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Saturday, November 5, 2011

adidasNEO #3: Toppin' the Town NEO

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

T'was a bright Friday morning. Excited sis told me her class was cancelled, and we immediately came up with a random & spontaneous plan to brunch, and shoot some vids ;)

Camho in Car Rules:

-Only camho when it's red. 
- Camho with the seatbelt on. You might never know who might end up tappin on your window for coffee $$$.
-Don't camho and drive!
- While driving, eyes on the road and give your best dimply smile ;)

Told the sis I was gonna bring her to Levain for brunch, and she went, "What's Ler-Vain?"
Hahaha my reaction too when I was first introduced to the place :P

Nice place, nice ambiance, nice food, nice pastries, surprisingly affordable and reasonably priced!

Open bakery. Fresh out from the oven.
You may even heat up your food here anytime :)

I'mma sucker for bread, so, wheeeeee! :D

Fresh fruit toppings.

Seafood pizza.

Durian Melon Bun. Any takers?
Not me definitely I hate durian with my life >:(

.Hehe look at how many egg and ham something something bun (the yellow yellow one) I took. Extremely yummiez and addictive! Must try ;)

Was too late for their breakfast sets. Their omeletes are ze best! Another must-try.

Went around town to shoot a crazily random adidas NEO video with the sis, and a trusted cam. What could we possibly be doing with just the two of us and a cam? Hmmm you gotta wait to find out ;)

In the meantime, here's a little sneak peak of a guest star in my video ;)

My cute little sis in my favorite adidas NEO jacket :))

NEO babes. Check out how I was holding her hand :P
P/S: Don't know how this 3D-like effect came about, but it's nais :)

how to make a gif
Another sneak peak ;)

Here's a big hint.
If you're updated, and you love NigaHiga like I do, you'd get what the pose above was about ;)

Here's the biggest hint ;) WATCH!
Can you guess what my upcoming video is about? :)

In the meantime, I wanna say my BIG thanks to every single person who voted for me by *liking* and commenting on each of my photos in my adidas NEO FB app HERE.

Reading all the comments makes me smile from ear to ear. You guys have been really supportive. Don't know how else to thank you guys :)

More pics and videos (yes, videos too! comin up soon!) will be uploaded in a span of the next few days. So do give the adidas NEO app a visit, and continue *liking* & commenting on the pics & vids.

adidas NEO Facebook app :)
If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, no worries.

Here's a blog post on all the full details about this contest I'm running for.
Read it HERE :)

More updates comin' up!
But for now, have am awesome possum weekend ;)

love, careen

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