feminine and blushing in photos.


Sepia may be a normal feature that most camera has, but for this one, it has Levels 1 to 3 even for Sepia mode! :)

The above was taken using Sepia: Level 1

While this was taken using Sepia: Level 3!
See the difference?

Light Tone

Light Tone gives you a dreamy, 'Up-in-the-Clouds' feel.
It comes in 3 different color themes: Cyan (which is the one above), Magenta & Yellow.

The above was taken in Magenta.

And this, was taken in Yellow :)

These features were actually meant for other purposes other than camhoring, but then after I tried them out, they actually turn out really nice for camho photos too! Haha ;)

Check out Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page! They're constantly having promotions and events which give out tons of freebies :)

There are many modes yet to be experimented, and I shall save them for other posts. Before I go, here are some more shots using my favorite Toy Camera ;)

Have a great weekend, and snap away! ;)

love, careen


  1. Hahaha I have to scroll through real fast... Don't get me wrong, you are pretty and those eyes are mesmerizing xD

    I really need to get a camera of my own!

    Interesting in room8five: The Paradigm Incident

    1. Go get it while they have the RM50 discount voucher! Just go like their FB page and message them for it! :)

  2. You should tell us what mascara you're using!!! :D awesome!

  3. Did you photoshop them before posting them up here ? Your photos always look way slimmer that the real you.

    1. I wish I had the time to photoshop all my pics. Hahah it's all about the angles ;)


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