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Thursday, October 27, 2011

adidasNEO #1: What's it all about?

Here's my first post about adidasNEO! :)


For those of you who have been following me on Twitter & Facebook would have known about this contest I'm involved in.

For those if you who don't,
here's a detailed post to answer questions like...

Just what IS adidasNEO?
Who is adidasNEO meant for?
Where are the adidasNEO outlets in Malaysia?


What's this whole adidasNEO blogger contest all about??

Scroll down and you'll have a clear idea at the end of the post ;)

adidasneo website

THIS is the web layout of the adidasNEO website!

It's a really vibrant label, suitable for peeps of all ages, the young and ALSO the young at heart! :) So far, there is only one outlet in Malaysia at Wangsa Maju, Jusco Mall. Go checkitout! ;)

There are lotsa stuff to see on the website! Clothes, sneakers, hoodies, leggings...
Aside from their apparels, if you click on the GO SQUAD icon on the Top Left of the page, you'll get to see profiles of the 7 international adidasNEO ambassadors from all over the world!

1. Angelababy


Who DOESN'T know Angelababy (Click on the link for her blog)???!!
She's a doll! Such a beauty :)

People say she's gone through cosmetic surgeries. Even if it's true, heck, that's some really successful surgery, man! Just love looking at her.... :)

2. Trace Cyrus

Trace is no stranger in Hollywood.
He's from a band called Metro Station. And yes you guessed it right, he's the brother of Miley Cyrus, and also Brenda Song's fiancé.


3. Tal

Parisian R&B Powerhouse! Check her out!


4. Anita

Most of us may not know her, but she's real huge in Russia!
MTV Russia's VJ Anita!


5. Jessica

Jessica, an Italian singer/dancer with a double black belt!
It's a "come what may" for this belle!


6. Pakho

Pakho is a lengchai HK cantopop singer/songwriter :D


7. Kylee

Who says you can't juggle between being a student AND a celebrity at the same time?
This J-pop phenomenon proves to you that it indeed IS possible ;)


Watch their uber cool & creative fall/winter promo videos!

Since Malaysia has yet to have an adidasNEO ambassador representing Malaysia, they've chosen 10 young & vibrant bloggers to compete in this search for the new face!

Now, presenting to you, the 10 bloggers who are in the running to become the next ambassador of adidasNEO in Malaysia!


Photo credits: Hanie Hidayah

From top left to bottom right: (Check out their blogs!)


Here are some simple steps on how you can participate in voting for your favorite blogger to win:

#1: Go to the adidasNEO facebook app

This is what will greet you once you enter the link above!

adidasneo page

These are our very own adidasNEO Facebook App Profiles!

Love the profile picture they chose for me :))

Anyway, back to the topic!

#2: Click on Your Favourite Blogger's Profile

Click on the profile of your favorite blogger (in this case, I hope it'd be me :D), and you'll enter into their personal profiles.

adidasneo page 2

Welcome to my adidasNEO FB profile! :D

I posted various photos from various adidasNEO events/outings on my profile.
If you click on the "Dates" as seen on the picture above, you'd go into different albums from different events :)

Just realized my sentence was pretty confusing. Hmmm oh well nvm you understand right?? :D

#3: Share, *like* & Comment!

adidasneo page 3

On every photos & videos posted, you can give your *likes* and post your comments (which i hope you'll be generous with me as every *like* & comments on every photos count!).

If you're kind to me *sniff sniff/act cute*, you can also share it with your friends and get them to *like* my photos too! :))))))

4. Why *like* & Comment??

adidasneo page comments

Here's why I always emphasize on *likes* and comments on EVERY photo/video posted.

The more *likes* and comments (yes, comments matter too!) you gimme *wink wink*, the higher the chances of winning. Because every *like* and comment counts as VOTES from my readers/friends! :)

The votes determine 60% of my chances of winning. The other 40% is determined by how creative we are in our photo/video-making, as well as the adidasNEO judges who like our profiles ;)


Speaking of photo/video-making,
here's the deal.

adidasNEO being the really cool & generous label had sponsored all 10 of us bloggers to organize holiday trips/fun activities with our friends. Just as simple as to have fun. How awesome is that! ;)

We will then document all our fun times and memories on photos and video (which is coming your way REALLL soon!), and post em on our own adidasNEO FB App Profiles.

And the blogger who gets the most *likes* & comments on their photos will enter into the Top 2 Finals, where they decide who will become the new face of adidasNEO in Malaysia.

AND the winner will also walk away with....... (wait for it, wait for it!)........

....... a WHOPPING RM10,000!

Nope I am NOT kidding!

See just how powerful your *likes* & comments are? :)

I hope you could help me win by simplying *liking*, *commenting* and *sharing* it with your friends. Your help goes a LONGGG WAY! And I truly appreciate beyond words.

Here are some of the photos taken by the talented Adele Ng during our holiday getaway to Avillion, PD, sponsored by adidasNEO!



More photos have been posted up HERE:

Go *like* & comment! :)
Hope you'll enjoy my new FB profile! ;)

Thanks a trillion, loves!

love, careen

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