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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Innershine OPC Review


Hello there! It's been quite a while since I updated. Been really really busy juggling everything. But it's all good. Can't wait to seriously take the time to sit down and update all that has happened one by one!

But while I'd been away, something amazing has happened to me. My skin has magically improved so much since I started drinking Innershine OPC.

No need for makeup!




Am one of the lucky 12 female bloggers chosen to do a review about it. And if you know me personally, I wouldn't endorse a product that doesn't work.

Friends been asking me if what I said in THIS and THIS blog posts were real, and I assured everyone who asked me that I'd personally tried 2 boxes of Innershine OPC, and my skin has greatly improved.

It is now much more supple, and brings out the natural pink in my cheeks, even without the help of makeup. It even smoothen my skin, especially during pre-period and assignment days!

All the 12 bloggers have all written our personal reviews about the product. Innershine OPC is so happy with our reviews, that they decided to reward the review with the most 'Likes' on Facebook with some really cool Apple products ;) Yes, it's iPad 2. I need an upgrade!! :(

Here's yours truly's personal review of Innershine OPC! :)

innershine opc review

What do you think about my review? Do you like it? :)

If you do, (and if you love me...hehehe chewah threaten threaten :P), do gimme a 'LIKE' on my review! It's just as simple as clicking the little 'Like' button and that's it! :)

Need your help to win this! Lemme appreciate you in advance ;)
Thanks everybuddy!!! :')

love, careen


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