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Monday, May 14, 2012

Casio Exilim ZR20: Captured in the Dark

Been packed up with so many exciting stuff lately! And one of the things that have been keeping me occupied is my new baby, the Casio Exilim ZR20! Read my previous blog post about the specs and interesting functions it has! :)

Previously, I shared with you the very fun HDR Art function which turned pictures into life, by adding depth and colors to the photos.

And today, I'mma be sharing about one of the coolest functions to yours truly.

The High Speed Night Shot function!

Many a times when we think about taking photos in the dark, we would opt for the 'flash' mode, as without flash, we wouldn't be able to capture anything at all. And often, the pics would turn out to be extremely bright on the objects (particularly horrible on humans as we would look white & pale), and the background would be pitch black -.-

And especially in places that 'flash' modes are not allowed such as the cinema, we wouldn't even think about the possibility of taking photos!

This, my friends, is my attempt of taking a photo of Mr. Boon & I before The Avengers started, with the normal, auto mode. Which is major epic fail.

And this was shot using the High Speed Night Shot mode! We can see ourselves now oh yeahhh :D

P/S: Please pardon my no-makeup-face. It was a chillax, dress down date night :))

And have you ever tried taking photos of the dark skies, but can't manage to without the flash as it'll turn out blur. And if you use the flash, it will turn out to be super dark (what an irony!) and even the moon can't be seen.

The above was shot using the normal, auto mode. 
Can't see anything else besides the moon and wrinkly skies.

With the High Speed Night Shot mode, 
I can now see the roof, the trees, as well as the bright moon & super wrinkly skies!

Normal, auto mode.

High Speed Night Shot mode!

Normal, auto mode.

High Speed Night Shot mode!
Everything is now bright and clear. Good for stalking romantic lovers in the park ;)

I've been busy exploring other functions which are camho-friendly too.

*None of the photos below were edited at all. Like, seriously. Which is super amazing.

Such as the 'Soft Focus' mode.

Which gives me the glowing, radient, fair and pure-looking, angelic effect.
Everything a girl would wanna look like in a photo ;) and in real life, of course.

As well as the 'Toy Camera' mode, which gives a lomo-ish effect :)

The 'Sepia' effect,
and many, many others which I shall post up on a separate blog post :)

Before I go, here are some good news for ya!

Casio Exilim Malaysia is giving out RM50 Discount Vouchers for any purchase of Casio cameras! :D

To get hold of your very own RM50 Discount Voucher, just follow the simple steps below:

Step #1

 *Like* Casio Exilim Malaysia Facebook Page (Click on the link!)

Step #2

Send a Message to Casio Exilim Malaysia's facebook Page with the following details:

RM50 Discount Voucher Request:
Mobile Number:
Mailing Address:

Step #3

Casio Exilim Malaysia will contact you! :)

*Voucher only valid until 30th June 2012. So, hurry!

Many were unaware that aside from producing watches and calculators, Casio also offers a wide range of CAMERAS! Yours truly is one happy user right now ;)

Even a popular Japanese talk show was seen using the Casio Exilim ZR200 camera! :)

Up next, I'mma be blogging about the various modes which are super nice to camho with. Can't wait!

So, BRB, love! ;)

love, careen

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  1. Hm, took your black image from the cinema. What strikes me odd: not a single pixel which isn't completely black? Even my mobile phone camera would catch some image noise, especially as there is some light reflected from the screen.


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