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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

adidasNEO #5: Top 2 Shoot: KL- KK - KL

A make-up-free afternoon.

My biggest fan/blogder :)

Before I say anything further, I just wanna say a big HELLO and THANK YOU SHO SHO SHO SHO MUCH to all who have been faithfully coming back to read my blog over and over, time and again despite the lack of updates. 

Each time I view my stats I become really amazed at the gradual increase in readership and I really wonder who you wonderful people are. Leave me a comment or two so that I know it is YOU who have been reading! :)

And secondly (getting into my Grammy's speech mode *ahem), remember all those times that I've asked you guys to vote for me in adidas NEO's FB app, *like* my photos & videos and comment on them?

Guess what, yours truly have made it to the Top 2 in this search for the next adidas NEO ambassador! :) And it's really thanks to all of you who have been tirelessly supporting me all these while. You guys are beyond amazing! :')

The adidas NEO Facebook app :)

This is how the app looks like now :)
Check out the countdown clock! You can also still check out all of our app profiles to view our past adidas NEO photos and videos!

But from Dec 16- Dec 18, the app will showcase the final video that both Jane & I produced. Here's when we both need you guys to vote! Voting stand for 20% outta the total score, which is a lot!

Here's the final task for the Top 2 NEO Bloggers:

Each of us were assigned to a different destination to cover the adidas NEO outlet as well as our journey in the most original and creative way.

Yours truly's destination was to check out and cover the adidas NEO outlet in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. Engaged a really talented and dedicated videographer/friend/the fiancé's part-time bf, came up with a creative master plan, packed our bags, grabbed the fiancé along and flew to KK! :)

adidas NEO KL outlet in Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju :)

My favourite NEO jacket.
Flight delayed so, it's camho time ;)

I LOVEEE iPhone 4S........................... :))))
The beautiful KK islands :)

Aside from rushing our shoot like crazy, covering all the necessary scenes and shots and places, we managed to have fun and pamper ourselves with KK food and also the famous YOYO BUBBLE TEA! :)

Also managed to squeeze in some camho sessions in between from one location to another ;)
*peace* ^^V

Checkout this pair of NEO kicks!

*drools swoons drools again*

 Yeah and some more camho pics.
Teehee *peace on earth*  ^^V

A little sneak peak of what's coming up in my video.

Stay tuned to my blog and more importantly, the adidas NEO Facebook app HERE!

The video will be UP on DEC 16-18 on the app itself. Watch and remember to *like* & comment too! :)

80% of the score will be determined by adidas management.
20% of the total score will be determined by YOU!

You play a HUGE role in deciding who will win and be the next adidas NEO ambassador in Malaysia, and at the same time bring home RM10K.

The final result will be announced on the NEO app itself on the DEC 19.

*fingers crossed*

Whatever happens, I'm glad to have had all your amazing support. You guys are ze best! :)

P/S: Hoping to be back with a good news!

love, careen


  1. Support you till the end! <3 you're my role model & star!

  2. omg are you stil in kk for shooting? D:

  3. Alpha Angle - used to hang there after school a lot back in secondary.

    Can't wait for the video!

  4. Thanks each and everyone!! Much love :)

  5. Congrats for being the top 2 and i love the vid, never seen one like that before :) Good luck!

  6. congrats on winning the challenge to be the first Malaysian Adidas Neo Ambassador!


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