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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charles and Keith Warehouse Sale

All my life (which is actually not that long, but yeah, all my life), I'd only been to one warehouse sale...that was the Nose warehouse sales like 4-5 years ago. 

I went on the very last day, and I only managed to grab a decent RM10 pair of 2-inch heels (last time trending) because UK Size 5 is a really popular size amongst Malaysian females, which I did not wear more than 2 times. In fact, it's already thrown away and I forgot how it looked like.

Since then, I'd been ignoring all the lampost banners on warehouse sales, be it sports warehouse sales, or even luxury brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, etc. Because I believe that there's a reason why these items were selected to be sold at the warehouse. It's either they're old model/stock, they're ugly, they're faulty, or they're just trying to get rid of the shoes from their warehouses for new ones to fill the shelves.

But this time around, sooooooo many ppl on my Facebook had been posting about this Charles and Keith warehouse sale even weeks and days before the event. And just last night, so many of my girlfriends on FB expressed their excitement and anticipation for today's warehouse sale. But I also just ignored.

Was driving around town minding my own business and when I was on the way home, it suddenly dawned upon me WHY it was so jammed up on the way home at Sunway. Like, bumper-to-bumper 3.30pm. 

THEN, God spoke to me (no actually He didn't) and reminded me that it might be due to the Charles and Keith warehouse sales just right opposite my church! RIGHT OPPOSITE. So why not right? I also needed to collect some stuff from church (actually can collect some other day but my heart itchy so I braved the jam just to kepochi hehe).

Actually the jam was due to after-school pick-ups at Sri Sedaya but anyway, I happily drove into church and easily found myself a parking spot #likeaboss while other females had to round 50 times to find a decent space to park :))

To my surprise (sorry I'm not a seasoned warehouse shopper. This is only my pathetic second time), the warehouse sale was held at.........................


Wait for it, wait for it........


I was already thinking of U-turning and go home to beat the jam, but seeing so many eager female counterparts brisking into the place, I was tempted to find out just what is so great about this warehouse sale.

First things first, get your bags bagged.

This is obviously to prevent stealing...because there are too many people and too few guards around. They said there were CCTV surveillance but do you think they will call u up to catch you for stealing a RM50 pair of heels?

Ok maybe they will. But anyway let's move on.

So my advice to you is:

If you're planning on visiting the warehouse sale the following three days, do think twice before bringing your LVs, Channels and Pradas, because it won't be a sight to behold, seeing your baby being suffocated in a red plastic bag.

If possible, don't bring any bag. Don't bring any purses too. Just bring your boyfriend.
Just kidding :)

The stuff were divided into price ranges.

This makes it all easier to shop. But the problem is that to even get near enough to SEE the shoes, is already quite a challenge. 

People turn into monsters at sales like these, and our female friends are no longer careful about not banging their boobs onto you/yours (hehe), and their boobs are now used as a weapon of attack. Because a natural reaction when you know that you're about to bang into someone (and their boobs), would be that you tend to avoid it by holding yourself back and freeze/just not move (right?). So when you get about 20 females doing that to you all the same time, you get scared and you won't dare to fight with them JUST so you can take a look at the shoes.

I managed to steal glimpses at the shoes a little here and there. They're okay, but they're old stocks la. They sell mostly 3-4 inch heels. And quite a few pretty pairs of ankle boots which I already sorta have. 

Plus, I'm a killer-heels person, meaning, I only wear heels above 4 inches. Because I'm short. And because I simply don't see the point of wearing 2-3 inch heels. It doesn't flatter your figure, and it doesn't really add to your height much. Well, that's my fashion theory/principle :) *intellectual*

Because the girls had gone wild (literally), they had to put fences around the shoes as they're still setting up. You and I know what will happen if the fence were not there. The heels will turn into flats.

For me to take this shot was a challenge in itself. The girls were holding on and sticking to the fences like prisoners desperate to escape. And while waiting for the sales assistants to setup, they were already discussing and confirming on which pair of heels to get. All I can say is, WOAH.

Some girls took half day of just to get to this sale. Some took the entire day off.

Some came prepared with comfortable, loose fitting and thin clothes, while some came in woolen long sleeves (wahahahaaha!). Some came with flats and flip flops for easy removal and trying on of shoes, while some came in 5-inch strappy heels and boots (major epic fail!).

And those guys who accompanied their gfs/wives/sisters/mothers were sweating like cows, major sweating like those that flow down from your forehead, dripping down to your chin (I'm not kidding/dramatizing on this one) because there were only a couple of standing fan in a basement carpark. I saw major makeup melting on girls, and it was just not a pretty sight.

And of course, the worst and most cruel thing any human being can do at situations like these, is to FART! I'm serious! Please be considerate! Air is already scarce...don't make it any more miserable for us.

I'm not anti-warehouse sales. But I'm just narrating the scenes from this afternoon, from my personal experience. Do check out the sale if you can withstand the long queues and the stuffiness, you might get yourself some good buys :)

I walked out of the sale empty handed. Reason simply being, nothing attracted me, and I have no shoe-cravings at the moment :) of course, the environment did contribute to me wanting to leave as fast as I could.

So, shop wisely, and always remember that you may not even like or wear what you buy (personal experience!). Don't be swept away by the 50% sign. Be a smart shopper ;)


 Have a great Thursday night, and a fruitful shopping at the sale ;)

love, careen


  1. you are brave to even have set foot in that place. omg.

  2. i got 1pair which i waited 1.5hours to get my size , madness !!

  3. just got 1 pair of heel but i waited 1.5hours to just get my size , madness !!

  4. hi,

    they only have shoes? what about bags? thanks!

  5. Hello there, I had a similar experience at Padini's Warehouse Sale (I never got to go in) but I must salute your courage for battling the after-school traffic congestion for the warehouse sale. =)

    Which is why I swore to myself to never be tempted by another warehouse sale. Everything about it is just so wrong...

  6. By the looks of it it was a great success. I always prefer to go shopping when there are sales because the prices are really low and i can afford more clothes. Can't wait for other sales in my favorite stores.

  7. The staff at storage facility works fine and I'm always in and out in less than 10 minutes. This saved time is a big bonus considering my always tight schedule.


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