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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: More Baby Time

First camho photo of 2012 ;)
 Hello 2012!!! :)

Happy new year to all my faithful readers! Hope this year has started out on the right note for ya, and will continue to be pawsome!

So sorry for the absence. Have got so much to blog about but well, the holiday mood has kicked in real bad which resulted in (initially) no time to sit down and do up a proper post, and (now) getting lazy to do anything cos it's still holiday til sem starts in March but anyways!

Managed to resist the temptation to nap due to this scorching-beginning-of-the-year heat, and pen down a post! :)

As per annual custom, by now I SHOULD HAVE, BY RIGHT, SUPPOSEDLY already penned down my Chronicles of 2011 post. But really, thinking about the time needed to collect and gather all details & photos of what has happened in the past year is enough to make me tired mentally.

In the meantime, here's my reflection post for 2010 ;)

A lot has happened in 2011. More good than bad. Like, 99% good stuff. And I cant wait to recap em for my own keepsake and also to share it with you guys. I shall quickly get over my laziness and start to at least compile the materials needed for that post :)

The reason I haven't been blogging is cos I don't wanna just post up some random stuff half-heartedly and waste your time reading nonsense. I always appreciate bloggers who put time & effort into penning up a good post, and I too, wanna do the same for my readers. Especially since you guys have been tirelessly coming back for updates even on days when there is none. *touched* :')


So what's been up in these 4 days of 2012 for ya? :)

For yours truly, it's been a lot of family + fiancé + friend time. Last year was a whirlwind of working and studying and working even more, that I hardly was able to really sit down and play with my growing baby sisters. They grow up too fast! Thus, I told myself to spend extra time with these little precious things as much as possible. Especially since I'd be moving out in November :') That's another story and post altogether.

The baby sis, Evangeline proudly told me she's no longer 3, but 4 this year. Oh how it hit me how much she's grown. So mature & smart :)

Here's the mommy's lil shopping helper!

With mommy's little checklist

Da jie, look! I'm stwong!
(That's how she says it!)

(after 5 secs)
Arghhh so heavy. My bones!

Me: o.O

Let me try this one!


Ok it's heavy...
It's amazing how much fun and laughter can come outta a conversation with a 4 year old. She says the darnest things!

Camho days.
Today she said: "Da jie, let's lie on the bed and take pictures together again!
Me: Sureeeeee ;)
When she realized that she actually doesn't know what my name is due to the fact that she
 only called me 'Da jie' this whole time, she felt really bad and actually said sorry to me that she didn't know my name :')

Our mei-mei :)
Now, she tries to call us by our names :)
Whenever anyone calls me 'Care-en', she would correct them by saying,

"Nooooo. It's 'Ker-reen'!"
 Exactly how I pronounced my name to her the first time she asked. Awww :)

Wanting to make sure that she does know everybody's names, she asked the fiancé:

"Boon Hock, what is your name?"

Bwahahahaahahaha we had a great time laughing at her while she stared at us cluelessly still waiting for the answer. Moments :)


My other baby has also grown so much. The ever so quirky and random Charity Tan :)

Making a face mask outta a paper towel!
2 year old Charity
My chubby baby has now grown into this pretty young lady, who stepped into the first day of her Primary School today!

Standard 1 student :')
I remember telling her when she was 1 not to grow up so fast.
Look how much she disobeyed me! :P

She's a really good girl...well-mannered since young and never failed to follow instructions and do the right things. She still hugs me each time I return home :) She will be a great student.

The sampat genes are evident....
When the little ones were little.
And of course my Melody who has grown into a matured and extremely charming 9 year old :)
9 year old. Oh my I cant believe it!

4 year old Melody :)
Her looks hasn't changed much, eh?

Mel's first day of school 2 years back.

Babies turned princesses.

With the coussie, and their new toy!
Wish I had that to play with when I was little. I'd have dieeeeeed of happiness if I did!
Thanks Regina, Charissa & Andrea for the lovely gift. They're loved and pampared by all of you :)

Their kor kor :)
The babies literally grew up playing with the fiancé.
Boon carried Charity in his arms in the hospital when she was only 2 days old. Now, she's 7.
My, oh my.

Happy family ^^V
That is why this year, I vowed to take more pics of and with the sisters. I always knew how important pictures were, but have been busy AND lazy for the past year.

This year will be different :)
I want them to be able to grow up and read back at how much their Da Jie loved them and still loves them hehehe.

Ending the post by introducing Evangeline the songbird...

...AND, dancing queen O.O

Good day, guys!
And BRB ;)

love, careen


  1. haha having so much siblings at home sure fun... plus its all girls some more! haha

    Happy New Year Careen! May 2012 be another greater year for you :D


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