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Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Breezy Siu Kiong

You know how some things in life will just stickwitchu NO MATTER WHAT & HOW you try to get rid of em'?

Melody: "Ahhhhhh Da Jie, there's a cockcrach behind you!!!!!"
*runs away*

I turned around expecting to see a huge, flying cockroach flapping its disgusting wings towards my face. But no, what I saw was something I found pretty amusing.

Do you see what I see?

Siu Kiong standing tall & proud on my standing fan.

Great! Its stench is just what I need to get through this assignment day :/
Few days ago it was hibernating under my bed, and now on my fan? Who do YOU think you are??!! $%$#%^$%$

Close up of high & mighty Siu Kiong thinking he's all that.

P/S: Sorry ah I just realized my fan quite dusty. Hahaha paiseh paiseh...

Getting a nice chill after a hot day. In my room. On my fan. ON MY FAN.

Despite disliking it, I really don't hate it as much as lizards. If it's a lizard standing on my fan, I'd throw the whole fan outta my window!

I CANNOT understand why people can say that lizards are better then cockroaches. They're moist, cold, noisy, and have bulging eyes! And they're fat!

At least a cockroach isn't sticky and wet and have bulging eyes. And they don't make noise.

They just look disgusting and smell weird that's all. Ok that's bad enough. Heheh
Here's a close-up for all you cockroach-haters out there hehehe.

It's been an hour and that fella is still stuck in between my fan.

I wonder what will happen if it stays there for another day or for the whole week, with the fan on? Will it freeze?

And what would be the end of it if it actually falls into the spinning fan? Hmmm

I'll do an observation on Siu Kiong in between completing my assignment. Will keep you posted on its outcome ;)

Disclaimer: I think my assignment stress is getting to me. I'm normally not like this. Please don't delete me as your FB friend and don't stop reading my blog. *peace* ^.^V

love, careen


  1. when i read this line " If it's a lizard standing on my fan, I'd throw the whole fan outta my window!", cant stop laughing, i think that must be historical scene if it happen ..LOL

  2. lizards don't go thru rubbish and toilet and sewage... cockroaches do. lizards just stay at home, eating cockroaches.. :D now who's cleaner!

  3. Omg. You have a post on siu keong. Eeks!

  4. Hahaha still have the time of taking pics and enjoying the beauty of siu keong XD

  5. u left the thing there?!?...lucky one....

  6. [aby] hahaha i really will!!!

    [pao] do you HAVE to rub it in? *sanitizes fan*

    [nat] Teehee I really have no fear towards siu keong :) different story if it's a lizard tho!

    [daniel chiam] Found in fascinating :P

    [danial chow] my dad murdered it in the end :/


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