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Thursday, December 22, 2011

adidasNEO #6: The Announcement

Sorry photo a bit blur. Taken by my 4S front camera. Turns out better than I expected! :)

I'm back after a crazy week!

First off, here are some of the behind the scenes photos taken during my final adidas NEO shoot in Kota Kinabalu.

Shot quite many scenes on the Tanjung Aru beach with my Lil' NEO, but unfortunately, the video couldn't contain too many scenes as we had a limit of maximum 3 mins duration. Nonetheless, we got some nice (random) shots!

This was supposed to be a nice and yao yeng shot. The fella behind a bit distracting but it's ok :) *peace*

This was also supposed to be a yao yeng and "why?? wanna takao??!" shot, but...

Hehehehe that face is more epic than Epic Meal Time! Laughing nonstop! Hahaha OMG I don't think I'll ever get bored marrying this guy :P
A shot with my unsung heroes. 
(left) director/videographer/editor Gordon Ling
(right) bag holder/driver/creative director/my guardian/my fiancé Ng Boon Hock :D

Seriously guys, if you need a wedding videographer/events videographer/photographer/editor, just contact Gordon at Seriously, he provides excellent, top-notch services. He brought the Lil NEO and all the ideas into life!

Oh, read his side of the story in his blog HERE!

But the bag holder/driver/creative director/guardian is not available for services because he's mine :D hehe

Snippets of my NEO vid!

Check out the 3 stripes on my Lil' NEO!
My fiancé brilliant idea! Who said engineers are not creative people? They're freaking problem solvers man! *proud* :D
Heheh do u see what I see?
Check out who's at the back playing Fruit Ninja?

My new job as an adidas NEO mannequin ;) 

When my world lighted up.
Check our the smile on my Lil' NEO! :D

The Tyra Banks hair-flying scene ;)

Hahah behind the scenes, Boon was using shoe boxes to fan me. Seriously, kudos to my team for the great video put together. *group hugsss*

And of course, all the people who gave me their excellent ideas and inputs such as Gladys the sis, Abel Teh the bro, David Oh the stage daddy and many others! Brilliant peeps with out-of-this-world ideas! I owe it to you guys :)

So, fast-forward a little.

The results were told to be out on Monday (Dec 19), but due to the fact that the adidas management was still in the midst of discussing and making a decision, we were told that it'd be announced on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, while I was all sickly and drowsy on my bed yesterday (Tuesday), got a phone call from Gladys the sis who woke me up from my sleep (which is something that pisses me off), and she broke the news to me.

Gladys: Hello? Jie??
Me: Huh....harrooo? *just woke up manly voice*
Gladys: still sleeping?? *gan jeong voice*
Me: Yeahhh...I'm sick! Why you call??! (about to throw a gangsta fight!)
Gladys: Erm, okay. *giggles* I'm sure you don't know this yet but, jie, you won.
Me: Huh?
Gladys: You won. You won adidas NEO!

*awkward silence for 5 seconds*

Me: Huh?? When? They announced already? Where? How you know?? Really ah?? Don't bluff me....
Gladys: Really! I also didn't know! Samantha told me...she saw from the app & adidas Msia page. OMG!!!!!
Me: omgggggg........ *weak sick voice but actually containing my excitement*
Gladys: OMGGG....I'm so proud of you, jie!!!
Me: *stunned*

The adidas Malaysia Facebook Page.
To have my photo as their Profile Pic, I am extremely honored! :')

So that's the story of how I found out I won.
Not too glamorous a way to find out and celebrate due to the irritating fever, but now that I'm feeling much better, I can reply all the tweets and FB comments (not all yet though forgive me!!) and blog! :)

adidas Msia album :)


For the fact that I'm only an amateur blogger who only blogs whenever she likes, and blogs about random stuff that only random readers like you like to read, this is pretty awesome from my expectation :')

The NEO app front page :)

No doubt, I put my heart and soul into this competition more than any other competitions I've been in before but hey, so did the rest of the bloggers who took part!

It's been a real tight competition, and I gotta say that it's been a really enriching experience :)

If not for NEO, I wouldn't have:

Worked so closely with some of the most talented people around: Adele & Delvin
Gone on a  free holiday trip to Avillion with my closest friends
Gotten free NEO clothes, kicks that I lurveee (more to come nyehehehe that's right)
Gotten to know the NEO bloggers much better
Started my own Youtube channel
Gone on a live interview with Leonard on Hello on Two, TV2
Top Raved in the middle of KL city shamelessly. Had a great sister moment with Gladys!
Got the 16-year old tech genius Tze Ken from Rift Pixel to edit my video.
Had NigaHiga like, comment and share my Top Rave VIDEO (OMG!!! Starstruck maximum!)
Had NigaHiga follow and reply me on Twitter (OMGGGGG!!! Obviously I'm still not over it)
*Read about my fan girl starstruck post HERE
Rapped for the first time ever and have it on Youtube! [VIDEO]
Again, worked with amazingly talented individuals: Shawn Lee, Johnston Wang, Nehe Ting, Adrian Cheong, Woon Zuyi & lil sis Melody.
Realized just how much everyone supports me in getting me *likes* on the app that I managed to get into Top 2
Visited KK again after 5 years! All expense paid!
Worked with an amazing videographer/editor Gordon Ling & his gf Jaslynn
Realized just how creative and amazing my fiancé is :)
Gotten Angelica Wong to cameo in my video :P Thanks sis!!
Felt all the love and support from the fiancé (he's the best!), friends, family members (OMG my family has been amazingly supportive!), CHCKL (seriously u guys are super supportive!), blogders, Twitter followers, FB page followers who went all out to fight for me
Met Jane Lau in person (finally! though we used to be in the same Uni!). Btw, she's really nice & pretty, guys!
Worked with all the amazing peeps from adidas & Streething. Amazing peeps who made this journey a great one for me:)

My FB NEO app profile :)

Most of all, I've got God to thank for all his faithfulness and favor upon my life. The Big Guy up there never fails to deliver :)

Okay I'm done with my Grammy's post.

Here's the video that got me winning. Watch and tell me if you like it! :)

Now, I am a proud ambassador of adidas NEO. This is something that I had never even dared to dream of. Thank you, adidas for this once in a lifetime opportunity :)

Looking forward to what's ahead in 2012

2011 has been amazing. 
2012 will be bigger & better :) Excited!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance! 
Have a great celebration with ya loved ones in this season of love :)
*group hugs*

love, careen


  1. congratulations babe... i think you did put in alot of effort and did really well. you deserve the title <3 all the best for upcoming year 2012 n merry xmas n happy new year to u and ur hubby too !



  2. Thanks Candice! I really appreciate your comment! Merry Chirstmas to you too! And may 2012 be your best year yet ;)

  3. So Happy For U! Continue to Kick Ass

  4. congratulation Careen, simple and nice video clip, delivered a well msg even though it is a short video...add oil oways...wishing u a merry x'mas^^

  5. Love your post! People can just feel ur love and sincerity :) continue to bring out the sweet spirit <3

    Congrats once again!! Have a great 2012 ahead.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year **hugs**

  6. Love your video..brings our the life in the brand! :) Out with the old, in with the new..Have a great new new 2012, girl!

  7. COngrats again for being the first adidas neo ambassador :D

  8. Sabah welcome you! :)

    Congratulation on your winning as ambassador!

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  9. Can i ask what phone number office in one borneo (kk) ADIDAS NEO ??

  10. Herlo ~
    CAn i ask what phone number in one borneo (kk) ADIDAS NEO ??


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