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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My New Baby: Casio Exilim ZR20

With the rise of smartphones that boast of their new and improved camera qualities each time, I admit that I'm one of the many who have come to think that I can make do with just my camera phone. 

Especially with so many photo editing apps that make photos look unbelievably professional and creative (Think Instagram hehe), we have come to loathe the trouble of taking pictures with our compact cameras, transferring the files into our computers, edit them with photoshop and various other editing softwares, and finally, upload them onto Facebook, Twitter and many others. 

By the time we do so, we would have been able to snap and upload tons of photos with our smartphones, and upload them instantly!

This is what I've been led to believe, which was why I didn't even bother getting myself a new camera after my old one went missing. Until recently when I looked back at some of my old photos (camho or not), which made me realize the vast difference in picture quality. Truly, smartphone cameras can never outbeat the quality of cameras. Real camera, cameras. If you know what I mean. Ok let's move on.

This was snapped by my smartphone front camera at night, and edited using 'mei tu xiu xiu' app, and then Instagram. It was the best I could do to salvage the photo, and it is still this grainy and blur.

But now, I have a brand new baby to play with, and it's none other than the pretty and gorgeous
Casio Exilim ZR20! :)) 

This is a family photo of my white baby, with her bros and sis :P

It comes in white, black, silver and metallic purple. And as expected, yours truly went with white.

My new pretty baby is not only pretty when I camho in front of the camera with it (Come on, be real. It matters!), but it has a host of awesome features that until now, a week after getting it, I still haven't finished exploring yet!

Here are some of the specs of my new baby.

Casio Exilim EX-ZR20 is a 16.1 MP camera with high-sensitivity CMOS which supports 8x optical zoom with 16x multi-frame SR zoom (Which still produces good and clear quality photos). It has a 3-inch 460,000-dot LCD screen, 25mm Wide Angle Lens, ISO 12800 for High Speed Night Shot, 360-degree Slide Paranoma, Full HD Movie Recording, 2cm Super Macro Mode and wide shot of 15mm/19mm.

It carries a dual-core Exilim Engine 5.0 which enables high performance and high speed image data processing. With that, it comes with all these other amazing features. 

One of the most impressive features would be the 0.26 second shooting interval. There's no need to wait for the camera to process before you can take the next photo. You can immediately snap, continuously. It also has a superquick 0.13 second high speed autofocus, and high speed CS of 40fps (frames per sec). 

Aside from the Auto and Premium Auto Mode, Casio Exilim ZR20 also comes with 32 Best Shot Modes (My favorite!), which is a collection of different capture modes including HDR, High Speed Night Shot, High Speed Night Scene, and many others. As well as the artistic Art Shot Modes such as the HDR Art,  Toy Camera, Monochrome, Miniature, Soft Focus and many more.

This was shot in Soft Focus mode, with NO EDITING at all. It is perfect for us girls to camho with as it literally makes your skin look fairer, smoother, and gives you a glowing, angelic feel ;) Say bye bye to photoshop!

See the difference? ;)

Aside from that, the 8x optical zoom, and 16x multi-frame SR zoom is amazing.
Let me show you just how far it can capture, and get this, capture super clear!

Stalking made easy, yo ;)
This can really fight with binoculars already!

I've been carrying my new baby around in my purse, and decided to act professional photographer for a day, and see if I can capture nice photos :P

I explored with the HDR ART mode, and ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness my very own masterpieces. Enjoy ;)

It comes in THREE different HDR Art Levels
Depending on how art-y and dramatic you want your photos to be.

The HDR Art mode is really interesting. It brings out the colors in your photos, and adds depth to them too! 

Straight from the camera, yo.
NO EDITING involved.

Even parking lots can be beautiful ;)

See how it adds depth to your photo? Love it!

With the popped up colors and extra depth, the grass grew!

Suddenly my university compound looks so beautiful. Hahah!

Be an artist in your own right. Feel so proud of...the click of my finger :P

Chupa Chups never looked so yummeh.

So much more to explore! Will be back with more photos in the next post :)

In the meantime, stay tuned, and head on over to Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page, and follow their latest camera updates by *liking* their page! There are many interesting stuff coming up in that page, so be sure to *like* it! ;)

That's all for now! BRB loves ;)

love, careen


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