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Friday, January 20, 2012

Are You 'Coming Home'?

Happy New Year 2012! :)
This photo was taken back in 2010. My, times fliessss!

It's the time of the year when everyone hurries to the hair salon to welcome the near year with new hairstyles, pack the malls in hopes to grab great bargains in this season of sales, and search the outlets inside and out for the perfect, red outfit in The Year of the Dragon.

Every year, my gramma would invite the lion dance team to perform at my hometown. It never fails to liven the Chinese New Year mood! Apart from the dance, it is also the food, cookies (!!!), mandarin oranges and angpows that make Chinese New Year extra beautiful ;)

Of course, for me, the main reason of going back to my parent's hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year is to reunite with my cousins and relatives from all over the world and country. 

Now that each of us have our own lives to live, careers to build, and goals to achieve, it becomes inevitable to move away from home. That is why whenever possible, we would try our best to go home and be with each other.

Speaking of 'going home', Petronas never fails to come up with heart-warming and sometimes, heart-wrenching TV commercials that remind and compel us to 'go home'. Their TVCs never fails to make me sob away :'(

This, my dears, is 2012 CNY TVC by Petronas. Watch!

This TVC was shot in Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India, and depicts 6 different and intertwining stories of individuals all around the world who no matter how far they go in life, would always go back to their roots and traditions of uniting during CNY.

If you haven't seen the rest of Petronas' TVCs before, you gotta! Each year's TVC is brilliantly thought out and put together. And I absolutely love just how relatable the stories and scenes are to us Malaysians. Nothing fancy, just captured in the Malaysian setting.

Here are the other TVCs from previous years.

This year, to add to the Chinese New Year mood, Petronas has organized a CNY Photography Competition themed, 'Reimagining Energy', in collaboration with Leica Camera AG.

It is open to all members of the public. It's simple, just capture and submit your CNY moment that best depicts the spirit of 'Reimagining Energy' to Petronas' Facebook page HERE!

Submit under these categories and stand to win cash prizes as stated in the site. Simple! ;)
I submitted a photo myself too! :P

Contest ends on 12 Feb 2012, so better hurry up and submit!
Winners of the various categories will then have their masterpieces displayed and exhibited at Galeri Petronas! ;)

Have a great Chinese New Year, loves!
And remember, if possible, go home and be with your loved ones. 

Even if it is inconvenient, it is worthwhile.


love, careen


  1. CaREEN, think your sis must teach you the dragon pose lah. haha

  2. Mummy dragon different pose bah... :P

  3. i love the way you link things up in the blog. keep writing!

  4. Thanks Nat! Coming especially from you, I'm encouraged :)

  5. Thanks Daniel! Hope you had a good one too! :)


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