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Friday, October 14, 2011

The indescribable joy when you discover a shop that sells all your favorite brands and more, at a slashed price!

A friend of mine, Mabel whom I newly met is an entrepreneur and the owner of, a high fashion and luxury boutique which houses some of my favourite, favourite labels!

Took a tour on their website and I was really impressed at the classy simplicity of the online boutique.

Here's what I personally like about this site:

#1. Easy to maneuver

Oh trust me, I'm a tech noobie. Any online boutique that is messy and difficult to scroll along, I'll just forget about it.

To me, a messy online boutique is just like a messy retail store.

If you can't seem to find what you want to find, chances are you'll leave and never come back. Not the same with Eranzi though!

eranzi website 1

eranzi website 2
Check out their Early Bird Promotions!

eranzi website 3

Sign up as a member and get a RM100 voucher. What a steal! :D

#2: Eranzi Blog

It even has a blog of its own, sharing the latest fashion trends of 2011! Shop & learn! :)

#3: Prices Stated

The best part about to me, is that its prices are all clearly stated in the website. You can calculate and see for yourself the difference in getting your designer bags from a retail store!

Okay, guys. And by guys, I mean, MEN. Before you proceed to clicking the [x] button on the top right of your screen, hold a sec! This blog post is not entirely unrelated to you ;)

Eranzi also caters to men's fashion! From men's bags, to various leather goods. Besides, now you know where to get your ladies their favorite labels which they've been coveting, but at a much cheaper price ;) *hint hint*

Being absolute bargain hunters with a fashion passion, the owners of understand the pinch of getting a designer bag at cut-throat prices! Thus, the birth of this online store. offers the most sought-after designer brands in the fashion industry (Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Fendi, and various others!), at a fraction of a retail price. Yes, you heard me right. Their goods are 20-50% cheaper than what you get in designer retail stores. Uh-huh.

Why and how come the much lower prices as compared to retail stores?

Well, works with authorized distributors in Europe, while wholesaling to various countries. They also buy in bulk, hence, the cheaper price. Which is a big HOORAY for us! ;)

Scroll on to see some of the big brands Eranzi offers.


What is totally AWESOME about is that its photos on the website provides clear views of the product from different angles.

Front, back, sides and even the bottom!
An important plus point in online shopping!



This particular design above is not available in Malaysia.
Limited edition! Super nice...


They sell cute little Gucci merchandises! *swoon*






Prada, prada, prada :)))

One of my top, top, favourite favourite brands EVER!

When I heard that Eranzi offers Prada too, I was ecstatic! :)))
There's just a certain something about Prada which I adore.



These are but only SOME of the options available at Eranzi.

Been saving up to get myself a Prada soon. Now with a much cheaper price offered by Eranzi, it wouldn't take too long a time to get hold of my Prada! Ohhh yeah ;)

Now, some of you might be thinking that these brands are a tad too expensive. Especially fresh grads or University students (like me). I totally understand how you feel! :(

Well, how about something more affordable, with a younger, fresher and more colorful labels and designs for you & I? ;)


Marc by Marc Jacobs2

For the young & bold!

And how about THIS ONE?
My new favourite brand:



The urge and tendency to get hold of the following products may become too overpowering after viewing this blog post.

Now, don't say I didn't warn ya ;)

See by Chloe2

I am SOOO getting this!

OMG OMG OMG (x 1473635362725 times)!!

See more designs at their website HERE!

I understand that some of you might be concerned about shopping online, ESPECIALLY shopping for such expensive goods!

I for one am a regular online shopper. But because I'm such so picky when it comes to my personal taste in fashion as well as other factors such as quality of the goods, customer service, reasonable prices, I only trust a few online boutiques...the ones that I know the owners personally.

Eranzi also carries designer brands such as:


Christian Dior

Bottega Veneta

Proenza Schouler





Paul Smith


Marc Jacobs


Vivienne Westwood

Tory Burch

Salvatore Ferragamo

And the best part is,
you can even suggest a brand for them to bring in just for YOU! ;)

Eranzi offers "Money Back Guarantee" to all their products, assuring customers that their products are 100% authentic and absolutely not replicas!

Every customer of Eranzi can be rest-assured that their goods will be sent to their doorsteps in ONE (BEAUTIFUL) PIECE. When Mabel explained to me the method of packaging by Eranzi, I was dumbfounded.

First, you have a box of the product itself. Say, Prada.

On top of the Prada box, an Eranzi signature box will be protecting your Prada box. AND on top of the Eranzi box, a huge brown box will be protecting both the Prada & Eranzi boxes.

Then, it will be sent to your doorstep by the UPS delivery services.


Here's a picture I stole from Eranzi's Official Facebook Page.

A satisfied customer who received her Prada wallet who thanked Eranzi for its awesome packaging :)

I'm a person who place a lot of emphasis on the presentation of something.

If I get you a gift, I don't mind spending another twenty bucks just to get you a nice gift box, because I believe that even if you receive a Prada wallet but it is given to you in a plastic bag, you would feel really lousy receiving that particular wallet.

Though it cost me a bomb, you'd think it is a copy.

Eranzi & I share the same principle. And that is why I'm sure that in terms of customer satisfaction, with the signature Eranzi box, on top of many other layers protecting your new baby, you can be sure that it'll be delivered to your doorstep in its original perfect form ;)

Hardly do people buy designer goods in our local retail stores as prices are extremely hiked up after tax and such. Most people would wait to go overseas to get their coveted goods, or to "tumpang" a friend who goes overseas to buy.

But honestly, how often does that happen?

You gotta wait, and wait, go through all the trouble just to get a bag or a wallet.

The smartest way to go about this is to just buy from a reliable online boutique at a much cheaper price, like Eranzi.


Here's another good news for ya!

Eranzi is now giving us fashionistas a chance of winning some cash, simply by being the fashionable you. Ohhh yeahhh ;)

Just submit a photo of you decked in your very own fashion style, and simply win yourselves some $$$ to shop at Eranzi! Cash credits of up to RM2,000 await you!

For more info on this fashionable Eranzi contest, check it out at their FB page HERE!


So, what's my verdict on Eranzi?

I say, happy shopping! ;)


Contact Mabel at

love, careen.

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