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Friday, December 2, 2011

Seventeen Again

You have no idea just how much I've missed blogging. Though blogging may seem like only uploading photos, typing some captions and words, discussing topics that are on my mind or updating about what's going on, there's this therapeutic thing about writing to an audience. 

A mass audience that you know could reach the other side of the world. A mass audience that you don't know and are strange to you. 

And when they return to read your blog time and again, or better still, leave nice comments, you know you've done well :) Fulfilling little rewards that make this blogger keep blogging :)

*Note: She TRIES to blog more often, every now and then ;)

A photo taken by Kel Li with my iPhone 4S. Absolutely love the 8MP camera. Only apps I immediately downloaded when I first got my phone were photography apps. Not even Whatsapp! How surprising? :P

This photo was edited using Pixlromatic's vignette effect + some Chinese app called Mei-tu-xiu-xiu + Instagram's X Pro II. Nice? :)


The December 2011 issue of Seventeen Magazine is out! :)

Some BTS photos.

Look of the shoot: 
Soft curls + minimal eye shadow & blusher + red, hot lips.

Sometimes in life, we TRY to be cool =.=


See-through Christmas leggings.
Love just how Blair Waldorf-y this look is! :)

Previews on the comp.

The practical yours truly used to think that accessories are completely unnecessary. But little did I know adding accessories to your outfit could change your entire look!

 Love the necklace!

Jeen, the woman responsible for the awesome shoot!

The final product!

 It's out in the stores! Go geddit! :)


On a separate note,

On my 22nd birthday,

I got engaged.

Stay tuned for my account on the proposal ;)

love, careen


  1. You look great ^^ Happy belated birthday and your engagement!

  2. Congrats again on the engagement and wow... you look super stunning for the magz :D

  3. the iphone 4s is released!?? :o i didn't even know that lols! CONGRATS on the engagement!! *confetti* seems the season to be getting hitched!!

  4. Congrats^^
    Hi, may I know where can I get the See-through Christmas leggings?


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