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Thursday, April 19, 2012

BTS & FAQ: #OnlyInMalaysia

It's been more than a month since I touched this space.
Wow! It's amazing just how times flies. And how lazy I've been.

Am almost halfway through my mid-sem break, which explains why I have the time to finally sit, (and mask), and type away :)

A lot has happened in my hiatus. So many exciting stuff to update! My blog and Facebook are mostly outdated as I could hardly even find the time these days to sit down and update all the statuses, photos, etc. The number of photos that I owe people their tags are crazy! Which would be ridiculous for me to start posting them up right now so yeah guess they'll just stay in my poor, overloaded phone.

My Twitter is the most updated social media platform of all so follow me to get the latest and most updated updates. Okay the last line sounded stupid.

Anyway, so instead of updating where I left off (which I cannot recall anymore), let's get the ball rolling reverse chronologically ;)


So, the most recent exciting stuff would be my involvement in the latest short by JinnyboyTV.

Being a crazy chick who loves nonsensical stuff, humor, creativity and randomness, I've always been a huge fan of short films, video productions by YouTubers such as WongFu, Nigahiga, KevJumba, and to know that Malaysia has its very own YouTube masterminds, I got hooked to their videos one after another.

This short, 'Only in Malaysia' is their 5th production on YouTube. Watch the rest of their brilliant productions HERE!

Some behind the scenes photos.

As per usual protocol (aiseh...), we shall start with my shameless camho photo ;)

And another one.

 This is what happens when girls doll up. If we don't take pictures we'd feel like our time spent on preparation is sorta wasted. These are memories to be captured, you see.

Okay you don't have to tell me I'm vain because I know I am. *peace*

With the hilarious Joseph Germani. Acting together with him takes a lot of self-control. You either burst out laughing or feel like slapping him for his famous ridiculously 'yong sui' Ah Wing face! In Mandarin, we call it "qian da". But he's a really nice guy :)

Natalie Kniese from has got to be one of my favorite radio deejays! Her sexy voice is so unique you'd immediately know it's her when you hear it.

With 1/2 of JinnyboyTV, Reuben Kang! How we got to know each other was pretty random. Producer/natural actor, and a really nice guy! You'd love his role in 'Only in Malaysia' ;)

With the other 1/2 of JinnyboyTV, Jin Lim! After being stopped every other step of the way by young fan girls to take photos, I decided I should also be as daring as the younger girls and get my very own fan girl moment with Jin. 

The young fan girls made me feel old and boring. and shy. I don't recall myself ever being shy but as compared to them, dayummmnnn I'm an introvert!

Meet Maxson and Guan! You'd recognize them in the past JinnyboyTV videos. They're hilarious! What a fun bunch! Makes me feel I'm not so insane afterall ;)

  I grew up watching Jason Lo on Latte at 8. Being on the same short as him felt kinda surreal.
And he's such a natural and funny person! We had trouble holding back our laughs.

It's a wrap!


Now, before you watch the video (which is very unlikely that any of you have not watched it yet!), let me answer some Frequently Asked Questions. Actually, just one FAQ.

Q: "How did you land yourself on this short by JinnyboyTV?"

Those who know me know that although I am friendly, sociable, outgoing and shameless *ahem*, I'm not usually seen in the party scenes (wow it rhymes!). Reason being I would just rather spend my time doing stuff I love, and spending time with people who matter. I wanna party with people I chose to party with. But I don't fancy dolling up just to "appear" in events. In short, I just don't like how fake the party scene is.

So, for me to be involved in this short is basically not by networking my way there, but simply this.

For those of you who remember, last November I woke up one fine day and decided that I should do something crazy, grabbed my sis and our compact cam, and recorded myself top-raving my way around KL.

To the shock of my life, Ryan Higa himself *liked* the video, shared it on his FB and Google +, and followed me on Twitter, which caused this video to go viral up to this day.

I literally almost died. My world stopped. Dramatic but it's true story bro. I'mma tell my grandkids. More details on my encounter with Ryan Higa on this post, and how I became the adidas NEO ambassador.

Anyway, the point is, it was from there that Jin and Reuben got to know about my existence, and they decided to involve me in their next video, which was released just yesterday. End of story. Just that simple :)

This is a short created by Malaysians, for Malaysians.
If you're a true blue Malaysian, you'd be able to relate!

A collaboration with JinnyboyTV, the DJs and a special star! Watch to find out! ;)

I've always loved to act, especially holding the role of an antagonist :P And being a part of something this huge still feels real surreal to me. Thanks Reubz and Jin for seeing the potential in me heheh. 

If you love the video, share it ;)
Tweet #onlyinmalaysia

Let's keep it trending on Twitter!

More updates coming up I pinky pwomise! <3

love, careen


  1. watched the vid and i just love how true the free gift part is! great job girl ;)

  2. OMG TEACHER, I SWEAR YOU WERE TOOOO CUTE IN THE VIDEO! Imho you were the most natural ;)

    And of course damn cuteeeeeeeee! <3

  3. that top raving video thing was super hilarious, man! nice one :D


  4. Really the " Only in Malaysia " is a very good Video

    I like the way you ask Free Gift !


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