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Saturday, October 29, 2011

adidasNEO #2: 8TV Quickie NEO Shoot!

Bright & early on a Friday Morning, the NEO bloggers woke up, dolled-up and donned-in the fawesome adidas NEO apparels!

All for a fun time ahead filming for 8TV Quickie's NEO promo clip! :)

My NEO/camho buddy Helenness Chong

Oh by the way, do you like my new hair color? :)
Pretty tired of my red shades for a good, 1-2 years now, so decided to make a change.

Matte Brown this time.
Nice? :)

More NEO/Camho buddies!
Helenness & Hanie Hidayah
Dontcha just love our new NEO kicks?
Got myself two pairs! Love love love <3<3<3

Sweethearts in a row!
The 8am Mr. Sun was not kind to our skin :( at all :(

Girls just wanna have fun!
L-R: Yours truly, Hanie, Bell & Helen
Look at our props & toys! Loved the whole colorful, fun and funkayyy theme!
All of us hectic & busy bees in our 20's were immediately transported back to our childhood!

Meet my silly, bouncy friend! :)

Blow, Helen, blow!

Hanie making magic.
LOVE the bubbles!!!

Leonard the rockstar creating his vlog for his Youtube channel!

The fun starts! :))

I don't know what that expression was all about.
Insert caption? :S

Us in a dry pool =.=
Can't figure out my facial expression. hahah!

The fun begins!
Colorful balloons, balls, and more balls! ;)

Bright + sunny + balls in my face = facial expression above =.=

Checkout my pumped up kicks by adidas NEO!
The tube (dry) pool puncit dah!

Shielding my face from the sun,and my face from more ball-throwing by the evil NEO gentlemen hmmmphhh! :(

Photo credit: Helenness
 Three guys squeezing in a dry tub is just....hmmmmmmmm.

Pretty Bell enjoying herself being a bully ;)
After all the throwing & bullying, we headed on to play with slides, swings, posing, posing & more posing :P 

After a whole good one hour of running and skipping around (literally! hahah), laughing and having childish fun, the children were all tired. *yawns*

Lovin' em kicks!

Quickie Fest!
Berpromo-promo for Quickie Fest coming your way in December 2011!
Stay tuned for it :)

NEO/Camho buddy- Helenness

NEO/Camho buddy- Isabella

NEO/Camho buddy- Leonard Chua

Doing a rockstar!
P/S: Pink nails to match my pink theme ;)
NEO/Camho buddy- Jason Ong
Tired - camho - makan time!

But before that,
how about an uber cool adidas NEO buddies picta? ;)

Yeah. Uh-huh. You know what it is...
Photo credit: Helenness

Will notify when exactly the video will be aired.
But for now, do continue to show your love & support by voting for me HERE at

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Every *like* & comment on every picture posted (view different albums!) bring me one step closer to winning RM10K, and help me become the next adidas NEO ambassador representing our homeland, Malaysia.

If you don't really know what I'm talking about, read back on my previous post about what this whole contest is all about HERE!

I'm counting on ya to win this!
Hope you could take a few seconds your time and lend me a hand. Can't thank & appreciate enuf! :')

More pics will be posted HERE!
Thanks a million in advance, loves :)

love, careen


  1. wow...what a great time u have!

  2. Say hi to Isabella for me, hahaha..

    Omigosh! I really really love the shoes!


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