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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sh*t Malaysian Bloggers Say: Just My Two Cents

Watch, and tell me what you think.

I'm usually not a it movie/youtube videos/viral videos/music videos/etc. It's simply because there are already enough people trying to get a piece of their mind out there, and they don't need another opinion. Plus, I'm usually too busy living life to bother.

Although I'm mostly outdated, I'm not ignorant to not know that Sh*t Girls Say, Sh*t Asians Girls Say, and many other versions are one of the most popular things on Youtube right now. And I gotta say that some of them are hilarious!

Recently, a friend of mine posted the video above on his Facebook page, the title caught my attention.

As a blogger myself, I was, of course, interested to watch. Or rather, know what the people who made the video thought they knew what Malaysian bloggers say/are actually like.

The following is from a viewer's perspective. 

I don't know the casts/people behind the video. And I have nothing against them.

In fact, I watched this video purely to well, find out what it was all about...out of curiosity. Never heard any good/bad comments prior to watching. So I can safely say that I was a neutral viewer.

To the people behind the video, since you put your video boldly online for the world to see, you should be prepared for good/bad comments from the viewers. This is just how the Internet works these days. So, no offence.

I watched the video, and I couldn't wait to finish it. 
It was a pain to watch. And hear.

First of all, I personally do not think that the video was made by bloggers themselves. Because if it was, then it only shows what pathetically kiasu, low class and cheap skate bloggers they are, since they are portraying themselves that way.

Now, if they were NOT bloggers themselves, what made them so sure about how Malaysian bloggers really are when they attend an event?

Well, maybe they are bitter about their past encounters with such bloggers. To be fair, yes maybe some bloggers are all diva-ish and annoying. Or maybe they had some bad experiences dealing with difficult and demanding bloggers, so maybe that was an outlet to express their frustrations.

There are some truth in the video too, so let's skip the part about the contents.

But I think creating a Twitter accounttweeting people to view and asking people to share that particular video to the rest of the world. That just seems to be trying a little too hard.

Documentary on Malaysia? You call that a documentary? Really???

If you're planning on making your video big or go viral internationally, first of all, it has got to be of some standard.

Now, if you're thinking that I'm responding negatively because I feel offended or guilty as I'm just like the bloggers depicted in the video, you couldn't have been more mistaken.

I'm a blogger, a lazy one. I hardly attend events simply because I don't fancy superficial social gatherings, though out of those events, some real friends could be made. And I don't go after passes to the most happening events, parties and concerts around, simply I don't wanna have the obligation to blog about them thereafter. I'd rather spend my time blogging about things that I actually WANT to blog about.

So maybe, this video doesn't really apply to me. There are many lousy videos on Youtube that made it big in Malaysia that I really think are overrated. But why out of all the videos that I dislike on Youtube, I chose to take my time to blog about this particular video?

It's because though I'm not a blogger who attends events all the time, I still am a blogger, a Malaysian blogger.

And to have a lousy video made with such low standard, depicting Malaysian bloggers in such an annoying way, I felt like giving my two cents. Because it affects how people view Malaysian bloggers, and that includes myself.

If you wanna create a video to vent your frustrations or express your hatred towards Malaysian bloggers, cannnn. But you're also trying to make it go viral and international. Trying to make it big on Youtube, on our expense?

Many parodies are offensive and biased. But if it's actually funny, people won't mind...because well, they're parodies. If it is hilarious or witty, it will go viral by itself.

Though I'm a girl, I liked Sh*t Girls Say; Sh*t Asian Girls Say...simply because they were funny!

But honestly, this is nothing but annoyance. I don't know and I don't care if I'm the only one who feels this way, but yeah that video was annoying to the core.

1) Poor editing 
No one actually cares about the editing if the video is good. But this is obviously a failure.

2) What's up with that Manglish?
I don't think many bloggers speak that way but maybe they were referring to some Ah Beng and Ah Lian bloggers that they know so, nevermind. Or maybe they're just simply trying to be funny.

3) Squeaky high pitch voice
Now, that was irritating! I hated the video the moment the girl spoke. Which was from the first second of the video onwards. I'm sorry, but my ears hurt.

And since when do Malaysian bloggers care about public transportation? Aww c'mon!

So, what's the point of my post?

In a nutshell, I just wanna say that this video is annoying.
And that people who are trying hard to go viral on Youtube should just stop trying too hard. It's embarrassing. We have enough jokes from our homeland already.


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